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Related post: all causes, as compared with i,3.'?4 for the previous Order Voveran Online week,
and 1,600 for the corresponding period in 1907. The num-
ber of deaths in each of the five boroughs was as follows :
Manhattan. 726; the Bronx, 104; Brooklyn, 437; Queens.
73; and Richmond, 45. The annual death rate in 1,000 of
population was 16.34, 'i a" estimated population of 4,104,-
30.1., as against a death rate of 19.48 for the corresponding
period in 1907. The death rale of Brooklyn was the lowest
of the five boroughs, being 15.27; while that of Richmond
was the highest, being 30.61. The death rate of Manhattan
was 16.52; of the Bronx, 16.56; and of Queens, 16.37. Of
the total number of deaths 600 were of children under five
years of age, and of these 328 were due to diarrhceal dis-
eases. There were 153 deaths from pulmonary tuberculosis,
as against 149 for the corresponding week in 1907. There
were no violent deaths: 4 from sunstroke, 4 from homi-
cide, 16 from suicide, and 86 from accidents. Four hun-
dred and twenty-eight marriages, 2,486 births, and 132 still
births were reported during the week.
The Mississippi Valley Medical Association. — The
thirty-fourth annual meeting of this association will be held
at the Seelbach Hotel, Louisville, Ky., on October 13, 14,
and 15. 1908. The preliminary programme, which has just
been issued, includes a lonp; list Buy Voveran Online of papers on subjects of
interest to the general practitioner, and judging from the
titles of the papers and llic high standing of their authors,
the meeting promises to be one of imusual interest and
value. A.nrple entertainment has also been provided for the-
visiting physicians and their friends. The address of wel-
come on behalf of the State will be delivered by the Hon.
A. E. Willson, governor of the State of Kentucky ; the
address of welcome on behalf of the city of Louisville will be
delivered by the Hon. James F. Grinstead, mayor of the city;
and the address on behalf of the local profession will be deliv-
ered by Dr. Lewis S. McMurtry. The address in medicine-
will be delivered by Dr. George Dock, i/f .\nn Arbor, Mich.,
on Tropical Disease in the Mississippi Valley, and the ad-
dress in surgery will be delivered by Dr. Arthur Dean
Bevan, of Chicago, on the Surgery of the Kidney. The
officers of the association are : President, Dr. Arthur R.
Elliott, of Chicago; first vice president. Dr. F. F. Law-
rence, of Columbus, Ohio ; second vice president. Dr. R. C.
McChord, of Lebanon, Ky. ; secretary. Dr. Henry Enos
Tuley, of Louisville, Ky. ; and treasurer. Dr. S. C. Stan-
ton, of Chicago.
An International Congress for the Suppression of
Food and Drug Adulteration. — The first international con-
gress for the suppression of adulteration of food stuffs and
pharmaceutical preparations will be held in the University
of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland, on September Sth, and last
four days. The objects of this congress, the first of its kind,
are to promote the establishment of uniform, international
standards of purity for food stuffs and pharmaceutical
products, and to formulate the measures which should be
taken to suppress the various forms of adulteration and
sophistication which are so prevalent. The programme is-
very comprehensive. Food stuffs, for example, will be con-
sidered under three groujiings, as follows: (i) Wines, alco-
holic beverages, beer and cider; (2) milk, butter, cheese,
meats, tinned goods, etc.; (3) cocoa, coffee, tea, flour, sugar,
spices, pastries, etc. Another group will include natural and
artificial mineral waters, soda beverages, crude drugs and
pharmaceutical and galenical preparations. The aim of the
congress has received the active support of the various gov-
ernments, the following list of adherents being from the
United States : Dr. H. W. Wiley, chief of the Bureau of
Chemistry, U. S. Department of Agriculture, Washington.
D. C. ; Dr. S. T. Armstrong, general medical superintendent
of Buy Cheap Voveran Bellcvue and Allied Hospitals, New York; Dr. W. D.
Bigelow, Bureau of Chemistry. U. S. Department of Agri-
culture, Washington, D. C. ; Dr. L. F. Kebler, U. S. Depart-
ment of Agriculture, Washington, D. C. ; Dr. H. H. Rusby.
College of Pharmacy, Columliia University, New York; Dr.
Henry M. Whelply, of St, Louis; Dr. L. E. Sayre, of Law-
rence, Kansas; Purchase Voveran Online Dr. E. H. Jenkins, of New Haven, Conn.;
and Order Voveran Mr. B. T. Fairchild, of New York. The congress owes
its existence to the activity of the Universal Society of the
White Cross of Geneva, which was founded some time ago
for the purpose of accomplishing in time of peace what Purchase Voveran the
Red Cross Society is organized to do in lime of war. The gen-
eral aim is to unite all the efforts made in different countries
to combat infectious diseases, tuberculosis, social ills caused
by drink and adulteration of food stuffs, and diseases due to
poverty, srpialor, etc. The fee for titular membership is $4
and ordinary membership $1.20. Dr. H. W. Wiley, of
Washington, D. C. chairman of the American committee,
will undertake to forward names of members and their
Sciitcmbcr s, 1908.]
fitfe of Current f itjraturt.
August 27, 1908.
1. The Psychopathic Hospital and Psychiatrical and
Neurological Wards. By Philip Coombs Knapp.
2. Remarks upon Buy Voveran the Present Status of Sanatorium
Treatment for Tuberculosis,
By Vincent Y. Bowditch.
3. Gastromyxorrhoea, By Julius Friedenwald.
4. Renal Insufficiency ; The Importance of its Early
Recognition. By S. M. Randall.
3. GastromyxorrhcEa. — Friedenwald describes
this disease and its treatment. It designates the
presence of small quantities of mucus appearing oc-

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