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Kds sex pedophilia Illegal pedo link


Related post: Date: Sun, 08 Dec 2002 19:16:56 -0700
From: See Ape
Subject: More Is Better (Incest - mm, ff, mfmf)At last, my fantasy was coming true.We had enjoyed an afternoon of swimming, followed by a steak dinner, with a
few beers, and another swim. We had retired to the living room and had had
several lively discussions. All of a sudden, the discussion had turned
nasty."Fuck it! That's it. I'm going to bed," I said.I stood up, crossed the living room, turned out the lights, and headed for
the bedroom.As I turned away, Bill said, "Fuck you! You can just suck my cock."I turned around and replied, "Bare it!"That is how it started. He dropped his trunks and kicked them aside. I
walked back and looked free pedo pics cp down at his cock in the light of the full moon
streaming in the windows. His prick, even in this early stage, was long and
thick. I reached out with my right hand, touched the head of his cock and it
twitched. I turned my hand over and curled my fingers around it. I gently
stroked his cock and it hardened even more. I stroked it a few more times,
squeezing it as I pulled it toward me.I knelt in front of his manhood. A drop of precum formed at his slit and
sparkled in the moonlight. I moved my head forward and touched the drop with
the tip of my tongue. A shock went through my body and I knew there was no
turning back.Bending forward, I pulled his dick to my mouth. I licked the big knob,
running my tongue all around the slit in the head and licking the juice
leaking from it. He groaned as I sucked the knob into my mouth. I swirled my
tongue around the knob and the rim and he groaned again.Moving my head forward, I began to work his cock deeper and deeper into my
mouth, until at least a full third of his dick child pedo tgp free
had disappeared between my
lips. I slid my mouth back, sucking as his dick reappeared from my lips and
I let it fall pedo portals links out. The head glistened with my saliva in the moonlight. His
cock was hard, long and very thick. With my fingers wrapped around his cock
and using my spit as a lubricant, I underground pedo tgp
stroked his prick and it got harder. I
continued to pedo child fuck fotos jack him off. The skin of his cock was smooth and I could feel
the veins running the length of his shaft. He moaned as I squeezed his cock
and I could feel the blood pulsing down his hard shaft.Leaning my body forward, I inhaled a breath of air, opened my mouth, licked
the tip, and ran my tongue up and down the shaft. Sliding my lips over the
head, I stopped, letting his cockhead lie on my tongue. The skin was velvety
to the touch of my tongue and lips. He moaned and I let more of his rigid
cock slide into my willing mouth.With my left hand I reached up and gently massaged his balls. They were
large and hung low below tgp pedo toplist his hard cock. Keeping the head young pedo video
of his dick in my
mouth, I stopped stroking his cock and reached around his waist to grasp his
ass with my right hand. I pulled on his ass and his cock slid deeper into my
month. I drew my head back until just the head was again in my month. Saliva
dripped from my mouth and his cock down onto my left hand and I smeared it
around his balls. He moaned even louder than before and started to move his
hips back and forth. I pulled my head back and his cock slipped out of my
mouth. I told him to stand completely still or else I would quit. He stopped
moving his hips.I slid my month down his cock driving it deeper into my mouth towards my
throat until I undergroud pedo vidos
started gagging. I moved my head back and rested, letting my
mouth and throat become pedo sites illegal accustomed to the thickness and length of his cock.
I could smell his sweat and manliness mixed with the chemical smell from the
pool. It turned me on and I moved my head forward, taking more of sex pedoland kids foto his cock
into my mouth. I felt his kds sex pedophilia shaft slide past my lips and deeper into my mouth.
I started moving my head back and forth and his cock went deeper with each
forward lunge.My right hand was now stroking his left ass cheek in circular motions. I
raised my left hand to the other side doing the same to his right cheek. I
used both hands to pull him deeper into pedo 3d anime
my willing mouth and throat. His
prick slid deeper and deeper until the head was touching the back of my
throat.I pulled my head back, and pedo movie forbidden using my hands to pull on his ass, I started
the actions that I knew would drive his hard prick deep into my throat. I
drove my head forward again and his cock was now completely in my mouth and
down my throat. The sensation was beyond anything hentai littles pedo I had imagined. Back and
forth in a steady rhythm, I sucked on his cock. Saliva was running down my
chin and cheeks and it was dripping down his cock wetting the hairs on his
ball sac. My fingers stroked his ass cheeks and slid up and down the crack
of his ass. He groaned, spread his legs, and started moving his hips back
and forth. As he face fucked me, his cock went even deeper down my throat. I
could not believe that I could take more of his prick!I used my fingers to spread pedo cock his ass cheeks apart and found his asshole.
Gently inserting just the tip of one index finger, I pushed it in. I used
the other fingers to spread his ass cheeks wider. He gasped as more and more
of my finger went in. I had moistened it with my spit and after getting the
first finger up to the first knuckle, I started the index finger of the
other gay young pedo
hand into his anus. I started moving them in and out in time with his
cock sliding in and out of my mouth. His pace started to pick up, as did his
breathing and moaning and I knew it would not be much longer until he was
coming into my mouth.Faster, faster, and impossibly deeper, his cock went into my mouth and down
my throat until my nose was touching his pubic hairs. Deeper and deeper went
my fingers into his now obliging asshole. He was moaning almost continuously
and I found myself following suit. Our moans mixed with the sounds of my
slurping mouth on his prick.His body shuddered and through clenched teeth he said, "I'm going to come!"He tried to pull his cock out of my mouth, but I just pulled harder on his
hips driving his cock deeper. Suddenly, his cock grew as hard as steel and
he thrust forward and stopped moving his body. He gasped and his cock
spurted and I felt his hot cum hit the back of my throat. I swallowed and he
came again pedo kdz childfuck kiddie
and again. I could feel each spurt of cum hit my throat before I
swallowed it.I could not swallow fast enough! He shot teen sex pedo young jet after jet of hot cum into my
throat while I continued to bob up and down on his steel hard cock. He could
not stop coming and I could not get enough of his dick and slimy cum into my
mouth and down my throat. I withdrew until just the knob was in my mouth and
felt his cum spurt onto my tongue. It was warm, wet, salty, and slick. I
rolled the gob of cum around my mouth and swallowed it, tasting the salty
liquid. Some of his cum had slid over my lips and down my chin. God this was
fantastic! Finally, he stopped coming and I used my lips and tongue to clean
up every drop of cum from his dick and balls and sucked him dry. After
withdrawing my fingers from his asshole, I used them to force the cum that
had oozed out and down my pedo erotic art chin into my mouth.Bill sighed and fell to the floor. I lay down next to him, stroking his
chest with my hands.He said, "Now it is your turn."I asked him if he was sure and after kissing me on the mouth, he leaned
over and slowly peeled my swimming suit off. I lay flat on my back and
closed my eyes. This was going to be a night to remember (and a night to
write about!). He tasted his own cum after forcing his tongue into my mouth.
He kissed my eyes, my ears, and my neck. It was thrilling. As his tongue
started down my chest, his hands played with my nipples, making them hard.
He moved his head down on my chest and sucked first the right nipple and
than the left nipple causing unbelievable sensations. Down he went on my
body with his month, tongue, and hands. Sucking, licking, and caressing, he
did the same to my legs, but bypassed my groin area. He kissed and sucked
each toe and than told me to turn over. He started back up my legs, again
using his lips, fingers, and tongue. When he reached my ass cheeks, he
spread my legs and started licking up and down the crack of my ass. Pulling
my cheeks apart, he pushed his tongue into my anus as far as it would go.
After moving his tongue in and out several times, he resumed his journey up
my back. After kissing and gently nibbling the back of my neck, he had me
turn over on to my back. Again, he went down my chest, sucking and licking
my nipples. His tongue even reached into my belly button. I moaned as he got
closer and closer to his target. He spread my legs and placed his body
between them. Leaning down he kissed and licked my inner thighs, moving his
head slowly up towards my groin area.He leaned back, and reaching down with both hands, he picked up my balls
and gently massaged them. Gently squeezing, rolling, and massaging my balls
he bent forward and stuck out his tongue. The tip of his tongue touched the
head of my dick. I felt a bolt of electricity run down my cock, and I
moaned. He ran his tongue up and down my prick and back onto my balls. He
sucked each testicle into his mouth and used his tongue to massage them.
Letting my balls slip from his mouth, he moved his head back up. He opened
his mouth and started sucking on just the head of my dick. He used his
tongue to spread the slit at the end of my cock and sucked on the head of my
cock at the same time. The sensation was unbelievable! He took his hands and
started stroking my drenched cock with them. As his hands went down, so did
his mouth. As his mouth went back up, so did his hands. I hot pedo girls picture felt like my cock
was in a continuous cunt. Christ it was great.All of sudden he started a twisting action. Rotating his head back and
forth, and up and down, he took my cock deeper into his throat. I could not
lie still any longer and started moving my hips in time to his pumping head
and hands. He took his hands from my cock, placed them under my ass cheeks,
and lifted my hips causing my cock to go deeper into that magic channel top gallery pedo kds of
lips, mouth and throat. The cum started to boil in my balls. Faster and
faster we went. His head was bobbing up and down on my now super hard cock.
My hips moved higher and faster until I stopped at the peak and felt my cum
boiling out of my balls and passing down my dick. With one last thrust that
shoved my dick completely down his throat, I exploded into his mouth. Bill
swallowed and swallowed while I came teen adult sex pedo and came. I had never had such an
orgasm. It seemed to last forever!Finally it subsided. He sucked me dry of cum and kept my cock in his mouth
until it was soft. He lay down beside me and we both relaxed on our backs
with our hands touching.After a few minutes, I turned over and kissed him on the lips. I told him
about my fantasy and how long I had been having zoo pedofilia free it. To my surprise, he told
me he had the same fantasy. Do people ever really communicate? Neither one
of us had ever been with a man. We had looked at guys pedoland cp lover while in the showers
in high school and at the gym where we exercised and admitted that we
curious, but never did anything about it. I am glad we waited! We stood up
and walked into the bathroom. porn teens pedo child Turning the water on in the shower, we stepped
in together, still holding hands. We lathered soap all over each other's
bodies, paying particular attention to each other's cocks, balls, and asses.
That got us to giggling and laughing. We dried each other off and got into
bed. We talked, cuddled, kissed, and stroked each other's bodies and finally
drifted off to sleep.I woke up late in the morning, got up, and went into the bathroom to take a
pee. When I came back into the bedroom, Bill had rolled over on his back.
His soft cock was laying in full view against his leg and free pedo thumbs partially covering
his balls. I sat down and getting very close studied his cock and balls. His
cock was pink, had large veins, and was without a single blemish. I gently
moved his prick up onto his stomach to gain a better view of his balls. I
watched his balls move very slowly in their sac. I softly blew on them and
the hairs moved. I took a finger and gently pushed on first his left
testicle and next his right testicle. I started stroking them with my
fingers, using an up and down motion. He exotic pedofile
stirred, but did not wake up.Finally, after one excursion down his balls, I began tonguing his balls. I
moved my tongue between each of his testicles, getting his ball hairs and
skin soaked with saliva. I kidz pedo cp
stopped and took his left testicle into my mouth
and sucked on it softly and stroked it with my tongue. Letting it slide
sensuously out of my mouth, I repeated the same action with the right
testicle. I went back and forth between them, sliding them individually in
and out of mouth. I stopped, and taking a deep pedo gay boy breath, took both balls into
my mouth at the same time. The sensation on my lips, tongue, and mouth was
overpowering. I looked at his cock, which was starting to harden.I pulled my head back slightly and let his balls slide out of my mouth. I
began running my tongue up and down on the underside of his cock.Occasionally, I would wrap my lips as much as possible around either side of
his cock and suck or run my lips up and down, pausing close to the head. His
cock was getting harder. I bent over and slowly took the head into my mouth.
After running my tongue around it a few times, I let pedo in usa the head slide out of
my mouth to fall back on his stomach. He stirred again and a low moan
escaped from his lips. I ran my tongue, lips, videos porno pedofilos gratis
and teeth up and down the
entire length of his ever-hardening cock. I paid special attention to the
base and on the inner part of his cock. He stirred again and moaned louder.
I sucked his cock, letting the full length glide past my lips and down my
throat. Practice makes free illegal pedo sex perfect as I buried my nose into his pubic hairs!He woke and in a sleepy voice asked me what I thought I was doing."I'm sucking your gorgeous cock." I answered. We both laughed.I asked him if he was ready for a special treat and he said, "Sure."I got up and I went into the bathroom, my hard prick bobbing in the air and
from side to side. Fuck, that even felt good. I searched through the luggage
my wife had packed and found the tube of KY jelly and went back into the
bedroom. I told him that I thought he was going to love this. I know I was.Taking off the cap, I spread some on his dick and started rubbing it around
the head and up and down his cock. He looked at me, than at his shiny prick.
His mouth formed a small `o' and he laid back and closed his eyes. I
continued to massage his now slippery cock until it was completely hard. I
straddled his legs and spread mine as far apart as possible and used one
hand to hold his dick and the other to locate and spread my anus. Slowly I
lowered my body towards his cock until I felt the head touch my anus. It
started to go in and met resistance. I pushed down on his cockhead and felt
my asshole opening under the pressure from the end of his dick. Slowly, ever
so slowly, I felt the thick head of his dick entering my asshole. I rested
and tried to relax. Liz and I had recently gotten into anal intercourse so I
more or less knew what to expect and what to do.As I pressed downward, his huge dick making its way up into my ass was
stretching my asshole almost unbearably. My anus was burning from the
stretching. I had about two inches in now. I withdrew a little, and pressed
downward again, feeling his cock sinking farther in. Withdrawing again, I
pressed downward, gaining another inch. I stopped and forced myself to
relax.I raised myself up a little and lowered my body again. Some more of his cock
went in and the burning started again. Christ his cock was big! Back up and
back down. As I fucked his cock, my ass began to relax and accommodate the
big dick screwing its way up into my backside. With each downward thrust,
his cock went in further and a wonderful sensation gradually replaced the
burning sensation caused by his prick in my ass. I kept this up until well
over half of his cock was pedosex russian
in my ass. My own cock was at full attention and
he reached down and started stroking it with his hands. I leaned over and
kissed him on the mouth.We kissed and tongued each other for a few minutes and than I raised my
hips back up until just the knob of his prick was in my asshole. I again
started moving my body up and down. His cock gradually went in until I
thought it was going to come out of my throat. As I moved my ass up and down
on his slick dick, I realized that the pain had pedo chatte photo been replaced by a wonderful
feeling of being stretched and fulfilled. As I continued ass fucking his
cock, he played with my cock and balls. He started to move his hips in
rhythm with my action and we went even faster. His cock slammed up into my
asshole and now I knew why my wife got off on having her ass stuffed with my
dick. Finally, with a loud groan, he thrust his hips up as far as he could
and started coming. I could feel the hot streams of cum blasting their way
up my rectum! The last large spurt sent me over the edge. I groaned and
splashed large hot globs of cum all over his chest and stomach. I moved my
ass up and down a few more times while he was still hard. His prick moved
easily in my cum filled ass. His hands still stroked my cock. I bent down
and licked my cum from his chest. I laid pedo hot teen nude completely down on him with his
cock still buried in my ass. We kissed and hugged each other.We both heard it at the same time. A series of very soft and low moans was
coming from the living room. I rose up and his cock slipped out of my
asshole. We crept down the hallway and peeked around the corner into naturist pedo the
living room. It was our wives, completely naked, sucking each other's cunt!
Liz, my wife, was on top. Beth, Bill's wife, was pumping her hips driving
her cunt onto my photo pedo land wife's mouth. Their hands were playing with the clits that
were in front of their faces. Their moans became louder and suddenly their
bodies started quivering and they were both coming at the same time! Their
bodies shuddered as climax after climax swept over them. Finally, Liz
lowered her body and they rested gently kissing and licking each other's
pussies. They separated and moved to the sofa, sitting next to each other.I cleared my throat, said "Wow!" and strode into the room with Bill
following behind me.They both let out a little squeak and started reaching for something,
anything, to cover forbidden pedo porno
up their sweaty bodies.Bill said, "Forget covering your gorgeous bodies."That broke the tension we were feeling and Bill and I walked over, sat down
next to them, and started questioning them. Was this the first time they had
done this? If not, why now? What did they think? Of course, they asked us
the same questions.They told us that this was their first time, that they had been watching us
for some time, and that they were really turned on when they saw us in bed.
They had managed to get off work early, as the real estate business in the
summer is slow in Phoenix, and driven up early to surprise us. They had
searched the yard and entered the house looking for ilegal pedo files
us. The bedroom was the
last place they expected to find us. Find us they did, much to their
surprise. I was tonguing Bill's balls when they poked their heads around the
door. Their initial reaction was shock and they stepped back. Beth asked Liz
what they should do and Liz said let's watch and see what happens. When I
swallowed his cock, Beth almost gasped aloud. She told us that she had never
been russian pedo fuck
able to do that with Bill's cock. They continued to watch until I
started to get up to get the KY jelly. They stepped back out of view and
looked at each other with lust-filled eyes. When they heard me talking, they
peeked again and watched what I was doing with the KY to Bill's cock. Liz
whispered to Beth that she did not believe what was about to happen. Their
bodies touched and each admitted that the touch sent tingles up and down
their bodies. They watched as his cock started sliding into my asshole and
as the pace quickened, their hands slid down between their legs and they
started playing with their pussies.Liz took Beth's hand and guided her back into the living room. They sat
down on the couch facing hungarian pedo porn each other and pedo kdz toplist
Beth asked Liz if she knew about
this. Liz told her no, that there had never been a hint that I was this way.
Liz told her that watching us had really turned her on. She asked Beth if
she had ever made it with a woman. Beth told her once in junior high, that
it was fun, but boys interested her more. They both admitted they had
thought about sex with women. Beth looked at Liz, lifted her hand to my
wife's face, and gently stroked it. Liz told us that did it. She stood up
and removed all of her clothing. Beth did the same thing and they faced each
other's nude bodies. Stepping forward, they hugged, feeling their soft
breasts mashing against each other. Neither one could believe the passion
heating up their bodies as they started tonguing each other through open
mouths. They fell to the floor and one thing led to another as they
experimented with each other's bodies. The rest is history.The four of us got in the shower and cleaned each other off. There was a
lot of attention paid to cocks and balls and cunts and tits. Liz and I left
the shower first and dried each other off. She said she would get breakfast
ready, pulled on a clean pair of shorts and started to put on a blouse. I
told her not to bother. She bent over, kissed me on the lips, gave my illegal pedo files prick
a playful squeeze, and left the room.I was sitting on the pedo world cp
edge of the bed when Beth walked out of the bathroom.
She came over and stood in front of me."So, now that you have pedo porn galeries
seen it, do you like what you see?" She asked."Yes. The real thing is much better than I imagined."Her body was slightly heavier than my wife's. Beth had larger breasts and
nipples, a narrow waist, and full hips. Her cunt was clean-shaven, which I
had noticed earlier. I had never see a clean-shaven cunt and found it to be
very stimulating. So was she a true red head or not? Who cares, I thought to
myself. I reached out and touched her breasts with my hands. She sighed and
told me that she had wanted to do this for a very long time. I gently
stroked each tit and felt her nipples get hard. I rolled her nipples between
my fingers and they got harder. I moved my head up to her chest, kissed, and
sucked each tit and nipple. Finally, I put my hands on her hips and pulled
her closer. I kissed her belly button and slid my tongue down until I could
see her clit and cunt lips. I pulled her down onto the bed, rolled over onto
my back, pulled her on top of me, and started stroking her body. She moaned
and kissed me. child gallery pedo
Again 12yo pedo clips she kissed me, and forcing open my mouth with her
tongue, she shoved it in as deep as it would go. I responded with my tongue,
forcing it deep into her mouth and running it around her teeth and inner
She reached down, and lifting her body, grasped my cock."It's longer than Bill's, but it isn't as thick," She said."Yes. I well know."She groaned when my hand went between her legs. I slipped my index finger
between her pussy lips. She let out a small gasp of pleasure when I shoved
it inside her wet passage. When my finger touched her clit, her breath came
in fast, hard gasps and she moaned again. I rolled it between my fingers and
pressed gently on it. She moaned and started moving her hand up and down my
hard shaft. I slid two fingers into her dripping cunt and she moaned again.
We played with each other's sex organs for a few minutes getting each other
hotter and hotter.She rolled off me and turning around, she spread her legs over my head and
lowered her mouth onto my now blood engorged prick. I spread her cunt lips
with my fingers and started lapping up and down her slit with my tongue. I
licked the lips one by one, stopping just short of her clit. It was
throbbing and sticking out, begging for some action. I spread her lips open,
looking into her cunt. I licked the inside, trying to get as much of my
tongue up her twat as I could. I continued licking and sucking, her cunt
thrashing and humping against my face. I started flicking her clit with my
tongue and sucking it with my mouth like blog photo pedo nude it was a small prick. She crushed
her cunt against my mouth and moaned. She raised her hips and I sucked
gently on her foto pedo child sex clit, my saliva mixing with her juices, until she was soaking
wet and dripping cunt juices onto my face and into my mouth.I swallowed as much of her juices as I could and taking a deep breath, I
shoved my tongue as far into her pussy as it would go. I began thrusting my
tongue in and out with short trips back up to her clit. I just could not get
enough of it with her moaning how good it felt and kept fucking her cunt
with my tongue. This excited her and she took my more of my cock down her
throat while massaging my balls nude pedo sites with her hands. Her method of sucking cock
was different from what I had experienced with others. Since I liked having
my cock sucked, it was great no matter who or little pedo virgin how. I also was surprised that
my prick could spring back to life so quickly. I moistened one of my fingers
with spit from my mouth and the liquid leaking from her cunt and brushed it
against her anus. Hearing no protest, I gently inserted just the tip in and
wiggled it. She lifted her head, and told me that was something she would
like to try later. I removed my finger and turned my attention to her cunt
and clit. Still using my tongue in an up and down fashion, I cleaned her
cunt. I used my thumb to massage her clit and she moaned.I felt the bed shift and stopped what I was doing. I looked over to the
side and pedo sex girl it was Bill.He asked, "What? Again! Before breakfast?"His wife and I both nodded and she went back to her head bobbing action on
my prick.I looked at him and asked, "Why don't your fuck her?"He grinned and shifted his position on the bed. Spreading his legs, he
moved over my head, holding his hard cock in his hand. I now had another
close look at his balls. They were hanging low in the sac, the left one
lower than the right pedo kdz nude one and I knew that in a short time his balls would
pull up closer to his body. As he positioned himself closer, I raised my
head slightly and sucked on each of balls causing him to stop moving
forward. thumbnail pedo child I sucked both balls into my mouth. His wife stopped her marvelous
head action on my prick and wanted to know what was going on down there.Bill said, "He's sucking my balls!""Fuck that! Fuck me!"I lowered my head, letting his balls slide out, and he moved even closer. I
took his cock with one hand and spread her cunt lips apart with the other
hand. I guided his dick towards her cunt and sex pedo gallery
ran his cock up and down her
snatch, stopping once in awhile to press his cock on her clit. I let go of
his cock, and using both hands, spread her cunt lips even further apart.
Slowly, he started to push the head of his cock into her cunt hole. I
watched, fascinated, as her pussy lips pushed out and to the side as his
cock started to slide in.He started moving his hips back and forth and his cock started going deeper
and deeper into her cunt. I licked her clit with my tongue and she started
moving back and forth until his cock was touching bottom on each stroke.
Occasionally, my tongue would slide along his cock."Breakfast is ready!" my wife announced, striding into the bedroom."Oh!" Liz said.The bed shifted as she crawled onto the bed. I felt another set of hands,
tongue, and mouth playing pedo illegal kids with my balls and cock. The two women started
taking turns sucking my cock and playing with my balls. I felt a wet finger
playing with that magical space between the base of my cock and my anus and
then it slid in my asshole. I groaned in sheer delight.Suddenly, Liz was straddling my legs. She reached down and guided my cock
into her wet and warm cunt. She started fucking me, while Bill fucked Beth.
I could feel my jism start to boil in my balls. I looked up and sure enough,
his balls were russian pedo hardcore
tight against his body, and he was about to come. Our pace
picked up and the moans and groans filled the air. Suddenly, I knew I was
going to come!I raised my hips and as my orgasm began I yelled, naked ass pedo "I'm coming!"I exploded into my wife's cunt, which set her off. She groaned and hissed
as her body shook with a tremendous orgasm. As we both came, Bill froze with
his cock buried to the hilt in his wife's cunt. He blasted pulse after pulse
of cum into his wife's cunt. Beth started coming and almost passed out from
the intensity of her orgasm. Our orgasms subsided and my wife rolled off my
cock onto her back. Beth moved forward and sucked on my prick and balls,
licking the juices and cum from my slippery cock. Bill pulled his softening
cock out of Beth's cunt and started to move back. I grabbed his cock with my
hand, stuffed it into my mouth, and sucked his cock, getting the last bit of
cum from his dick. I licked his cock free of the juices from him and his
wife. When it was clean, I turned my attention back to Beth's cunt. White
gobs were oozing from her snatch and I children naked free pedofilia
licked them up, swallowed, and
cleaned her pussy as well.We all lay on our backs and stroked each other's bodies. After resting for
a few minutes, I raised up, and said, "It's time to get up and eat
breakfast." We pulled on shorts, pedofilia free xxx with the girls going topless, and went into
the kitchen. Liz had fixed fresh coffee, fruit, and cold cereal. After
breakfast, Bill and I went outside to finish cleaning the pool. We mowed the
yard, edged, and pruned the plants and trees surrounding the house.
Meanwhile the women cleaned the house. Bill and I put on sandals and tee
shirts and drove into town. We needed to stock up on beer, wine, snacks, and
this evening's dinner. When we came back, our wives were sunbathing nude by
the free pedo panties pool. We put the supplies away and cp 2006 pedo went outside to join them. Pulling
off our clothes, we jumped into the pool to cool off. We climbed out and lay
down next to out wives. After getting some sun, we decided to have a game of
pool volleyball. It was Bill and Liz against Beth and me. She and I lost all
three games. It was getting late in the afternoon and the mountain air had
started to chill our bodies.
We went in the house, put on shorts and shirts,
and fixed a simple supper. After cleaning up, we went into the living room.
I turned on the stereo, put on mood music, and turned off most of the
lights. We started dancing with each other, occasionally switching partners.
As I pulled Beth closer to my body, she pushed her groin against my
hardening cock and rubbed her pussy up and down my legs. She began running
her hands up and down my back going lower each time. She finally had her
hands on my ass cheeks and started pulling me harder into her groin area.
Rubbing her pelvis into my hard cock, she ran her tongue around my ear.
After probing my ear for a bit, she kissed me. Her tongue slipped between my
lips and went deep into my mouth.She pulled her tongue out and whispered, "I want you. I want your hard cock
sliding down my throat. I want to feel your hands on my pussy. I want your
tongue deep in my cunt. I want your prick slamming into my pussy."I simply nodded yes and moved my hands up to the top of her blouse. I
unbuttoned each button while looking into her green eyes. She slipped her
hands up my shirt and rubbed my nipples getting them hard. I slipped her
blouse off and cupped her breasts. She moaned as I played with her nipples
and tits. She pulled my shirt over my head and mashed her chest pedo sex net against
mine. I felt her hard nipples pushing into my chest. I placed my hands on
her butt and pulled her into my hard cock.I looked over and my wife and Bill were completely naked, their clothes in
a heap at their feet. They were tonguing each other and their bodies were
grinding into each other with mounting passion. I slipped my hands down the
back of Beth's shorts and kneaded her ass. She moaned and slid her fingers
into my shorts and started pulling them down. I leaned my hips back, she
pulled my shorts down to me feet, and I stepped out of them. As her head
came back up, she kissed my cock that was sticking straight out. I pulled
her shorts off her and kissed her on the belly as I raised my head towards
her chest. I kissed each tit and ran my tongue around her nipples. I sucked
each nipple real pedo world and watched with satisfaction as they grew harder. I reached
down with my hand and pressed it between her legs. Moving the flat of my
hand up and down, I rubbed her pussy. She was already wet and her juices
lubricated my hand against her pussy. I slipped a finger into her cunt and
moved it in and out. She gasped, reached down, and grasped my cock. She
started a slow hand job on my cock while I inserted another finger into her
cunt. Sliding both fingers in and out of her cunt, I slid my tongue deep
into her mouth. I was fucking her with my tongue and with my fingers. Her
hand started to move faster on my cock and my hips started to move back and
forth.I withdrew my tongue from her mouth and stopped my hand action. She moaned
as I took her hand from my cock. I told her this was too soon, that I wanted
this to last. She nodded and walked over to Bill and Liz."Not yet," she said.They stopped naked babies pedo and she whispered something into my wife's ear. Liz nodded and
pushed Bill gently on the chest towards me."You two are to sit on the sofa, watch and no touching," she said.
The two
women started a slow sensuous dance for us, their bodies swaying back and
forth in time to the music. Their hands moved up and down their bodies,
occasionally cupping their breasts and playing with their cunts. They bent
over giving us a full shot of their asses and cunts. They even bent forward
with their legs spread apart, pulled their cunt lips open, and ran their
fingers in and out of their wet twats. Gradually they moved closer to us and
stopped almost as one. Kneeling down, they started kissing us. Liz would
kiss me while Beth was kissing Bill. Then they would switch. This went on
for several minutes with their tongues and hands doing marvelous things to
our bodies. I looked over at Bill while Beth had my pedo ilegal pic
dick in her mouth and
her hands played with my balls. Liz had just the head of his dick in her
mouth, running her tongue around fuck pedo pics the edge and was playing with his balls.
Beth had been sliding her lips and mouth up and down on my dick until it was
all wet and shiny.Again they stopped almost at the same time and sat back on their heels.
They asked us what we wanted."We want to watch the two of you." I said.They smiled, stood up, and moved into each other's arms. They started
kissing each other with very soft kisses while running their hands up and
down each other's bodies. Their kisses got bolder and more passionate.
Suddenly, they were using their tongues, driving them into each other's
mouths as if they were small cocks. Their breasts mashed against each
other's chests and their crotches were sliding hard against each other. My
wife leaned back, her pussy grinding into Beth's pussy, and lowering her
head kissed and sucked Beth's tits. First one, and than the other. Beth's
nipples hardened and she started moaning. They slowly fell to the floor and
Beth started fondling Liz's breasts. She bent down, sucking each tit and
gently squeezing them with her hands. She ran her tongue and mouth down my
wife's body, leaving small wet spots that shined in the light. Suddenly, she
was on top of Liz with her head between my wife's legs and her legs
positioned around my wife's head. pedo site boy
My wife moved her head up and down Beth's
pussy. She started running her tongue up and down the snatch before her,
licking pedo incest porn pics up the juices as she went. We could see Beth's head going up and
down between my wife's legs. They both reached their arms around the legs
straddling their heads and started playing with each other's cunts and
clits. Their bodies started moving against each other as their passion for
cunt licking grew.I looked over at Bill, and like me, his cock was standing at attention. I
reached over and touched it. It jumped and he looked at me. With a wink, he
touched my cock. Our fingers wrapped around each other's hot hard cocks and
we started stroking each other. I let go of his cock and moved pedo illegal underground my body on
the sofa pedo baby daddy cunt
so I was facing him and he followed my example. I scooted towards
him, sliding my legs over his thighs until our cocks and balls were
touching. We leaned back against the armrests and reached out to grab a
cock. I wrapped my fingers around his shaft and started to jack him teenagers pedo off. He
did the same thing to my prick. child pedo sex gallery I used my other hand to play with his balls.
Looking down at our hands sliding up and down our hard dicks, I saw a drop
of precum form on the head of his young girls bondage pedo dick. I squeezed his shaft and some more
oozed out of the slit. I cp photo pedo
rubbed it around his cockhead making it bright and
shiny. His breath hissed as he inhaled and he moaned. I started stroking his
cock and massaging his balls while he continued stroking my cock.We looked back to the floor as we heard a buzzing noise. Our wives had
switched positions and were using vibrators on each other. They were sliding
them up and down their wet pussies, stopping to pay attention to their
clits. They slowly slid them into their mouths getting the vibrators wet
with saliva and than inserted them into the wet gapping holes inches from
their faces. They each orgasmed and they set the vibrators on the floor. Liz
placed her hands under Beth's ass, looped them around her thighs, and was
spreading her cunt lips with her fingers. Meanwhile, the same thing was
going on with Beth. Moving her head closer to my wife's cunt, she kissed the
lips on each side and than my wife's cunt. My wife moaned as the rain of
kisses traveled up and down her cunt lips. She moaned again and started her
own action. Raising her head, she stuck her tongue out and using it like a
prick ran it up and down Beth's snatch. They each inserted a finger into a
cunt and started moving their hands in and out, while moving their mouths up
to the protruding clits.The action on my cock had increased, as had my hand on Bill's cock. I
looked at him."All the way?" Bill asked."Sure."We kissed each other and stood up. We moved away from the sofa and I lay
down on my back. He stood with his feet at my head. I looked up enjoying
this unique view of his cock and balls. He lowered his body over mine, and I
watched as the objects of my desire came closer. Finally, he was on all
fours with his dick and balls just inches from my face. I looked over his
leg at the women. They were going full steam now. Their bodies were
thrashing and their moans filled the air. I turned my head back, as I felt
his mouth close over my cock. I raised my head and closed my mouth around
his cock. It slid in and he pushed down with his hips. I raised my hips and
felt my cock start to slide into his mouth and down his throat. His cock
slid past my lips and started down my throat. So this is what sixty-nine
with a man feels like! Enjoying a cock sliding in and out of my mouth while
a man's mouth is swallowing my cock produced feelings and sensations in my
body that were indescribable. We started picking up the pace with our hips,
mouths, tongues, fingers, and bodies. I moistened a finger and slid it into
his anus and he did the same to me.We both groaned and at the same time heard muffled screams from the other
side of the room. We slowed and stopped sucking on each other's cock.
Letting his cock slide out of my mouth, I again turned my head towards our
wives. Their bodies were twitching and they were groaning. Finally their
orgasms faded and they fell apart. Cum juice was smeared all over their
faces and running down their chins.They looked at us and smiled and Liz said, "Hey Cock suckers, I want some
good hard pedo desnudas cock."Beth said, "Me too and I know which one!""On our way, Cunt lickers." I yelled.We disentangled and crawled over to them. I told them to get on all fours
and they promptly complied. I got up on my knees and moved into position
behind Beth. I leaned over and cleaned up the juices running down her cunt
and thighs with my tongue. I moved in, and grasping my cock, placed the head
against pedo kids photo gallery
her cunt hole. She moved her hips back and my wet prick started to
slide in. I pulled back and she whimpered. I pushed forward and some more of
my cock went in. I looked over and Bill and Liz were doing the same thing.
She grunted as his thicker cock started going in. I watched as his large
knob disappeared into her cunt followed by his thick shaft. She pushed back
with a lunge, his whole cock disappeared, and she grunted even louder.
Meanwhile, my cock was buried to the hilt in the cunt below me. The four of
us started fucking with a steady rhythm and each of us moaned and groaned
with the sensations now driving us on."I want your cock in my ass." She said.I looked down and she had bent her head back and was looking at me with
pleading eyes."I have never felt like this before." She told me.I nodded okay and withdrew my prick from her cunt. I bent down and started
licking up and down her cunt. Moving my hands up, I spread her ass cheeks
apart, and ran my tongue up and down the crack of ass. Occasionally, I
pushed it into her anus. Each time I did this, she moaned, and her body
would shiver slightly. I started tonguing her anus, driving the tip of my
tongue deeper and deeper. She started pushing back in time with my tongue."Please put it in," she moaned.I stopped tonguing her and slid my fingers up her soaking cunt getting them
wet with her juices. I inserted a dripping finger into her anus. She moaned
and pushed back, driving the finger even deeper. I inserted another finger,
spreading her anus and she cried out. I started moving them back and forth
and she rocked in time with my motion. I stopped what I was doing and opened
the tube of KY jelly, spread some on my fingers and gently inserted then
into her anus. She moaned as three of my fingers slid into her asshole and
she pushed back driving more of them into her rectum. I smeared jelly on my
dick getting it slippery.I looked over at Bill and Liz and they were performing the same intimate
act. I directed my attention back to the lovely ass below and grabbing my
cock, I placed the head against her asshole, and pushed it slowly in. She
moaned and pushed back, forcing the head to slide in even further. I moved
back and forward forcing more of my cock into her anus."It hurts!" She groaned.I stopped and reached around her waist with one hand."It is up to you, then." I told her.I played with her clit and slid my fingers up and down her sopping cunt and
she started moving slowly back and forth. She started panting and I noticed
that her body seemed on fire, it was so hot. She moved back against my cock
and more of it went in. I held as still as I could and let her do the work.I looked over as my wife moaned. The head of his cock plus pedo rape sites a little bit of
the shaft of his cock was pedo world images in her ass. Although we had performed this act
several times, she was not quite ready for a cock as thick as Bill's. He too
was not moving, letting her impale herself on his hard dick. Deeper pedo little girls fucked and
deeper both cocks went into their respective free little pedo russian asses.Finally, Beth stopped and said, "It doesn't hurt anymore. In fact, it feels
great."I took this as my signal to start moving. I removed my fingers from her
cunt and started moving my hips back and forth. My cock had been about
three-quarters of the way in and was now going deeper. She started moaning
and groaning and moved her body in time with mine. With a hard thrust, I
shoved my cock all the way into her asshole. She was playing with her cunt
and clit with one hand while shoving her now willing asshole in and out on
my cock.She moaned again and said, "I'm coming!"I felt her ass muscles tighten on my cock as she came and came. I felt the
triggers go off and hot cum raced down my shaft; out the head of my now
deeply buried cock and spewed into her rectum. She came again and so did I.
I pumped a load ilegal pedo foto of cum into her ass and then fell over her, landing on my
hands and arms. She looked back at me and had tears in her eyes."So this is what I have been missing." she said.I kissed her and pulled my soft cock darks pedo little from her ass. I looked down to see cum
bubbling from her anus. I bent down, licked it up, and forced my tongue into
her pedoworld russian
anus and she moaned. I sucked on her anus and moved my lips down to her
cunt. pedo children photos I drove my tongue as deep as I could into her cunt. I tongued fucked
her and she started pushing back. She had a mini-orgasm and I tasted her
cunt juices. We rolled back onto our butts and leaning on our arms watched
the intense scene before us. Liz was slamming her ass into Bill's cock with
such force that I thought she would knock him on his ass.We heard a shriek from my wife. Her back arched and Bill's cock was buried
to the hilt. I could tell she was coming with an intense orgasm. He cried
out and we knew he was coming. We could not see it, but we knew that wave
after wave of cum was spewing arina dream pedo from his hard cock into her dark shaft. She
came again and finally he was finished. He petite pedo teen boys
pulled back and his cum-smeared
cock fell out of her anus. They both rolled over onto their backs and
sighed. Beth crawled over, swallowed Bill's now soft cock, and sucked him
dry. She rolled over and spreading Liz's legs, she buried her face between
her thighs. Using her mouth and tongue, she cleaned cum that had oozed from
my wife's asshole. She tongued my wife's anus and sucked what cum she could
from her ass.We all rested for a few minutes. Nobody said anything. What was there to
say? The four of us made our way to the shower and cleaned each other off.
My wife and I went to one bed, and my brother and his wife to another and we
went to pedo girl nude
sleep.I woke up the next morning hearing giggling and feeling strange wonderful
sensations. I opened my eyes to see my wife's head over my chest sucking and
nibbling on one nipple while a hand played and pinched the other. Looking
over her head, I understood where the feelings were coming from. Bill and
Beth were kissing and licking my cock and balls.My wife looked at me and said, "Good Morning, Darling."She went back to work, kissing and sucking on my nipples. Bill had my dick
running in and out of his mouth and Beth was sucking on my balls. Than they
switched. He pedo little pic stopped sucking on my cock and started giving Beth cocksucking
instructions. She obviously wanted to do deep throat my cock and the lesson
was paying off as more of my long shaft slid into her mouth and down her
throat. Finally, she had my cock completely buried in her oral toon pedo passage. What
a way to wake up! She stopped sucking my cock, grinned at Bill, reached over
to the nightstand, and grabbed the KY jelly. She squeezed some on the head
of my dick and started rubbing it up and down the head and shaft.
positioned his body over my rock hard cock and lowered his body. Beth held
my shaft straight up and I felt the head touch his anus. They had lubricated
his rectum earlier and the head slid in slowly and quite easily."Close your eyes Honey." My wife whispered.I did and she positioned her body over my face."Open your eyes, Love." She said.I opened my eyes and stared at her cunt. They had shaved it! Not a hair in
sight! Her cunt lips were swollen and slightly red and her clit clearly
stood out. I reached up with my tongue and using the tip, ran it up and down
her snatch. I sucked on her clit and she moaned. I myself moaned as more of
my cock went into Bill's rectum. After about a third dark collection pedo porn
of it was in, he
stopped and rested, letting his body become used to the piece of fleshy
steel in his ass. His wife was sucking little young pedo photo
the knob illegal pedo link of his dick and running her
wet tongue around the rim.He started moving his hips again and I could feel more and more of my dick
driving up his ass. I looked between my wife's legs, past her dripping cunt,
and watched, fascinated, as Beth took more and more pedo extreme of Bill's cock into her
mouth. My wife lowered her now sopping cunt, soaked with my saliva, and her
own juices, towards my eager mouth and tongue. She ran her snatch up and
down my protruding tongue and with another moan lowered her cunt onto my
mouth. I stuck my tongue as far as I could into her cunt hole. She began
fucking my tongue with her cunt. Bill raised his body up until only the head
of my dick was in his anus. He held this position for a few seconds pedo cp illegal and with
a grunt, thrust my shaft all the way up his ass. He stopped and caught his
breath. His wife was sucking his cock, taking as much of that familiar organ
into her mouth as she could while her other hand played with her cunt and
clit.Bill started moving his ass up and video pedofilia down on my cock and my wife was driving
her cunt into my face. She hardcore pedo sex
spread her cunt lips apart with her fingers and
played with her clit. Bill started to pick up speed and I started rocking my
hips to match. Faster and faster pedoland movie
the four of us went. My wife's body started
to shake and her hands were dancing in her cunt and on her clit. Suddenly
she gasped and rammed her cunt down onto my mouth, rubbing her clit with
unbelievable force. She came with a fury I had never seen, letting out moan
after moan. Her cunt juices were pouring into my mouth and down my chin.
Beth was giving Bill a blowjob while masturbating herself with her other
hand. All of sudden, Bill slammed his body down on my cock driving it all
the way into his ass and groaned as he came into Beth's open mouth. This put
me over the edge and I came. Huge gobs of hot, sticky cum drove from my
penis into his rectum. Wave after wave of pleasure swept over me as pulses
of cum drove the length of my cock into his ass. Finally, it subsided and I
relaxed. Beth sucked his cock dry and licked the cum pedo sex 15 yo that had spilled out
from his cock onto my stomach.
We fell apart and relaxed, our heavy
breathing slowing. We got up and walked into the bathroom. This shower was
quick and we dried off, dressed, and cleaned up the bathroom and bedroom. We
loaded the cars and returned to Phoenix.I had learned that sucking a man's cock was as good as licking a woman's
cunt. That a cock up my ass or vice versa produced incredible feelings and
sensations little young pedo kitty in me. Moreover, that watching another couple, whether male and
female or female and female, enjoy each other's bodies could produce
overwhelming lust in me. If the four of us were bisexual, so be it. We now
had access to both sides instead of only fifty percent of the population.
Our experiments in the future would prove to us that in this case more is
always better.

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