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Scarlet fever
Cerebro-spinal meningitis ....
The Health of Boston. — During the week ending Saturday,
December 31st, the following numbers of deaths from infec-
tious diseases were reported to the Board of Health : Diph-
theria, 18 deaths; scarlet fever, 7 deaths. There were also 23
deaths from consumption, 29 from pneumonia, 2 from whoop-
ing-cough, 16 from heart disease, and 14 from bronchitis. The
total number of deaths was 214, against 219 during the corre-
sponding week last year.
The Randall's Island Hospital — Dr. Charles II. May has
been appointed visiting ophthalmic and aural surgeon to the
The Senate Quarantine Bill.— A bill has been introduced
into the New York Senate which fixes the number of salaried
officers hereafter to be employed, and places the Health Officer
on a salary of $10,000. It amends the original act of 1863, sec-
tion 53, by stipulating that, while the Health Officer shall be
entitled to receive the fees fixed by law for his services, these
fees shall not exceed the following amounts:
For inspection of every vessel from a foreign port, $5. For
inspection of every vessel from a domestic port south of Cape
Penelope, between the 1st day of May and the 1st day of No-
vember in each year, $1. For sanitary inspection of every ves-
sel after the discharge of cargo or ballast, $10. For fumigation
and disinfection of every vessel, %5 ; -but no more than two
fumigations or disinfections shall be charged for any one ^'ei^sel
at the same time. For boarding every vessel and giving pra-
tique between sunset and sunrise at the request of the owner,
consignee, or master of the vessel, when such pratique can be
given without danger to the public health, $5. For vaccina-
tion of persons on vessels on board of which small-pox has
been developed during the voyage, each 25 cents, but no charge
shall be made for the vaccination of any person who shall have
been successfully vaccinated by the rbedical officer of the ship.
The Health Officer shall, out of these sums thus collected,
pay for the running of a steamboat for the transportation of
persons to and from the establishment, for visitations and for
burying the dead, and the salaries of Deputy Health Officers,
and such bargemen, nurses, and stewards as will be necessary
for conducting the Quarantine establishment, excepting the
salaries of the Quarantine Conunissioners, all of which is now
required by law. In addition to these expenses he must pay
the salaries of the following officers, to be appointed by the
Commissioners: A secretary of the Commissioners of Quaran-
tine, $1,800; a superintendent of Swinburne Hospital, $2,500;
a superintendent of Hoffman Island, $1,500; an engineer of
Swinburne Island, $1,150; an engineer of HoflFman Island,
$1,050; a carpenter at Swinburne Island, $900 ; a laundress at
Swinburne Island, $800; a boatman at Swinburne Island, $750;
a boatman at Hoffman Island, $750. The Health Officer shall
be entitled to receive a compensation of not less than $10,000
per annum. In case the aggregate. amount of the fees remain-
ing in his hands at the end of each year, after the payment by
him of the salaries, wages, and expenses which he is required by
law to pay, is less than the sum of $10,000, the Commissioners
of Quarantine shall ascertain by proper proofs, to be approved
by the Attorney-General and filed with the Controller, the
amount of such deficiency, and shall pay the same to the Health
Officer out of any unexpended Buy Fulvicin moneys in their hands.
It is said that another bill will be introduced abolishing the
Quarantine Commission and placing the whole establishment in
the hands of the Mayors of New York and Brooklyn, the presi-
dents of the boards of health of the two cities, and the i)resi-
dent of some such commercial body, such as the Maritime Ex-

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