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2010 21:50:55 +0400
From: m Jay
Subject: My Favourite Cousin Part:1Disclaimer: This is a work of free underage gallery fiction that contains underage naked girlpic explicit sexual acts
between adult underage bikinni cousins. Please don't read if your under 18, if you are not
allowed to in your area or simply you are provoked by this kind of content.Author's note: This story is a property of the author. It can be downloaded
for personal reading or sending to a friend, but if you want to post them
at a personal site please underage hotie feel free to ask the author first.Please send me your reviews.Copyright 2010 M. J. Wilson. All rights reserved.You may contact me at my e-mail: . -------- My Favorite Cousin --------
By M.J. WilsonI have always fantasized underage child fucking about being russian underage movie
fucked by him. He is my cousin. Like
me he was slightly tanned, but unlike me he was buffed up, a thick beard
covered his handsome underage thongs pics
face, and a marines haircut that always dragged my
attention. Yup, I wanted to lick him from head to toe , though I sometimes
felt guilty about these fantasies, because underage good pussy he underage girls toplsit
was my cousin first and
because he was straight second. My dad was building a new house for the
family so I saw him a lot as he was a skillful handyman. It was a point of
envy for us that our father always called him to help with anything the new
house needed, because he worked as a house painter, while we were just
"college boys".Imagine how torturing for a single gay lad to watch some hunky stud all the
time in front of him without being able to touch, but that's my destiny underage modle
thought, since have I made any move to get me close to my beloved underage blond girls
mass video angel underage of muscles, I would've been slaughtered by underage female my father! . Every time he
spoke while we were sitting around for a meal I looked at him and imagined
the same voice whispering in my ear while hugging me from behind... Two
years passed, and my family emigrated once more to the country we grew up
in, Leaving me here to continue my college underage teensex video studies because I got admitted
in a school in the same city of young nude underage my father's. My older brother had already
graduated so he went with my parents to work. underage naked schoolgirls My sister is now married. My
younger brother is still in school. So I was left alone in this
country. Well don't think that just because you're all by your self in
there you can do whatever you want or have parties or something because
this is a conservative country and my relatives links underage kept all voyeur teens underage eyes on every
movement I made.Once I was sitting alone in the house watching TV when the doorbell rang. I
opened the door and you guessed it, it was my cousin. As soon as I saw him
my cock started to get hard. So I underage driving said "Come in.". He told me that he'd
came to get his level back. Well I didn't know exactly what that was but I
said "ok tell me where nude underage pics
it is and I'll find it for you". "I'd better search
for it by myself underage sex galleries in uncle's tool room." I agreed and headed to the kitchen
to get a couple of sodas to win the sight of my young straight bear for a
longer period of time.He shouted " I found it!"then as I brought my soda and he immediately thanked me and said it underage pictures sex was
just in time as he was thirsty. We sat to the coffee table and started
chatting while having our sodas. I intentionally sat next to him so that I
enjoyed the touch of his hand underage teenagers pussy
while staring at the bearded beautiful face
of his, because he had a habit of putting his hand on someone's knee while
talking to underage shaved pics
them. I sometimes brought my face near to porno underage illigal his great face
pretending that I want to hear better but the real intention was to smell
more of his fresh and at the same time manly deodorant scent. sluty underage models He would drag
his face away from me so I was sure that he wouldn't want to fuck teen porn underage me in the
near future . I was to a point underage boys gallery satisfied by just looking at him and
watching him scratch his hunky beard or put his muscular hand on my
knee. Then I asked him a question that I always wanted to ask." So how did you get these muscles ?" I asked." Obviously I haven't told you that I served in the army for two
years.". He said.
was shocked in underage pictures tgp
wonder " No shit!"."in the special units force" he responded.Then I started to drool, because I loved army men and my first porn pics in
my teenage years were mostly about that. my cock was as hard as a rock underage gay videos in
my shorts by then. underage vagina pics Until fate played its role!. I spilled soda on him."I'm sorry "I said while I looked at him." No problem, but I just need to go to the shop underage porn japan in a few and I can't meet
clients with this shirt."He said ." It's ok I'll get you some clean shirt.". underage chikan
So underage underware I hurried to my room, in joy I suppose, and opened my closet. I
wondered which shirt might fit him. Not many because he was muscular and I
was regular, but not thin." Hurry up ,please. I gotta go" he shouted.I came back to the living room where we sat and said something that I was
eager to say to him "get naked".He smiled and took off his shirt. My jaw dropped because the underaged upskirt view was more
majestic than I ever imagined!. A pair of moderately hairy muscular pecs
with two perfectly rounded black nipples. And a well defined 6 pack also
moderately hairy with a line of thick underage comix
hair extending down from the sexy
belly button. He noticed that I was staring so he grabbed the shirt from my
hands and put it on. Then he said that he'd return the shirt some other
time , said goodbye and went out. You could imagine fuck underage girls that I spent underage young xxx days and
nights dreaming about my hunky cousin. It was underage incest passwords really underaged sex asian hard for me because I
thought I had started to fall in love with him.A week passed, and the only thing on my mind was when he will return my
shirt to me, just to see him again. It top underage tgp was rude for me to call him at the
time in our country's customs. While my thoughts underage sex sandinavia were flying around him at
11 pm, the door rang. I was kind of surprised because it was raining
outside and who would come at this late hour. I opened the door. It was
him. I looked at him, he was wet nude girls underaged and I immediately said come schoolgirl underage free in and grabbed
his big hand .he didn't much hesitate. I welcomed him and grabbed his wet
coat and put it on the hanger.He handed me a plastic underage gallery sex bag and said "thanks for the shirt, I would've
brought it earlier but sorry I was busy.""Don't mind" I replied while headed to the underage porn vids
kitchen to make us some tea.We drank tea underage illegal toplist
and chatted around the fireplace for I don't know how many
hours. This time I wanted to make a move. I leaned towards him slowly with
my head which rested on the tip of his broad shoulder. He quickly withdrew
himself and said he wanted to go." You can't go underage teen nudism
now, it's late and raining outside. Why don't you sleep here
tonight?" I asked.
hesitantly agreed. I was very happy to hear that and a huge smile appeared
on my face as I said " Ok I'll go set your bed for you before I'll go have
a shower, You'll find a pajama set in the closet. Suit yourself at home."I wasn't getting my hopes up because I knew he was straight asian xxx underage plus as you
noticed he didn't show that much interest in knocking me out. underage male So I
undressed my self dirty underaged porn
in the bathroom and turned the jets on. As I was
scrubbing my underage cp sex self I heard him coming. He opened the bathroom door and asked
" Would you mind if I join you?"I was almost shocked of this question and my cock was as hard as a rock by
then."I feel underage schoolgirls nude kind of dirty now and maybe a little shower with my favorite underage ukraine nude cousin
wouldn't do me bad." he said.So I said "Of course, hop in ".I wasn't exactly sure where that was going yet, because maybe he just
wanted to really get a shower nothing more. So he undressed to reveal his
hairy body. But it was his cock that got me out of my mind. A huge piece of
meat hairy enough to make anyone happy. He even had lolta underage thick hairs just down
his gigantic cock head. He had a child underage pussy set of balls that only a bull would carry
around. His crotch wasn't shaven completely but fairly. His thighs where as
muscular and hairy as the rest of body. The most hairy part was his
ankles. The top of his foot was hairy as well. He entered the shower and
noticed my hard on. "Nice cock you have." he said with a smile."It runs in the family you know" he said while grabbing underage asian xxx
his underage girl defloration semi hard piece
of hot dog." But my cock is smaller."I illegal underage schoolgirls said." Don't worry it'll get bigger just stop playing with it" he said then
laughed calfifornia underage marriage
so I gave his abs a tender push teasingly.I turned the water on and handed him a soap. I couldn't take it anymore so
I said" would you russian models underaged like if I scrub your muscles for you?".He looked at me a deep look and said" Sure, man".I started by scrubbing his head using my illegal pretenn underage both hands. The sexiest thing was
his manly beard and mustache. He looked at me and smiled as I moved down to
his neck. Then I scrubbed one of the sexiest areas of his body :the pecs. I
felt his strong hands gradually grabbing my waste. At this point I realized
that I'm not the only one filled with lust there. I moved down nn underage gallery to his hairy
abs. I enjoyed moving my hands through his body hairs. The foam slid down
slowly to his crotch, as if it was enjoying the feel of my cousin's family
sized-balls. He leaned towards me putting his forehead on mine. I felt like
in heaven. I wasn't sure what he felt at the point since his dick was
semi-hard, which made me hesitate about grabbing the source of his manly
power. He ordered me to clean his back for him so I told him to turn around
though I didn't get enough from scrubbing his powerful torso. I scrubbed
his back and massaged his shoulder muscles. Then I moved to the butt which
was the most muscular butt I'd ever seen, until he said "Stop now.".I discovered that my cousin was kind of sensitive about his ass like most
of straight guys are. He turned around. I was trilled when he violently
grabbed my head and started kissing me! . Yes, he put his tongue in my
mouth after underage incest girl locking our both porno underage pics lips together. The feel of his beard against
my face was indescribable. But suddenly he put his hand on my chest to push
me away and said" I underage girls neud can't do this!"." Do what?" I asked." underage girls naked
I can't betray the trust your father had given me before taking off. "He
answered while naked and dripping soap."" well my father doesn't have to know, does he?" I said." plus I gotta nude underaged teen
tell you am in hardcore underage schoolgirls love with you, so hop back in and continue
fucking me with your tongue!" I said trying to convince him.He stood there quietly for a minute. " Ok, just rinse the soap of your
body." I added.He entered the shower underage girl tpg again and bear hugged me. I rinsed soap off him and
we got out of shower. I dried his body and mine with my towel ,wrapped it
around our both snuggling bodies and went to my room. It was time for bed
so I told him where his bed underage pedo videos was. We were both underage repon naked, I guess after what we
did in the shower clothing became useless." there's no need for us to sleep in separate beds baby, I wanna sleep underage rape photo
you in your bed. "he said.I immediately smiled and grabbed his strong hand and underage panty portal guided us to the
bed. I waited naked teen underage for him to lay down first then underage 14 I put my head on his chest
hair, kissed his nipples and exchanged loving looks with him. I moved my
head slightly and said" I love you".He smiled and said " I knew that all along by your looks. But now I can
tell you that I love you too underage oral bbs
baby."I loved how he called me "baby" because that was just how I felt resting my
head on his broad underage picture rating
hairy muscles. Then He suddenly grabbed my hairless underage girls head and got
it close to his dick." Lick my balls first then suck my cock next." he ordered me.I looked at him innocently because I'd never done that before to any one."Come on do it" he said while smiling at me and grabbing the back of my
head. Then he shoved my face towards his cock.I took out my tongue and did what he ordered me. I bbs image underage wasn't pic underage boy really satisfied
with just licking his hairy balls so underage pics forum I soon enough opened my mouth and
locked my lips around his big cock head. I felt my lips get stuck in this
place that separated the body of his cock from his huge cock head. That was
the best moment underage lesbians fun of my life!. He moaned my name in joy while his cock
advanced more and more down my mouth reaching my throat. He put his both
legs on my back. He pulled my head back then pushed nude toplist underage it forth as if he underage girl schoolgirl was
fucking my mouth. underages pussy My face was bumping into his manly hair each time I
swallowed his cock."Good boy" he kept saying, until I could feel his cock beating sluty underage girls
so I knew it
was time for him euro underage porn
to feed me. I was already movie underage shooting cum by the time he was
doing the same in my mouth. It felt really warm for me to swallow his
cum. His cum was almost endless so I got a full mouth of it, but I liked
the warmness it gave me so I swallowed it all.He stopped and we both felt a sort of malaise afterwards so I slightly
moved away from him."Thanks for cumming underage chick in me. It felt like heaven." I told him.He responded by smiling and embracing my head and putting it underage bondage stories back in the
ditch between his pecs. Then we both closed our underage pretenn models eyes and slept peacefully.As the morning came I woke up to find myself alone in my bed. I thought he
was gone but I discovered that he woke up before me . He ls underage girls was in front of
the mirror relining his beard so underaged sluts pics I hugged xxx underage sex him from behind and said "Will we
do it again, honey?"." of course, baby we will." and that was true, we did it again and again
and again, even when he got married we continued to love each other and underage dee desi
continued to stick his cock in my horny and underaged
mouth, occasionally latina underage sex
at underage free nudes
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