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Related post: Mind by Waldo1. ChapterI didn't want to go home tonight. After thinking about it, I didn't
want to go home any night. But I had no other place that I could go.Don't get me wrong. I love my house. It's just that my wife and I
have not been getting along too good for the last couple of years. In
the sexual perspective that is.We have been married seven years. Her name is Stephanie. Stephanie
Brooks and I am John Brooks. We met in college and before we knew what
was happening to us, we got married within six months. Was our
attraction sexual or real love? That first year was great because we
had sex almost every night. Then the second year , which was the year
that we graduated, we had become used to each other and we only had sex
two to three times a week. Both of us found good paying jobs as soon
as we finished school.My job was as a salesman for a food wholesaler and I quickly advanced
to the Business Manager's position. When Mr. Graves decided to
retire, his partner, Mr. Robertson, didn't want to buy Graves out. So
I used what was left of my inheritance and some loans and bought out
the Graves potion of the company. Mr. Robertson was very happy with
me being his partner and went into semi-retirement while I ran the
company. So I have been the half-owner of GR Distribution for three
years now and the operational manager for about four years. I like my
job. Or I used to like it.Robertson died six months ago and left his interest to his wife. His
third wife, who was thirty-five years younger than him. They had been
married about four months when he had a heart attack while having sex.
One week after we buried him, his widow showed up at the office and
demanded full participation in daily operation procedures. She wants
to use this company to build a future multi-million dollar empire.
Only problem is, that she does not have any business experience or
training. Some of her ideals are very risky and speculative. And she
doesn't care that the company has maintained a steady three percent per
year growth under my management; and that it was losing almost five
percent a year since Graves had his first heart attack. She thinks
that her ideals will force the company to grow at thirty percent a
year.Her name is LayWanda Robertson. She is black, has a very nice body and
is the same age as me - twenty-eight. She has never been to college
and had only worked in restaurants until she married Robertson. It was
also her third marriage.Because she is also half owner, she has every right to participate in
company decisions but her decisions are always too risky. I gave in to
her a couple of times and we lost a lot more than we made. But she
looks at her bad management record as being ok. I can't look at it
that way.So work is hell for me right now. Every day LayWanda and I get into an
argument about something that she wants to try or where she doesn't
agree with my cautious approach. If it was possible to divide the
company assets in half and let her do what she wants to do with her
half, I would immediately split it up. But it is not that sort of an
operation and we would be in direct competition with each other, which
would immediately ruin both of us.Stephanie got a job as an Interior Decorator and after I bought out
Graves, she quit the company to set up underage erotic story
her own company. We turned our
den and connecting garage into an office and she works out of our
house. When she set up her company, is about when our sex lives died.Now that she had her own company, she started putting in a lot more
hours. We quit going to the movies or going out to do things because
she was always working on something. We quit going out to eat together
because she had to make a deadline. We quit having sex because she
would come to bed late and smelling like a fireplace.Stephanie smokes and I do not. She smoked when I met her in college,
but she would brush her teeth and use mouthwash to hide the smoke
smell. After she started her company, she became a chain smoker. She
currently goes through four to five packs a day and our house has a
permanent haze floating through the air. Our couch smells. Our bed
smells. I can tell when she is lying facing me in our darkened bedroom
or if she is turned the other way; by the deep smoky residue coming out
of her lungs as she breathes. I can't kiss her anymore without
gagging.So we have sex about every three months now. Once or twice a week, I
masturbate myself while taking a shower. I don't know what she does.
And at this time in my life, I don't care.Don't get me wrong. I still love her. I just don't like who she has
become. I still think that she is beautiful. A bit flat-chested but
attractive. She can't fill out an A-cup and wears falsies to make up
the difference. Remember how Jane Fonda looked in the movie Klute?
Stephanie has that same mid-length combed red-headed hairstyle but with
a little curl and her facial structure is very similar to Jane's.
Stephanie could double for Jane except for the nude scenes. I hate to
keep bringing this up, but she has no boobs.I suggested to her once that she might want to consider having some
implants and she got mad at me. She told me that my cock would never
be mistaken for a grown man's cock and she got quite nasty.So you see why I don't like to go home. I have been sitting here in my
car in the driveway for the last five minutes thinking about my life
and how lousy it has underagetgpnonnude become. I don't like to go to work anymore and I
certainly don't like to go home.I get my courage up and go in the house. Immediately, I am almost
knocked down by the strong smoke smell as I enter. "I am home." I say
out loud as I hang up my coat."Hi, John. Steph is out measuring a new job site. I am the only one
here." said a feminine voice from the office area.I wander past piles of catalogues and wallpaper samples and carpet
samples until I get to the desk, where Valerie is working."Hi, Val. Did the bitch say when she would be back or if she was going
to go out to dinner with me tonight as planned?" I asked."John, she is not a bitch. She is just trying to make a
su-su-su-successful business and has got herself very involved with
it." she stammered, never looking up from the catalogue that she was
searching throughI step behind her and gently rub her shoulders. Valerie is Stephanie's
best friend from college and now works with her. She is very timid and
conscious of her stuttering problem. "I wish that she would try to
make a successful marriage and let the business go. I need a woman
beside me. A good woman. Why don't I divorce Steph and marry you?" I
ask in a teasing manner."You don't want me. And after being ma-ma-ma-married to Ralph for four
years, I don't want another man. Only thing that men like to do is to
screw until their cock falls off. And you men don't care who you screw
either." she said angrily."Whoa, take underage teen pics it easy Val. I know that Ralph got caught a couple of
times in the wrong bedroom, but not all men are like that. I haven't
been with another woman since Steph and I got married. And Steph will
tell you that we haven't got it together for several months. You just
got a raw deal with Ralph and you shouldn't let that one asshole turn
you sour on men or marriage. naked models underage
You are a very attractive woman and would
make any man a good wife." I said, trying to restore some of her easily
lost self-confidence.She turned and smiled "Thanks, John. I am sorry that I took my
fr-fr-fr-frustration out on you. I got a call from Ralph's new
girlfriend today and she wanted to come by to get his sha-sha-share of
the furniture. They are buying a new house and he want's my
furn-furn-furn-furn-furniture. I called my lawyer and he wants five
hundred dollars to tell Ralph to fuck off. I got pissed at bo-bo-both
of them."Ralph couldn't keep his cock in his pants and left this beautiful woman
to fend for herself. She has a self-image problem and no confidence in
herself. She is very attractive but hides it. She wears her hair
pulled straight back and pulled into a very unflattering bun style, no
make-up except for a little lipstick once in awhile and always wears
baggy clothes to hide her beautiful body. She wears black horn-rimmed
glasses that detract from her beautiful face. It's almost as if she
was trying to hide her beauty behind bad make-up, baggy clothes and
unflattering hair styles. Her and Steph are the same size, but Val has
a full set of boobs and keeps herself in good physical shape by working
out while Steph maintains her shape by not eating. She looks like a
young Racquel Welch but she dresses like Olive Oyl. She has always
stuttered but as got worse since she started having martial problems.
Steph talked her into working with her so she could look after her."If Ralph keeps giving you a hard time, I will divorce Steph and let
her move in with Ralph. That will teach him a lesson." I said."Jo-Joohn. She loves you very much and you shouldn't joke like that."
she said."Well, I wish that it was just a joke. I am going to get ready to go
out to dinner with or without Stephanie. Would you like to come
along?" I asked."No, I have to go home and take care of my cats." she said.I smiled and went to my bedroom and took a shower. When I dressed, I
came back and found Steph on the phone, waiving her ever-present
cigarette as she talked. Valerie was looking something up in the
computer. I sat underages naked girls
down and waited until Steph finished talking."I got a new contract today John. The Marlow Building has been bought
by a hypno-therapist and they are going to start a new business. They
will concentrate on people needing assistance to go on a diet or to
quit smoking. And don't say it. I can quit smoking anytime that I
want to. I just don't want to quit because I enjoy smoking. " she
said looking at me in a challenging look."You must enjoy smoking more than sex because you gave up sex because
of your smoking." I said."I did not. You are the one that never wants to have sex. You turn
away from me and resist my advances." she declared.Valerie got up and proclaimed "I must be going home. Casper
ne-ne-ne-needs to be fed."After she walked out underaged anal bbs
the door, Steph requested "John, please don't
bring up our problems in front of Val any more. She has enough
difficulty dealing with her own problems, much less dealing with our
problems. It hurts her to see us fight.""I am not fighting. I am just stating the facts. You should become a
client of your new client and quit smoking. Now are you going out to
eat dinner with me or not?" I asked."No, I have to make some preliminary sketches and get ready for my
presentation. Can I get a rain-check on dinner?" she asked.I just looked at her and walked out the door. I had a quite dinner by
myself and returned home to find Steph still working on her project. I
got ready for bed and turned in.I was almost asleep when she eased into bed beside me and curled up
behind me. I could smell the deep smell of smoke coming from her lungs
and I tried to ignore her as she reached around and started playing
with my cock. I sleep completely nude and she wears a flimsily
nightgown. I tried to ignore her nipples rubbing against my back as
she stroked my cock until it was hard.I couldn't stand it anymore and rolled over on my back, throwing the
covers off our bodies. I wanted her to go down on me but knew that she
would never touch my cock with her mouth. I almost laughed out loud
thinking that she would never put a cock in her mouth, but kept her
mouth full of those damn cigarettes all the time. Maybe, if I set fire
to my dick, she would take it in her mouth and suck on it.Now that I was hard, she sat on my lap and rubbed my cock against her
pussy. It was always the same ritual. She had to start off on top of
me and then switch to missionary style. As soon as I would cum, she
would push me off and go wash herself out in the bathroom. She also
has a problem with the sticky feeling of cum. It feels yucky according
to her and she really prefers that when we have sex, that I wouldn't
cum in her. She suggested a couple of times that I pull out and
collect it in a Kleenex. underage cam pics I would usually be asleep by the time she
came back to bed.Tonight was no different. She had just got me inside her and is now
pulling me to roll over with her so that I am top of her. I hump her
tight pussy and blow my load in less than two minutes. We didn't even
work up a sweat. She pushes me off and goes to the bathroom. I hear
her filling her bag with water as she lights a cigarette. I roll over
and go to sleep. Such is my life.2. ChapterI want to kill that woman. LayWanda did not consult with me and told
one of our biggest purchasers that we were going to raise our rates by
one percent. Our customer started looking for other sources and then
called me to tell me that he found a competitor who would provide the
services for our old rate. I had to cut our old rate by half of a
percent to keep him. Then when I found LayWanda and told her what had
occurred, she got mad at me."He wouldn't leave us. He was just bluffing. Why did you give in to
him so easily?" she screamed."Why did you tell him that our rates were going up?" I screamed back."Because we have to raise our rates. We aren't making enough money."
she yelled."We are making enough money. Until you became involved, it was very
adequate money." I screamed back at her. I was just as mad as she was
and I felt that I had a very good reason for being angry."You don't think ahead and work hard enough. I want to be a
multi-millionaire by the time that I am thirty." she said.I walked to the door and said "If you pull another fucking stunt like
this one, you won't live to be thirty." I slammed the door and left.I didn't go to my office but went home. I went straight to my bedroom
instead of checking in with Steph or with Val. My bedroom door was
partially open and I paused in the hallway because I saw Val's profile
and she was almost naked. I stood still and watched as she held one of
Steph's dresses in front of her and looked at herself in the mirror.She didn't know that I was home or standing there watching her. I
heard her say "Oh, Ralph honey, you wouldn't have left me if I had been
more dominating. You remember that time that you told me to be more
like my friend Stephanie, Ralph. You said that she had balls and knew
how to satisfy a man. Remember that Ralph. Well, I am trying to be
more like Stephanie and I will be. Except that I will be better. One
day soon, you will be very sorry that you left me. How do you like the
way that I look in Steph's clothes, Ralph?"She was standing there in front of the mirror admiring herself as she
held Steph's clothes in front of her. I had seen enough. I eased back
down the hallway and out to my car. I drove around the corner and used
my cellular phone to call the office number.After a couple of rings, Val answered "Positive Decorating, May I help
you?""Hi, Val. I took off early and am on my way home. Did you or Steph
need anything from the store?" I asked in a very innocent manner."No, she is no-no-not here now. She had a mee-mee-mee-meeting with her
new customer which was supposed to take all afternoon. Could you get
some cokes for the office fri-fri-fridge?" she replied."Sure. I will stop off and be home in about ten minutes. Bye." I
said.That should give her enough time to get dressed and to have everything
back to normal. So Val spends her time alone free underage anime in our home, trying on
Steph's clothes and trying to act like Steph. I hope that she doesn't
take up smoking.I picked up the cokes and pulled back into the driveway. This time, I
went into the office and found Val dressed and working on assembling
curtain hardware. As I put the cokes into the fridge, she looked up
and said "Thanks."I smiled and went back to my bedroom. There was no evidence that she
had been in there. I changed clothes and went out to my garage
workshop and resumed working on a wood-working project that I hadn't
touched in over three months. I was trying to do things that relaxed
me and to forget about the office.I was very engrossed in sanding a piece of wood and did not hear underage euro cp
enter my workshop until she said "How would you like to get cleaned up
and take me out to dinner?"It startled me and I looked up quickly as I responded "And what
happened to you today? You always have something that has to be done
at night and never have time to go out.""I do have things to do, and my new client suggested that we have
dinner together. She wants to meet you and is looking for new friends
in town. She just moved here and would like some company. So I
invited Val to come along also. I promise not to discuss too much
business tonight. How about dinner?" she said.I paused, thought for a second and smiled as I nodded yes. She smiled
back and went into the house. I closed up my workshop and went into
the house. Val was gone and Steph was in the shower. When she got
out, I took my shower and dressed. We didn't talk as we dressed and
when we were both ready, I drove us to a favourite restaurant that we
had not been to, in quite some time.We got there early and were sipping on our drinks while waiting for Val
and the new client to show up. Steph said "I just met my new client
today and I really like her. Her underage pussy dvd
name is Amanda Baker and she just
moved here from San Francisco. She is a very attractive young woman
with a very nice personality. She has never been married, is about our
age, and enjoys any user participant sport that involves exercise. She
jogs daily and participates in several ten-k runs. She is a licensed
hypno-therapist and is setting up a new clinic. She will specialize in
helping people develop will power to stick to diets and to quit
smoking. We spent the afternoon going over my designs and she is very
pleased with my choices. I like her and would like to invite her over
the house for dinner this week."I caught myself getting ready to hint that Steph should become a client
and try to give up smoking, when I remembered that we were trying to be
pleasing to each other. I replied "Sounds interesting. I would enjoy
meeting her and having her come over to dinner. Set it up whenever you
want her to come over. How did she get started on that career path?"Before I could answer, Val joined us. No one would ever accuse Val of
wearing suggestive clothes or preparing for the Miss America contest.
She was wearing a simple black dress that didn't show too much above
the ankle, high top, unadorned with any jewelry except for some small
ear-rings, and a faint touch of lipstick. Her hair had been re-combed
into the same tight pulled back fashion. If I didn't know her, I would
have guessed that she was Amish. I saw her coming and pulled out a
chair "Hi, Val, We are waiting on the new client. What would you like
to drink?""Hello John - Steph! I haven't been here in a long time. I don't go
out much any more. Just a to-to-tonic water for now. I like that
dress Steph." she said as she sat down."I just bought it. You can borrow it anytime you want to wear it. All
of my clothes fit you." Steph said.Before I realized that I was putting my foot in my mouth, I uttered
"Except for the bras."Steph glared at me for hinting that Val's boobs were bigger and that
she didn't have any boobs. Val tried to hide a smile and change the
subject "What is our new client like. Does she really have a doctorate
in ps-psychology?""I asked the same question. Yes and she specialized in hypnotic
therapy. She told me that when she was a kid, she had ran away from
home because she was having problems getting along with her family and
wound up in San Francisco. She was working at temporary jobs as
receptionist or secretary and went to a temporary placement with a
hypno-therapist. He was a much older man and she enjoyed working for
him. When her temporary time was up, he asked her to stay on. With
his assistance, she returned to school part time and soon became his
assistant. After she got her certification, he helped her set up her
own business. She didn't like the San Francisco climate and wanted to
move to a more pleasant climate. So she packed up and moved here. She
asked me to go jogging with her tomorrow morning and then we will spend
the rest of the day going over the design specifications and budget
considerations." she said."You sex underage asian are going jogging. You! The woman that has never exercised a day
in her life." I laughed."Yes. John, don't laugh at me but I have felt bad about my appearance
for some time. I am getting fat. I need to do something to lose this
weight and to stay in shape. I have to either start exercising or quit
eating completely because my body is starting to spread out. I don't
want to be a blimp. So when she asked me to join her, I leaped at the
chance. After we finish dinner, I am going to go buy some jogging
clothes and shoes." she said.At that moment, a young beautiful woman entered the room and glanced
around. Then she smiled and started walking toward our table. This
could not be Doctor Baker. I had built an image of a middle-aged woman
with gray hair that dressed like Val and looked like the sex therapist
on TV - Dr. Ruth. This woman was in her early thirties, very
attractive, long flowing blond hair, a very shapely body with plenty of
cleavage and boobs being displayed by the low cut dress. The dress had
a nice split that displayed an attractive set of legs under the dress.
She was a little taller than the average woman, but she was very
attractive."Amanda, did you have any problems finding the place?" said Steph as
she rose. I quickly rose also and saw from the corner of my eye that
Val was also surprised by the unexpected appearance of Doctor Baker."No, it was very easy. You give good directions." Then she looked at
me and smiled and said "Hi. I am Amanda. You must be John. I have
been looking forward to meeting you all day." and she turned to Val
"And you are Val. I like the designs that you have done so far. You
are a really talented artist. When we finished this project, I would
like to commission you to do some original art work for my house. I
feel very fortunate in finding a team such as you and Steph to work
upon my office project. But enough of work talk, I came out here to
meet you in a social environment."We sat down and the waiter approached the table. After we ordered a
new round of drinks, I asked "How do you like our little town. It must
seem quite after living in San Francisco."She laughed and replied "I couldn't wait to get away from there and to
get some place where I could live a normal life. I would have gone to
a much smaller town but it takes a certain size city to provide enough
people to support my occupation."Val quietly asked "I saw on your bu-business card that you specialize
in Hypno-therapy and GD. What is GD?""Hypno-therapy is my favourite vocation but helping people stop smoking
doesn't really pay the bills. I belong to the International Gender
Dysphoria Association and specialize in assisting people that have
Gender Dysphoria; which is providing clinical treatment for gender
dysphoric persons. In this city alone, there are 3,000 to 6,000 adults
that consider themselves to be valid candidates for sex re-assignment
surgery. Prior to having the surgery, the candidate must have
appropriate clinic analysis and follow a prescribed clinical review and
life-style study. You have one of the better centers in the Western
hemisphere that offers surgical sex reassignment to persons having a
multiplicity of behaviour diagnoses. So my main source of income is
based upon referrals from the surgeons, who want me to do the clinical
and therapy portion of their treatment. Possession of an academic
degree in a behavioural science does not necessarily attest to the
possession of sufficient training or competence to conduct
psychotherapy, psychological counselling, nor diagnosis of beautiful asian underagegirl gender
identity problems. It is required that persons recommending sex
reassignment surgery or hormone therapy should have documented training
and experience in the diagnosis of a broad range of psychological
conditions. License or certification as a psychological therapist or
counsellor does not necessarily attest to competence in sex therapy and
I am documented as one of the experts in this field. " she said.I laughed and said "Transsexuals. I find it hard to believe that there
are that many in this city. If anyone had asked me to guess, I would
have said possibly ten to twenty."She gave a big smile and said "They are everywhere. Some people try to
hide it and ignore it. Some people try to live between both worlds.
Some people try to cross over but their overall appearance gives them
away. Most people have the image of a Transsexuals as being a football
player wearing a dress and walking as if he's got a permanent hard-on
between his legs. About half of the Transsexuals are able to pass for
the other sex and a good percentage of those are almost undetectable.
For all that we know now by looking around this room, five to ten of
the people that we see, could have a strong desire to be the opposite
sex. And the odds are that at least one person in this room has either
investigated sexual re-assignment surgery or has dressed as the
opposite sex. There are a lot of men that want to be women underage latina porn and have
attempted that lifestyle. There are also a lot of women that want to
be men. My job is to determine who can really live as the other sex
and to help them obtain that goal if possible. If they cannot live as
their desired sex, then my job is to help them adjust to the life that
they do not want.""Sorry, but I had never considered it or thought about it. How did you
get started in this field?" I asked."I was young, naive and starving. I didn't know what I wanted to do
and was looking for anything. You don't know how close I came to
becoming a brick-layer. But I went to work temporary for someone that
is an expert in this field. I liked the work and stayed. He underage kids blowjob assisted
me with my education and expanded his practice when I graduated. The
field is relatively new and it is quite interesting work." she replied.Steph was lighting up another cigarette and I frowned as I glanced at
her "After you get your office started, I am going to strongly
encourage Steph to take your smoking cessation therapy."Before anyone could say anything, Steph blurted "Damn you. Get off my
back about smoking. I will quit when I want to quit. And not because
you want me to adapt to your perception of what you want your wife to
be and to do to you. Quit harping about my smoking."The table went quite. Val tried to change the subject by saying "I
haven't be-been here in a long time. Their ro-roast beef used to be
de-delicious. Have you had the opportunity to ex-explore the mall
yet?"Amanda picked up on what Val was attempting and said "I love roast
beef. And I need to go shopping. Would you like to go with me and
show me some of your favourite places?"Val felt a little agitated now that the attention was turned to her "I
do-don't shop much. I have no ta-taste when it comes to my own
cl-clothes. St-steph has perfect taste in cl-clothes and would be
better for you."Steph glared at me and said "Excuse me for losing my temper but John
knows how to expose my temper and he picks on my sore spots too
frequently." Then she tried a forced smile and changed her voice timbre
as she uttered "I would love to go shopping with you and Val. I have
been trying to get Val to update her wardrobe for some time and need
your help to get her to wear something besides the Mother Hubbard
clothes that she wears all the time."Val slowly bowed her head and Amanda picked up on it also. She glanced
at me quickly and said "Sounds like we are going to have fun together.
And what do you do for a living John?""I am part owner of a food distribution company. Everyone has to eat
and we try to find ways to get a share of that market. Ah, here comes
our waiter. Has everyone decided what they would like to eat?" I said,
glad that the waiter was ready to take our order.We finished the rest of dinner talking about other things that had
occurred to us lately. I brought everyone up-to-date on the latest
thing that LayWanda had done and how pissed I was at her. Steph talked
about how she was going to change her wallpaper contractor because she
didn't like the way that the contractor finished up the last job. Val
sat there like a bump on a log and didn't say much, even though we kept
trying to bring her into the discussion. After we finished eating, we
said our good-bys and I drove Steph back home, with both us being
quite. She hopped in her car to go shopping for jogging clothes.I was burnt out and went to bed early. I was sleeping soundly, when I
felt and smelt her slip into underage suck dick bed beside me. I was glad that she didn't
want sex tonight because I did not want to have sex with horny underage girl her.When I woke up the next morning, she was gone already. I dressed and
went to work. LayWanda came in about eleven and told me that I was
right. She had screwed up and almost lost us a big customer. She
didn't apologize but came as close to it as she could. Then she left
to go shopping. I was thankful because she couldn't do any damage
while she was out of the office and it was her own money that she was
spending.As I was getting ready to leave work, Val called "Hi, John. Steph
called and is wo-wo-working late with Amanda. She wants you to meet
her for dinner at 8 at DeLauren's Restaurant. I am going close up and
go home to feed Ca-Ca-Casper.""Ok. Thanks for letting me know. Do you know why she is still working
on the design specifications? Usually she has finished the design by
now and is working on lining up the contractors. Well, she will
probably tell me when she sees me. Seeing as how I have to time to
kill before my dinner date, how would you like to underage no nude
meet me at Harmon's
for an after work drink? I am buying." I asked."Thanks, but I ha-ha-haven't been to a ba-ba-bar in months except for
last night. I feel very insecure so-so-sometimes in a bar. So I don't
go out very often. Thanks for asking." she responded.I told her that I understood and would help her anyway that I could.
We hung up and I spent some more time at work before I left to meet
Steph at the restaurant.3. ChapterSteph showed up on time. Which was a first for her. And she was in a
very good mood. Which was also unusual for her."How was your jog this morning?" I asked."It was good. I really enjoyed it after I got started. I slowed
Amanda down but she was very patient and worked with me. She showed me
how to pace myself and how to breath. I felt so alive and tingly after
we finished. I experienced what they call a runner's high. I just
hope that I am not so sore that I can do it again tomorrow." she said."Good. Glad that you enjoyed it. How is the project coming?""Great. Amanda likes what I have designed and I started calling some
contractors today to lock in scheduling and prices. The first
contractor starts in two days and we should be finished in less than
two weeks. This office is going to look fantastic. Amanda is spending
some money to do it correctly and she really likes my design. I like
her also. We spent a lot of time today just talking and becoming
friends. After this job is over, I want to see her socially
frequently. I know that you like her. Just don't drool everytime that
you see her. She also got her first two clients today. Me. And I
made Val sign up also to help her build up her self-confidence. I
signed up for underage erotic modeling the smoking cure and have not felt a need for a cigarette
yet. She says that my need to smoke is very deep and that it will take
several sessions to get the deep physical and psychological needs under
control. What do you think of that?" she said."Great. If she can get you to quit smoking, then she will become my
best friend." I responded as I toasted Steph with my drink."It was so easy. She had me sit back in a comfortable chair and
concentrate on a spot on the wall as she talked to me. I don't
remember falling asleep and just remember that I felt so relaxed. When
she told me to wake up, I didn't feel as if I was asleep and told her
so. She laughed and said that I was an easy subject but that I was
very stubborn and would be difficult to convince to quit smoking. Can
you believe that I haven't had a smoke in over six hours?" she asked
smiling."Yes. I can. And thank you for trying. You don't know how much I
want you to quit. Keep up the sessions as long as you need to and I
will pay for them." I said."They are free. I am trading some extra services for the sessions.
After tomorrow morning's jog session, Valerie will join us and we will
start the decorating modifications." she said.We spent the rest of the meal talking about different things and
enjoying each other's company. She seemed so alive and vibrant. More
like the old Steph that I had fell in love with. Certainly not like
the current bitch that I have been living with for the last several
years.4. underage porn russian ChapterI got mad at LayWanda the next morning. I arrived at work as the dock
men were unloading a truck that I was not expecting. After looking at
the invoices, I discovered that LayWanda had bought a truck load of
stuff that I had not been aware of. We buy a lot of truckloads but
this particular merchandise is not a fast volume turnover item and I
would never buy this much at one time. I stormed into her office and
demanded to know what was going on. She explained that the vendor
offered a good reduction on truckload volumes and I tried to explain
that it would take three years to get rid of that much stock. I left
her office mad at her stupidity and she was also mad at me for being so
old-fashioned.The rest of the day was no better. I found out that she had called on
one of our customers and agreed to set up and maintain a display area
on consignment. Not only were we going to stock the area, lesbians underage sex but we would
not get paid until it sold. How can we make money when we operate a
business in this fashion?When I got home, I wanted to kick the door in. I was still mad. As I
fixed myself a drink, Val came into the kitchen "Hi, John. I heard you
come in and it so-so-sounds as if you had a bad day. Steph went to the
store and we are finished for the day. Can I join you in a drink?""Sure, Val. My day was miserable. I wanted to kill LayWanda. I
wished I had enough money so I could buy her out. But I don't want to
talk about her. How was your day?" I said as I fixed her a gin and
tonic."I had a session with Amanda today. She is very attractive and I feel
so ugly when I am around attractive women. I to-told her that I would
probably fall in love with her if I was a man. She laughed and said
she could arrange for that to occur. That is, for me to become a
ma-ma-man. She is very beautiful, friendly and nice. She as-asked me
to come over and jog with her so-so-sometime. She is going to have a
very nice of-of-office when we fin-fin-fin-finish the remodelling and
decorating." she said as she took a sip of her drink."I can't wait to see what happens with Steph. Did Steph tell you that
Amanda is trying to help her quit smoking?" I said."Yes. I saw how she didn't ne-need to smoke yesterday and how little
she smoked today. When I came back with the wallpaper for the outer
office, they were just finishing up their session. Then Steph went to
the furniture store while I re-measured the windows. Amanda and I ate
lunch together. She gave me some tips to help me quit st-stuttering.
But as you can hear, I still have my problem." she said."Val, you know that I love you as a friend and feel that you are the
sister that I never had. I will do anything to help you and you know
that. I think that you need to find you a good man and you will quit
stuttering. You need someone to hold you close, to tell you how much
he loves you, and to screw your brains out on a very frequent basis.
If I wasn't married to Steph, I would camp out on your doorstep and
show you all the tricks that I can do with my tongue. That is tricks I
used underage cartoon fuck
to be able to do. Steph won't let me practice most of them. But
you need something more in life, underage kiddy pedo
than going home to those damn cats." I
said."Thanks, John. I know that you are ri-ri-right, but I can't bring
myself to get involved with an-an-anyone again and risk getting hurt
again. Ralph knew how to hurt me and make me feel bad. Everytime I
meet someone, I get so te-te-tense inside and ne-ne-nervous. I screw
it up by running away and not letting them get cl-cl-cl-cl-close to me.
I get nervous just thinking about meeting someone new." she said. "I
talked to Amanda a little today and sh-sh-she asked some very
pe-pe-personal questions. I told her about Ralph and what he did to
me. She also asked me about my parents and I to-to-told her what my
uncle did to me when I was seven years old. She has ways to get you to
talk about th-th-things that you don't want to talk about." she said.Before I could say anything else, Steph came in carrying a bag of
groceries "Hi, gang. I am back. There was such a crowd at the store.
I got some steaks and was thinking about having a barbecue tonight.
How about hanging around and joining us Val?""Thanks, but I need to go home and take care of Ca-ca-Casper. Maybe
next time." she said as she finished her drink and picked up her purse."Are you sure? I bought enough food for several people and we would
love to have you join us." said Steph as she put her arm around Val's
waist.Val shook her head no and I watched as Steph walked her to her car.
They look so much alike that they could pass for sisters. I have seen
some of Steph's old pictures when her hair was her normal colour, which
was the same shade of brown that Val's is. Steph told me that she
changed her hair colour in college because some people had difficulties
telling them apart, except for the boobs and stuttering.5. ChapterLayWanda didn't screw up the rest of the week. I woke up every kiddy underage nude
to find Steph gone. She got up early every morning and went jogging
with Amanda. And Val was going with them. Amanda has sure made a
difference in our lives.I had to leave town for several days on a buying trip. I was afraid to
leave the office leaving LayWanda in charge. But she promised me that
she would not do anything without consulting me first.I took my suitcase to work with me because I was going to leave
straight from work. I was a little surprised when I got a phone call
about ten am and it was Amanda."Hi, Amanda. Are those two patients giving you hell?" Then before she
could respond, I joked "And they both have strong sexual problems.
Especially Steph. Val won't give me the opportunity to explore her
sexual problems.""You are right John. And that is why I called you. I need to talk
with you and get your consent on something. Can you break away and
join me for lunch?"I said yes, suggested meeting somewhere, and said bye as I continued
working. At the appointed time, I drove to the restaurant she was
waiting for me. She had a nice tight skirt preeteen underage girls
on and a blouse that
emphasized her blond hair and tan. She smiled when she saw me "Thanks
for coming John. I took the liberty of ordering for us and the waiter
is supposed to bring you a scotch and water. I know you don't have
much time today so let me get right to the point."I pulled up my chair and nodded. She continued "I have spent some time
with Steph and Val in my professional capacity. They both have strong
problems. And so do you. Your marriage is over. It is a marriage on
the books only. Steph no longer feels anything for you and it is only
a matter of time before she gets mad enough to leave you. Are you
aware of this?"I waited until the waiter sat my drink on the table and left. Then I
said "You are right. We both know it is over but we keep lying to
ourselves and trying to maintain the farce. I don't want to become
single and get back into the dating game because I like being married,
but we can't go on as we are now.""I agree. Steph allowed me to hypnotize her so that I underage lotita could quickly
get to the root of her feelings and try to understand her problems. A
divorce won't help her major problems. And she won't get married again
because she is afraid of sex. She gets more sexual gratification from
observing sex than participating in it. Only when she watches, can she
feel any sexual energy. In college, she used to hide and watch Val and
Ralph on a frequent basis. Were you aware of that?" she asked
cautiously.I took a slow sip and said "No, but what you are saying makes sense.
She frequently pushes Val and myself together and makes encouraging
remarks. Looking back, I think that she was trying to get me to have
an affair with Val.""You are right. She knows that Val is crazy about you and hides it
from you. If you were to take Val in your arms, she would do anything
that you wanted. And Steph would be somewhere watching. She feels a
little frustrated because you won't screw Val. She quit having sex
with you hoping that you would get horny and ravish Val. She really
had the den turned into a office so that Val would be at your house
more frequently. And she had the spare bedroom decorated so that Val
could stay at the house and Steph could sleep in the spare bedroom
while you and Val are getting it on. She smokes because she is very
sexually frustrated and disappointed in the direction that your
marriage is going.""Amanda, I would move Val into my bedroom in a moment but I don't know
if Val could accept living in the same house with Steph. And from what
I understand of what you just told me, Steph men fucking underage would not be happy unless
she was watching Val and me." I said as I leaned over the cp underage shocking
table."Correct. I have made an in-depth analysis of both women and they have
a inter-twined set of problems. They are each other's problem and also
appear to be each other's cure. If Val moved in with you, it would
solve only some of their problems and only for a temporary time. I
think that their problems would get worse and each of you would go your
separate way in less than six months. We need to treat the florida underage tattoos problem,
not the symptoms. And I need your consent to proceed with my treatment
plan. But before I go into the details, I want you to know that the
therapy that I am getting ready to recommend, is not an approved
recommendation of any of the organisations that I belong to. It is
part experiment, part treatment, part luck if fucked underage girl it works.""I will do anything. What do you want to do?" I asked, ignoring the
food that the waiter just placed in front of us."Steph has been thinking about seeking professional help for over two
years and kept putting it off. Then she met me and she blabbed
everything about how her love life has changed over the years and how
she wished that it could be as nice as when she first got married. I
told her that she could put the thrill back into sex if she wanted to
and she was unsure that she could do it. She wants you to be the one
to put it back for her. She has a strong personal interest to make sex
more interesting for her right now. You must help that interest and do
your part to maintain that interest. She must maintain a strong
personal interest in you and having sex with you in a manner that
satisfies her and satisfies you. If she can't maintain a strong desire
to have sex with you, you will probably be replaced by a dildo or by
someone else. Do you want to restore your early marriage sex life?"
she asked as she crossed her leg. My eyes were temporary diverted to
following the smooth contours of her sleek and smooth legs."Yes and no. I enjoy having sex with her but it is always the same. I
would like a little change in our activities once in awhile." I
readjusted my pants because I was getting a hard on while discussing
sex with this attractive woman."You want her to give you a blow job once in awhile and to let you eat
her out, don't you. But she won't let you. This is just one of her
several problems. Are you aware that she is jealous of Val's life
style underage free thumbs
and would love to be Val?" she said as she leaned forward to
emphasize her point. My eyes were drawn to her shapely boobs as her
blouse parted to allow a little better observation."No. I find that hard to believe. Val is her best friend. She knows
all about Val's problems and there is no reason that she would want to
be Val or to have a similar life style." I replied quickly."Steph is afraid of sex. She enjoys it but cannot bring herself to do
things that you have expressed desires for. While she was in college,
she hid and watched Val make love to Ralph. She became jealous of
Val's boobs and her no-holds barred approach to sex. She watched Val
suck cock and rub cum all over her body. She masturbated herself while
watching them make love. Later she tried to learn to do the same thing
to you, but couldn't bring herself to enjoy it. She used to make love
to you and fantasize that she was Val and that she was sucking your
cock. But she could never cross that underage nudist girl line. Then she started
fantasizing that her boobs were larger and looked like Val's boobs.
When Val separated from her husband, Steph was secretly happy because
she wanted Val to find other boy friends and to watch Val fuck those
new boy friends. She encouraged Val to seek out men and to bring them
over to your house, where she planned to hide and observe. She would
lie in bed, with you sleeping beside her, and imagine that she was Val
and free to date anyone that she pleased. She knows that Val can be
beautiful if she would change her hair style and clothes, nude underage bbs
so Steph
would image how she would metamorp herself if she was Val. It became a
common fantasy for her. Are you aware of that?" she asked, knowing
that I was not aware of any of it.I took a stiff swallow of my drink and looked at the almost empty glass
as I responded "No. But what you are saying makes sense. I do not
find it difficult to believe.""There is more. Steph is jealous of your success. That is why she
started her own company and works so hard. She wants to prove to you
that she can succeed in business. She thinks that you are where you
are because of luck and that if she had the same opportunity, she would
be more successful than you are now. She thinks that you are a wimp
when it comes to LayWanda and how she runs over you. She thinks that
she would understand LayWanda and deal with her better than you have.
Steph is also ashamed underage cheerleader porn
of how she looks. She is very self-conscious of
her lack of boobs. She also wants to have children but is afraid to.
That is why she has maloletak underage nude
been secretly taking birth control pills so that
she would not get pregnant. And she wants you to have an affair with
Val so that she can watch you and her."I ordered another drink and asked "Why are you telling me all of this?
I can't look at Steph now or talk to her without thinking about what
she says or why she is saying or doing what she is doing. What can I
do?""I am trained to help people. One very accepted method of treatment is
role playing where the person takes on the role that they have been
fantasizing about and they see that it is not as they imagined it would
be. As I thought about how to help your wife, Val came to me and also
requested help. Did you know that Val is jealous of your wife and
wants to be Steph? That she masturbates herself to sleep some nights
pretending that the dildo is your cock? That she slips into your
bedroom when she is working at your house alone and smells your
underwear? That she guys underage sex tries on Stephanie's clothes and makes herself up
to look like Stephanie? That she has masturbated herself on your bed?
She went to work with Stephanie because she wanted to be as close as
possible to Steph and to you. You are aware that Val's uncle raped her
when she was seven and that her parents didn't believe her for almost
an year. She developed the stuttering problem and low self esteem by
the time that she was eight. She met Steph in college and secretly
desired to be her. They look somewhat physically alike, except for the
boobs. Both have the same natural hair colour and length although Val
keeps her hair tied up in that matronly bun; and Steph colours her
styled hair. So it was easy for Val to observe Steph and to adopt her
personality when she was home. She would comb and brush her hair into
Steph's hairstyle and put on make up and one of Steph's old party
dresses. Dressed as Steph, she would go into bars and pick up men,
introducing herself as Steph. When she was pretending that she was
Steph, she would never stutter.""I am stunned. I have known both of these women for over seven years
and did not suspect any of this." I asked."They both have a strong interest in being the other and living the
other's life style. I think that they need the opportunity to see how
the other person really lives and to experience their dream lifestyle.
Then they should make a decision if they want to continue living like
that. I propose to you that we let them live their dreams. But they
would not do it willingly or they would already have done it. So they
will need a little hypnotic help. Both are quite willing subjects and
can be convinced easily that they are each other. It would require
your utmost cooperation. I suggest that we hypnotize them into
thinking that they are each other for two months. Then at the end of
the two months, I will restore their true identities to them and let
them live their role for another two months. At the end of four
months, they should know who they want to be and what it looks like on
the other side of the fence. Can underage russian freesex I have another drink, please?" she
said as the waiter passed our table.Doctor Baker, not Amanda, because she is clearly providing clinical
insight, wanted me to participate in a scheme to turn my wife into
another woman and to turn the other woman into my wife. What would be
the eventual result? Would Val be my wife or Steph? And what would I
do when Steph's mother came to visit and found Val thinking that she
was Steph."What can go wrong with this plan?" was my only question."You will probably wind up with two wives that act and think alike.
Steph does not want to leave you, but wants to watch you with someone
else. She thinks that the only way that real underage virgin
she can see this occur, is to
leave you. She picked Val because she knows that you and Val like each
other; and she knows that Val has a crush on you. Val needs a man that
treats her like a woman and not like an object. She will come out of
her shell and develop a normal relationship. The worst thing that
could happen, is that each woman decides to live virgin underage freepics
the other woman's
life. By us assisting them, we can control black underage model
the situation and make sure
that nothing drastic occurs. I would like to start my hypnotic
sessions now and to start the role-playing when you return from your
trip. By the way, both Steph and Val signed consent forms allowing me
to discuss their case with anyone that I deem necessary to assist with
their treatment. If you are wondering if this is legal, it is. I
explained that I would probably use a combination of hypnosis and
clinical therapy. While this is shaky on Christian principles because
of potential further damage, it is quite legal to proceed on this
concept. The basis is that all scientific testing is based upon a
double blind test concept. A group of subjects might be dying from
something and half of the group will be selected to take placebos, with
the doctors knowing that what they are doing, could result in the
patients death; even though the patient might have a slight chance if
the real medicine was taken. Thus it is legally possible to take this
approach. Especially since I discussed the potential of doing
something this radical with them and obtained their signatures." she
said.I didn't know what to say or do. I have never heard of a situation
like this and had never anticipated anything like this. What Amanda
was saying, sounded very realistic now that I stepped back and thought
about other things that supported the concepts that she was proposing.
I nodded my head slowly with an affirmative nod.Then I said "How do I know that you can hypnotize them into being each
other?"She smiled and said "Most people that have not experimented with
hypnotism are not aware of it's potential. There are two basic
concepts. Suggestion and trances. Let me give you a suggestion and if
it doesn't work, then you can cancel the role-playing before it starts.
I will give you a suggestion while we are sitting here in the middle of
the restaurant, in plain view of all the patrons. I won't put you to
sleep, but will just make a mild suggestion that you will find it
difficult to not comply with. If you don't comply with my suggestion,
then you can cancel the implementation of the role-playing anytime
before we start it. Or after we start it. You will be the one in
charge of what happens."I looked around, saw that there were several people in the restaurant,
even though no one was paying any attention to us. I decided to call
her bluff."Go ahead and give my suggestion. I accept your conditions and
proposal." I said very assure of myself and knowing that I would not be
affected by anything that she could try in this crowd."Before I give you the suggestion, let me make sure that you are aware
of what may occur. Think about the concept that I can create a
Beethoven but cannot create the legend. Thus, I can tell them that
they are someone and they will think that they are that person. But
would they re-act as the original person would in the same situation?
Not necessary. They would duplicate the action if they knew what the
action was. But in this case, they just think that they are the person
and will do whatever they feel like doing. Think about artists that
re-view their earlier work and how they usually make changes to it
because they have another perspective at that time. So I can tell them
to have each other memories and to think that they are each other, but
what they do, is an independent action based upon their perspective at
that moment. Using Beethoven again, I could convince you that you are
him, but you would have none of his musical talent and thought process.
With today's perspectives, you might think that Beethoven would be
doing rap music. So they will be acting on their own violation, making
an education guess as to what the real person would do. Ok?" she said.She smiled and said "I want your eyes to follow my explicit directions
and your ears to only hear my voice. Look at my lips as I talk. See
how full and lush they are. How wet and moist. Watch as I slowly run
my tongue over my lip and how my lips glisten with the moisture. Now I
want your eyes to slowly move around to my ear. Think about how easy
my ear-ring will slide off and how delicious my ear will taste. Move
your eyes down to my neck and find a spot that you would like to suck
on. See if you can see the moisture on my neck that your tongue would
leave. That's good. Now, I am going to lean forward slightly and I
want your eyes to look deep into my cleavage. Let your eyes explore
the dark area between my breasts and let your imagination transport you
between my breasts down to the bottom of my bra. Pretend that your
mouth is my bra and it is encircling my boob. It is your tongue that I
am feeling around my nipple as you explore my breasts with your mouth.
While your tongue is ticking my breast, your hand is exploring the
silky smoothness of my thigh and my hose. Now I want you to let go of
my breast and come back to your chair so that you are facing me again
and let your eyes seek my mouth again. My waiting mouth. My mouth is
waiting to taste your cock. But before we can do that, you must look
into my eyes. That's it. Look deep within my eyes and see my desire
for you. Now I have not hypnotized you but have just prepared you for
your suggestion. Your suggestion is that you will maintain a constant
hard-on when you are on your trip in your hotel room. As soon as you
enter your room, you will get a hard-on and you can not go to sleep at
night until you masturbate yourself twice. You will remember this
suggestion and will comply with it. Now talk to me." she said.I shook my head and quickly looked around. No one was paying any
attention to us. I smiled and said "I like your technique. I would
like to see what you use to induce a full blown hypnotic trance. I
will remember your suggestion and will let you know what my decision
is, regardless of whether or not your suggestion works."She smiled and said "Good, now let's eat. I know that you have to get
back to work."6. ChapterI called in several times while I was on travel and everything appeared
to be going ok with Steph. It wasn't going ok for me. I had
difficulty walking around my motel room because everything that I saw
aroused me. The newscaster on TV. The woman on the magazine cover. I
went through a magazine and counted the number of women that I wanted
to fuck. I have never jacked off before over a picture in the National
Inquirer. Playboy, yes. Newsweek, no. I quickly discovered that I
could get a decent night's sleep after the second masturbation.If she could do this way underage girls
to me in less than two minutes, with me awake and
in a crowed restaurant, she could work miracles in a clinic
environment. Maybe Amanda can pull it off. Anyhow, I have to hurry up
and get back home. My right hand is being to cramp a lot.I called home and talked with Steph. Told her that I would be coming
home Thursday evening and was going to take the next day off. She
suggested having a cookout and inviting Amanda and Val over. I told
her it was ok with me.I flew home on Thursday and drove straight home. I entered the house
and found Amanda sitting on my living room couch. She had on some form
fitting shorts and a pull-over sweater."Hi, John. Steph is working with Val and told me to make myself at
home. How was your trip?" she said as I entered the living room. Her
boobs were barely contained within the low cut sweater.I looked at my right hand and said "I found out some things about
myself that I didn't know. I was worse than a sixteen year old boy
going to camp for the first time." I said as I put my bags down and sat
down across from her."Good. I have been preparing them and am ready to start the actual
process. I would like to start with Steph. They are working in the
office and will not leave the office or know that you are here until I
suggest by name that they join us. Let me get Steph." she said as she
got up and went towards the office.She returned in a moment with Steph and Steph was surprised to see me
sitting there. She had not heard me come in or my discussion with
Amanda. "Hi, honey. How was underage free your trip? Can you fucking underage video fix me a drink?"As I got up to fix her a drink, Steph sat down and Amanda sat down
across from her. Amanda started talking to Steph "You remember when
you asked me to help underage legal photo you quit smoking and I showed you how to find the
inner calm within yourself whenever I said the words BullDog. I want
you to relax and to seek that inner calm. Let your body relax and
slowly seek that inner peace and solitude. As your body relaxes, your
eyes shall shut and your breathing becomes easier. You are very
relaxed now. Your hands are very heavy and you cannot stay awake. You
are going into a deep deep sleep where you can only hear my voice when
I talk to you. I free underage video
have explained to you the different levels of sleep
and you know how to relax and achieve the different levels. I want you
to drift through the different levels until you reach level five. You
will tell me when you reach level five. Until then, you will relax and
sleep."Then Amanda looked at me. "She is self-hypnotizing herself now. When
she reaches a level where she is the most susceptible for suggestions,
then I will start giving her hypnotic suggestions.""It's that easy to hypnotize someone." I asked quietly."Yes, I hypnotize her daily and give her supporting suggestions to
teach her to hypnotize herself. I used the code word BullDog to start
her session. What I will do, is give her the suggestions and then
instruct her to self-hypnotize herself twice a day to re-enforce the
suggestions. Because she is hypnotizing herself and maintaining her
own hypnotic trance, she will be more susceptible to the commands that
I am going to give her. It looks like she is about ready.""Master, I am at Level 5 now. " said Steph in a calm voice."Very good. Now listen closely to me. I will give you some
instructions between two occurrences of your code word. You must
memorize everything that I say after I say your code word and that is
before the next repeat of your code word. You will get up at 6 am
every morning and go look into a bathroom mirror. You will stare deep
into your reflected eyes and silently repeat everything that you have
memorized. Then you will return to bed and fall back asleep. When the
clock wakes you up, you will remember and obey the instructions that
you gave yourself. Do you understand?" she asked."Yes, Master. I understand and will obey." said Stephanie.Amanda looked at me and I nodded. Then she smiled and said "BullDog.
My identity of Stephanie Brooks is going to be stored away. I have
built a partition in my memory to close off memories of being Stephanie
Brooks. I cannot remember being Stephanie Brooks. I can only remember
being born Valerie Johnson and growing up Valerie Johnson. I remember
my uncle raping me. I remember my parents thinking I was lying about
my uncle raping me. I remember that I started stuttering and could not
quit it. I remember meeting my ex-husband Ralph Sampson and marrying
him. I remember how un-inhibited my sex life was with Ralph. I
remember how I enjoyed sucking on his cock and swallowing his delicious
cum. I remember how hurt I was when he left me. I remember how my
good friend Stephanie helped me. I remember how I wanted to be more
like Stephanie but couldn't be. I remember how I pretend in my own bed
that I am Stephanie and am making

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