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Buy Aristocort Aristocort Cream

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The University and Bellevue Hospital Medical College.
Announcements for the Year 1910-1911. Pp. 72.
Quarterly Report of the Board of Health of the Depart-
ment of Health of the City of New York for the Quarter
ending December 31, 1909. Pp. 137.
Leprosy in Hawaii Territory. — The Public
Health Bulletin No. 33 contains Studies upon Le])-
rosy by W. R. Brinkerhoff and A. C. Reinecke. The
authors say that leprosy in Hawaii is quite evenly
distributed throughout the Territory. The morbid-
ity of the disease varies somewhat on different
islands, and is most prevalent among the Hawaiian
and part Hawaiian portion of the population, but
is everywhere so high that the results of compar-
ison are of trivial importance in the face of such
a great menace Buy Aristocort to public health as an average of
well over twenty per 10,000 of the native popula-
tion. It is not confined to the remote districts, the
capital of the Territory being one of the principal
sources of cases. The prevalence of leprosy in
certain districts on the island of Hawaii is nota-
ble ; it is most prevalent in the adolescent and
early adult age periods, Aristocort Cream and therefore bears a dis-
tinct relation to the public education, as the bulk of
the lepers are either of school age or have received
their infection during that period. The predom-
inance of males and young adults among lepers in
the Territory introduces the disease as an element
in the local economic problem. Segregation with-
draws many wage earners from the community in
their early prime. The close relationship which
exists between the occurrence of leprosy and the
school age period indicates that a campaign for the
control of the disease cannot be successful which
does not contemplate careful supervision of the
conditions under which this class of the population
congregate, i. e., the school room. It seems evident
that an elaborate public school system without
thoroughgoing medical inspection may result in the
development of an institution for the propagation
of leprosy as well as the disseinination of knowl-
edge. The steady improvement in the hygienic
conditions in the Leper Settlement, as shown by
the decrease in the death rate, testifies strongly to
the practical humanitarianism of the Territory of
Hawaii in dealing with the sufferers from the dis-
ease. There has been a notable increase in the
number of cases of leprosy among the white inhab-
itants of the Territory of Hawaii in the last seven
years, particularly on the island of Oahu.
)inal lottos*
Public Health and Marine Hospital Service:
Official list of changes of stations and duties of com-
missioned and other officers of the United States Public
Health and Marine Hospital Service for the seven days
ending July 27, igio:
Carlton, Charles G., Pharmacist. Granted thirty days'
leave of absence from August i, 1910.
Eager, J. M., Surgeon. Granted seven days" leave of ab-
sence from July 21, 1910.
Glover, Purchase Aristocort M. W., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Granted ten
days' leave of absence from July 25, 1910..
Gray, E. George, Acting Assistant Surgeon. Granted
seven days' leave of absence from July 25, 191 0.
Holt, John M., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Granted sev-
enteen days' leave of absence from August 11, 1910,
and nineteen days' leave of absence from September i,
1 910.
Knight, C. P., Assistant Surgeon. Granted seven days'
leave of absence from July 18, 1910, under paragraph
191, Service Regulations.
Lloyd, B. J., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Granted one
month's leave of absence from July 20, 1910, on ac-
count of sickness.
Nydegger, J. A., Surgeon. Leave of absence for seven
days from July 3, 1910, amended to read on account of
sickness, Order Aristocort in accordance with paragraph 202, Service
Onuf, B., Acting Assistant Surgeon. Granted four days'

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