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Buy Aripiprazole
Buy Aripiprazole

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March 38, 1885.]
Communications are invited from all parts of the world.
Original articles contributed Purchase Aripiprazole exclusively to The Medical News
wiU be liberally paid for upon publication. When necessary to
elucidate the text, illustrations will be furnished without cost to
the author. Editor's Address, No. 1004 Walnut St., Philadelphia.
Per Annum, in Advance Order Aripiprazole Online IS-oo.
Single Copies,
Subscriptions may begin at any date. The safest mode of re-
mittance is by bank check or postal money order, drawn to the
order of the undersigned. When neither is accessible, remit-
tances may be made, at the risk of the publisbeis, by forwarding
in regUttrtd letters.
Address, LEA BROTHERS & CO.,
Nos. 706 & 708 Sansom Street, Generic Aripiprazole
I AM no friend to violent exertion, myself," said
the Antiquary, — " a walk in the garden once a day
is exercise enough for any thinking being — ^none but
a fool or a fox-hunter would require more."
We may not agree with Sir Walter's hero in his
conception of physiological exercise j but we are
equally remote from the present disposition to
apotheosize the apostles of physical culture. The
truth, as might be expected, lies between these ex-
treme views. There must be a happy mean in which
the balance b accurately adjusted, and exercise and
repose are taken in proper measure to secure the
highest efficiency of the human machine. The
amount and character of the exercise best suited to
produce and maintain this efficiency, are, then, the
problems awaiting solution.
How far is the present enthusiasm — craze — for
athletic sports, justified in Purchase Aripiprazole Online human experience ? The
most casual inspection suffices to acquaint us with
the fact that those who are required frequently to
exert their utmost strength — as laborers and porters
— ^and those fond of exhibiting their prowess as
athletes, early exhaust the sources of power, and are
short-lived, even if they escape the accidents due
immediately to over-exertion. It is equally evident
that those who reach the most advanced life are per-
sons who have combined cheerful, continuous, even
severe mental occupation with very moderate exer-
tion of their physical powers — persons whose atten-
tion has been given to intellectual pursuits, and who
have taken systematic exercise in a mild form.
Reduced to the last analysis, there are two objects
to be subserved by exercise : to supply to the more
rapidly circulating blood an adequate quantity of
oxygen ; to increase the activity of the nutritive pro-
cesses, especially in the muscular system ; and, as a
necessary result of these, improved appetite and
digestion wait upon a greater demand for aliment.
It goes without saying that exercise increases the ac-
tion of the heart and the frequency and depth of the
respiratory movements. It is equally apparent that
during active bodily movements the muscles receive
and appropriate more material both for the evolution
of force and the regeneration of their own struc-
tures, so that the physiological interchanges, of which
they are the seat, become greatly more rapid and
thorough. How much exercise, then, is needed to
comply with the physiological requirements? Are
athletic sports and exercises best adapted to accom-
plish the object in view, or will "a walk in the
garden once a day" suffice? As it is evident that
ordinary walking exercise will effect the results de-
sired from the physiological standpoint, it becomes
necessary to appeal to experience to decide the case
of athletic games and sports.
As, indeed, the question of exercise can arise only
in respect to the sedentary, and growing youths of
both sexes, we have but to consider the effects of Buy Cheap Aripiprazole
athletics on such subjects. In them the ill-results of
violent physical exertion have unfortunately been too
often observed not to be distinctly recognized.
These results are, as all the world knows, cardiac
troubles, aneurism, pulmonary emphysema, joint dis-
eases, and other affections. The risk of such lesions
is in direct ratio to the lack of preparation. Whilst
it is true that graduated exercises may Aripiprazole Online lead up to the
most elaborate and severe feats, no amount of train-
ing suffices to obviate all Buy Aripiprazole the dangers of the necessary
overexertion. Everybody is familiar with the history
of Dr. Winship — Boston's strong man — who per-
formed unparalleled feats of strength, but died in the
thirties with some disease of the great vessels, pro-
duced by his tremendous exertions. If those who are
trained in all athletic exercises experience such ill- Buy Aripiprazole Online
results from their practice, what must be the conse-
quences to the sedentary who suddenly takes on
himself the performance of such violent feats. If
athletics are to continue their hold on popular
esteem, it is time that Order Aripiprazole aptitude should be considered
and a just appreciation of the dangers of overexertion
should be made apparent.
For the great mass of the population, a true concep-
tion of a merely physiological exercise is of vastly
greater importance than any training in athletics.
It is in this direction that men and women need
to turn to accomplish a higher physical develop-
ment, rather than to dumb-belk, the crossbar, the
trapeze, and all the paraphernalia of systematized
movements. For these contrivances must, to most
men and women, be either unsuited or injurious. The
Digitized by
[Medical News

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