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Related post: that it is so frequ.ntly improperly diagnosticated, and it
is the inherent tendency of these very cases to become
homicidal and suicidal. Such instances as these are the
very ones that fill our daily newspapers with tragic sensa-
tionalism, and leave the general public wrapped in the
mystic thought of some dastardly deed, which has simply
been the outgrowth of a depressed and melancholy mind.
Such an occurrence as this — which, I am sorry to Order Lioresal say, is
more common than you would imagine — is sufficient to
point out to us the importance and iisefulness of any symp-
tom or group of symptoms that will lead to the recognition
of a mental derangement which, sooner or later, will bring Generic Lioresal
crime to the eyes of the public ; humiiit}-, distress, and per-
haps death in private life.
This propensity to take life may come upon them sud-
denly, or be gradual in its development. I recall the case
of a large, heavy man who was determined to take his life.
In conversation he would reason quite well on many things,
but when alone he would be seized with a tit of depression
and a desire to kill himself. Notwithstanding he was closely
watched, he evaded his attendant and threw himself head
first down a stcuie stairway. He reasoned that the weight
of his body, falling from a height on his head, would pro-
duce death. Unfortunately for him, he struck his head a
glancing blow, as he jumped hurriedly and at an angle,
rather than perpendicularly. He suffered from concussion
of the brain, but survived his injury. All cutting and
sharp-pointed instruments had to be Lioresal Price taken from him.
Shortly after being able to leave his bed he again evaded the
nurse, and this time he jumped from the railing of a high
piazza, head first, and, as he had reasoned, his weight was
sufficient to drive the cervical vertebra- into the base of the
skull, producing instant death.
It is not uncommon to see melancholiacs whose real
condition has not as yet been recognized awaitim' some
suggestion through which they may be able to carry out
their morbid tendencies. A case of this kind was that of Lioresal 25mg a
gentleman who was noticed by his associates to be somewhat
depressed. They thought to chide him a little and "drive
away his blues," when he remarked he wished he was Purchase Lioresal
dead. One of the company carelessly remarked Order Lioresal Online : " (Jo
throw yourself over the stair railing." lie deliberately car-
ried out the suggestion before any of them had time to in-
[N. Y. Med. Jock.,
terfere. He fell through three floors on to a tile floor, kill-
ing biin.self, of course.
Suicidal and homicidal acts are frequent results of dis-
appointed love affairs, and in these instances the real melan-
cholia, which is undoubtedly secondary to the extreme dis-
appointment and is responsible for the act, is often never
recognized till it is too late.
Such occurrences are so common that it is useless to Cheap Lioresal
take up Buy Lioresal more time in illustrating this feature of melancholia,
which Lioresal Online is deserving of being considered Lioresal Intrathecal an early diagnostic
symptom, and is important both to the practitioner and to
the neurologist. From a therapeutic and diagnostic stand-
point it can not be otherwise than recognized as of great
efficacy. To arrive at a proper diagnosis, based upon various
forms of depression, is not always an easy matter, for we find
depression presenting itself in a variety Buy Lioresal Online of forms, each of
which is dissimilar in its origin. Mental depression may
be the initiative symptom of any form of mental disease,
and, again, it may exist independent of any mental affection
whatever. Gastric disorders often give rise to marked
depression, also hysteria, hypochondria, and conditions of
sadness. A differential diagnosis here is important, but not
always easy to make. If the depression exists in connection
with nuchalalgia and insomnia, the rest is easy.
Therapy, of course, should be based on the diagnosis
made ; hence, with a history which is in keeping with the
presence of insomnia, the ache, and depression, we should
feel quite positive as to what we have to deal with, and
should institute precautions of safety and Buy Cheap Lioresal therapeutic meas-
ures at once. By this early interference I believe much
mental aggravation and distress may be saved ; but, in or-
der to do this, it is essential for the physician to be con-
versant with the case and to have entire control, so that his
instructions will be carried out in lull.
As students about to enter into your new field of duties,
I trust you mav give this matter due consideration, for my
clinical experience has taught me the value of these symp-
toms given you, and, since I have learned that they are ar-
dently advocated as Lioresal Mg clinical facts by one so able as Dr.
Grav, 1 am proud to have the privilege of presenting tnem
to you for the Lioresal 10 Mg first time.
The Ehythmic Action of the Heart. — " From some researches made
by Dr. H:uiicl, iimlcr tin- ilireitiiin of Professor Kroneeker, of Berne, on
the circulation Purchase Lioresal Online and the pulse, some new facts have been added to our

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