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Buy Avandia Avandia Tablets

Buy Avandia
Buy Avandia

Related post: and clothing, unless the people are too poor to pay
for them. Nor is it Generic Avandia any part of the function of the
departments of education to conduct dispensaries
for the treatment of physical defects of school chil-
Money appropriated for such purposes can be
better employed in securing the better lighting of
school rooms, better ventilation of school houses, in
providing better styles of Order Avandia Online desks and seats, of im-
proving hooks, and so on, thereby lessening the pro-
duction of physical defects, leaving the treatment of
such defects to familv physicians and others who are
competent to deal with them.
.\nother subject to which we should give more
attention in a public Cheap Avandia way, as Order Avandia a profession, is the
prevention of tuberculosis.
A disease which causes upward of fifteen thou-
sand deaths in one year in Avandia Canada a single state alone is one
which should surely receive our attention, and is
receiving it, too, but not to the extent it should.
An army which in time of war lost fifteen regi-
ments would receive deserved censure, yet in the
State of New York fifteen regiments of men,
women, and children, of one thousand each, go
down to death each year from this dread disease
alone, and the saddest part of it is that they are
preventable deaths. It seems to me our profession
should be more in evidence than it is in this matter.
It would be most unjust to declare that the medical
profession is doing nothing in this matter, but it is
not doing its full duty. The law which has just
been passed in New York, providing for the report-
ing of tuberculosis and the proper protection of
healthy persons Avandia Price from its contamination, was pre-
pared and advocated by an organization which does
not include a single physician on its board of man-
agers. It is true that this organization did ask Purchase Avandia Online and Avandia Cost
receive the Buy Avandia Online aid of our profession in securing the
enactment of this law, but I believe the initiative
should be with us.
Another subject which engaged the attention of
legislators, physicians, and the public generally, in
New Jersey and New York, during the last legis-
lative sessions of these two states, was animal ex-
perimentation. And we have not heard the last
of it.
This agitation for the restriction of animal ex-
perimentation—or really, its abolition, for that is
what the agitators desire — was one of the most
peculiar of which I have knowledge. It was over-
come, however, by the medical profession refuting
the charges brought against it. and Purchase Avandia the passage of
laws which would have been inimical to the progress
of medical science were prevented.
There never was a more striking example of what
can be done by the medical profession than in this
V'arious large and influential societies of women
held meetings for the purpose of endorsing the anti-
vivisection movement, and, without exception, I be-
lieve, after hearing the statements of facts made by
members of our profession, voted not to support the
It is surprising what misstatements were made
by the advocates of this movement. That men will
declare from the public platform that animal experi-
mentation has not added in any way to the knowl-
edge we possess of diseases and their remedies, Avandia 4 Mg after
scientific men whose names are svnonvmous with
progress have declared that without such experi-
ments it would have been impossible to discover
much that has in this way Avandia Online been positively demon-
strated, passes all comprehension.
Not later than May 24th we have the newspapers
announcing that the American Society for the Pre-
vention of Cruelty to Animals has issued a state-
ment that rabies Avandia 8 Mg is an exceedingly rare disease, if
indeed, it really exists at all, despite the fact that
the Board of Health has records of twenty-eight
authentic deaths from this disease in one year in
that city alone, and one of the pathologists of the
Department of Agriculture at Washington is quoted
as authority Buy Cheap Avandia for the statement that the Avandia Mg disease is
increasing in prevalence.
The stories of atrocious cruelties practised by
some of our most eminent and scholarly Buy Avandia investi-
[New Yo»i£ Avandia Tablets
edical jouemau
gators have been denied time and again, but, not-
withstanding this, and that court decisions make it
plainly evident that, under existing law, societies for
the prevention of cruelty to animals have authority
to enter and inspect places where such cruel prac-
tices may be perpetrated, and that under these laws
punishment can be meted out to such offenders, anti-
vivisectionists clamor for more restrictive laws, and
will never be satisfied until laws so restrictive in
their requirements as to be prohibitive are enacted.
Sad it is, too, that lawyers, who must know the
consequences of their actions, advocate such laws.
There is a crying need that something be done to
educate the public along public health lines.
Can you imagine a governor of a great State
attaching his signature to a measure, thereby creat-
ing a law, making doctors of opticians, and giving
them the right to treat all sorts of defects of vision
with glasses, regardless of the causes, and requiring
of such special doctors only a knowledge of optics ?

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