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Acticin Price Generic Acticin

Acticin Price
Acticin Price

Related post: far as space permits, we reviezv those in which we think
our readers are likely to be interested.] Buy Acticin
The Health of the City. By Mollis Godfrey, Author of
An Elementary Chemistry, etc. Boston and New York:
Houghton, Mifflin Company, 1910. Pp. xvi-372.
Eight of the ten chapters that constitute this vol-
ume have been published in the Atlantic Monthly,
and the work represents some four years of per-
sonal investigations of the health problems ot the
city dweller. The author makes no pretense of
comprehensive treatment, but aims to present in
nontechnical English the more important facts that
are known about the actual harm or harmlessness
to Buy Cheap Acticin the people of the city of such familiar matters
as air, water, wastes, food, housing, and noise, giv-
ing an Order Acticin account of those civic conditions that are
working evil Acticin Cream and telling of some Buy Acticin Online of the organized
movements that are making for civic improvement.
There is a good bibliography that gives reference
to volumes that may be consulted if the reader
wishes more complete information on any subject,
and the effective presentation of each topic makes
the volume one that is worth the careful reading of
all Acticin Price who are interested in the important problems of
urban welfare.
Radiumthcrapy. By Dr. Louis Wickham, medecin de
Saint-Lazare, ancien chef de clinique deumatologique de la Generic Acticin
Faculte de Paris, laureat de I'Academie de medecinc, et
Dr. Degrais. chef de laboratoire a I'llopital Saint-Louis,
laureat de I'Academie de rnedecine. Translated bv S.
Ernest Dore. M. A., M. D. (Cantab.), Purchase Acticin Online M. R. C. P. With
an Introduction by Sir Malcolm Morris, K. C. V.O. Il-
lustrated with Twenty Colored Plates and Seventy-two
Figures in the ext. New ' York : Eimk & Wagnalls
Company, 1910. Pp. xx-306.
Few if any physicians have had greater experi-
ence in the therapeutic uses of the remarkable sub-
stance discovered by Professor and Madame Curie
than Dr. Wickham, and the profession in general
December 31, 1910.]
will welcome this record of his experience. He
approached the investigation of the therapeutic
value of radium in a true scientific spirit, with the
purpose of determining its value as a remedial
An mtroduction recites the physics and chem-
istry of radium, a powerful source of energy, mani-
fested in the form of emanation and rays. Emana-
tion can be employed in the form of a gas or for
the production of induced radioactivity. Radiation
comes from the salt itself, and the important ques-
tions are discussed as to the method of Acticin Cream 5 application
that will give homogeneity of the radioactive out-
put, a maximum quantity of output, the possibility
of measuring the radioactivity easily and accurately,
and the resistance to wear and tear of the surface
of application. The methods of determining the
measurement and dose are most important, as the
radioactive energy is peculiar to radiumtherapy and
distinguishes it from other physiotherapeutic agents.
Its originality and specificity are due to the activity
of both the x and b rays, and to the great power of
penetration possessed by the radiations.
That part of the volume devoted to clinical thera-
peutics is prefaced by an interesting chapter on re-
action. The authors maintain that radium is suita-
ble not only for small, slowly developing cancerous
growths, but also for large, rapidly spreading ma-
lignant ulcers ; they acknowledge that they have not
been successful always, but maintain that their re-
sults compare favorably with those of other meth-
ods. They find that there seems to be a selective
action in the treatment of cheloid, and excellent re-
sults have been obtained Order Acticin Online in the treatment of naevi
and inoperable vascular tumors. They have not
found any selective action in lupus and other forms Purchase Acticin
of cutaneous tuberculous disease, though improve-
ment follows treatment.
It has shown itself to be of value in the treat- Acticin Permethrin Cream
ment of pruritus, the various forms of neuralgia,
inflammatory pains in joints, chronic lichenoid
forms of eczema, psoriasis, and other prurigenous
affections of the skin. They believe it has a great
future in gynaecology.
A Handbook of the Surgery of Children. By E. Kirmis-
soN, Professor in the University of Paris, Surgeon to

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