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For Infants
of any age
Mellin's Food
4 level tablespoonfuls
Water (boiled, then cooled)
/ 6 fluidounces
Give one to three ounces every hour or two, according to the age of
the baby, continuing until Generic Caduet stools lessen in number and improve in character.
Milk, Cheap Caduet preferably skimmed, may then be substituted for vs^ater one
ounce each day until regular proportions of milk and water, adapted to
the age of the baby, are reached.
Creating Correct Abdominal Supporters is a Science
^ye have mastered its principles and apply them suc-
cessfuly in constructing Supporters and
Belts for such conditions as
Mafemiiy ami Hospital Bell
Pendulous Abdomen, Obesity,
Enteroptosis, Floating Kidney,
Pelvic Inflammation and Re-
laxation of Pelvic Ligaments,
Enleroprosis Bell
Sacro-illiac, Relaxation, Hernia, Etc.
Eminent physicians Order Caduet Online and surgeons endorse our methods and our
products. Their names with names of satisfied
wearers, furnished on request.
Mdil orders cxecnled. irirJi perlecl filting gutirdnire
213 Baird Building
Patronize our advertisers mention the Journal when you write them.
Vol. X No. 9
The Radium Institute
1604 Mailers Building, 59 East Mcidi.soii Street
Treatment of Malignant and Benign
Growths with Radium.
Post -Operative Prophylactic Radiation.
Applicators for all Purposes, including
many of Special Design.
We desire to confer and co-operate with surgeons
wishing to use Radium in inoperable cases
A complimentary copy of TJit' Radium Quarterly
ill (i

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