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From: Charles Hughes
Subject: Mike Gets a Job - Chapter 7 (t/b oral)This story is completely fictional. It is about the relationship between
a young teen and younger boys. If you are not 18 or if it is illegal for
any reason for you to read such material, you must leave now.Copyright 2007 Charles Hughes, all rights reserved. If you wish to copy
the story, please, preteen slut pic just ask.Reader response is welcome. I'll try to answer all emails.
Mike Gets a Job - Chapter 7 (t/b oral)
The day Mike would always think of as "that day" began with the
nine-year-old dick he was gay preteen clips sucking in the fitting room. He'd turned the
little kid around hot preteen nymphet
so he could watch himself in the mirror that covered
the entire side wall of the room. That was such a turnon - watching
himself jerk his own cock while he sucked on the kid. The boy was
groaning so much, Mike knew it wouldn't be long before he reached his dry
cum, so Mike increased the speed of his fist on his own cock.Just as the boy's dick thrashed in his mouth with dating pre teen
orgasm, Mike shot his
cream onto the floor of the fitting room -- one, two, three good ropes of
it. He let the rest preteen tgp nude ooze out onto his hand. preteen cp sites
The ten-year-old whispered
a quick "Thanks" as he got his clothes on and was out the door, leaving
Mike with his own pants off, a cock that was still a bit hard, and a
puddle of cum on the floor.He got dressed, rubbed the cum into the carpeting, and left to return to
the clothing department, where he was supposed to be working. As soon as
he rounded the corner, though, he ran into Al, the manager. And it was
easy to see he was pissed."You. Follow me," he growled.Oh shit.He followed the fat ass in front of him around the corner erotic preteen vids and into the
manager's office; Mike had never been in preteen blowjob daddy there before. Al motioned for
him to sit in a chair in front of the desk, and the manager stood in
front of him and leaned back with his ass on the edge of the desk."What do you think you've been getting away with, you little faggot?"Oh shit. Oh fuck."You think I don't know what you've been doing in there with those little
boys. Little boys! You're in deep shit, kid, and you got no idea how
deep it is."Mike's heart sank into the pit of his stomach. So many thoughts raced
through his head -- if only, I shouldn't have, I didn't, I won't..."You got young preteens sexy
two choices, faggot. I call the cops right now...that's one
choice. I don't think you want to choose that one."Al shifted his bulk and leaned into Mike's face. Mike drew back from the
foul breath."Or..." preteens culos Al waited to make the torture even worse for Mike. "Or, you get
me some action, too."Huh? Mike was confused. What was this pig saying?"Hear me, kid? hot girls preteen
I want some boydick, too. Fuck you for bringing this on,
but fuck me if I don't take advantage of it. You hear what I'm saying?""I...what do hot preteens bbs you want...I can't..." Mike just didn't know how to brazil young preteens respond;
his head was still reeling."I want boy meat. And you bring it in here. nude adolescents preteen
You don't go in there
anymore. You bring them in here. preteen cock lovers Hear me?" Al was hissing and shouting
at the same time. His spittle ran from one corner of his mouth."I can'" Mike started."The fuck you can't! It's that or the cops, preteen thai nn pretty boy. That or the
cops."Mike couldn't help it; he was close to tears now. He was more frightened
than he'd ever been in his life, more confused, more terrified."Or..." And Al paused again."Or, I'll give you another choice, third choice. torrents preteen models
You suck me whenever I
want you to. And I play with your meat."The phone rang, and Al turned on it like a mad bull."What? preteen models rape Don't bother me now! What? Oh, preteen sfree gallery
fuck, can't anybody...Oh, shit,
I'll be out there in a minute -- naked preteens toplist
don't let that driver leave or it's your
fucking job!"He turned back to Mike. "Gotta go back preteen sisters kidnapping
to the fucking loading dock.
Just be a minute. You, pretty boy, you stay right here. If you leave
this office I'll fuck you over good."And he turned and slammed the door after him.There was preteen cp galleries
nobody to see, so Mike let his tears flow. He was shaking.
What was happening? What could he do? It was free preteen samples
all ruined. Oh, shit. He
took preteen pussy ass
a deep breath and talked to preteens dreams himself.Okay. He's not getting close to those boys. God knows what he'd to to
them. He is just not getting to any boys! Oh, shit. The
folks... Oh shit, I won't be able to see Robbie anymore... Okay. Calm
down. There's got to be a way. Three choices. He said, three. Suck
his dick. The thought almost raised the bile to his throat. What kind
of a cock would such a pig have? And let him preteen boy topless suck me? God, what if he
wanted more? Mike was close to panic now.He stood up. He walked in circles around the big desk, bbs litle preteen thinking, What?
What? Oh god, what? He moved a little preteen foot jobs farther from the littles young preteen desk to walk
around both chairs, too. What? Suck his dick? What else could he do?
Oh, god! darkcollection preteens He was looking around the office, as though the answer would
appear somewhere to him.He preteen nymph post
saw a closet door ajar and a little light coming from it -- just
enough that he could see a chair in the closet. Who puts a chair in a
closet? More to avoid his dilemma than to satisfy his preteen diaper stories
curiosity, he
opened the closet door fully. At first he didn't understand what he was
looking at. The chair faced a window... A window?Oh, my god.He stepped into the little room. Mike recognized what was on the other
side of the window. A fitting room. No, not "a" fitting room, but "the"
fitting room. The one in the corner where he always took the boys.
Yes. preteen images porn When he looked for it, he could even see the faint cumstain japan model preteen on the
floor. It was a mirror pthc nude preteens russian preteens photo
inside the fitting room, but a window on this
side!The fucker had her preteen ass been watching it all! All that time! Every time? He'd
been sitting here, probably pulling his stinking dick, watching
everything Mike and the tiny preteen images
boys had been doing!Even as he realized this, a woman opened the door to the room, closed it
behind preteen virgins pictures
her, and started to pull off her blouse. Mike jumped and
turned back to the office, but then he realized the woman couldn't see
him at all.That dirty cocksucker had been watching everything that went on in that
fitting room, men, women, boys, girls...watching it all...watching
everything...Mike heard the outer office door open and turned to stand in the
partially-opened doorway of the "closet.""What the fuck..." Al first saw an empty office, then he saw Mike
standing in the doorway of the "closet.""You get away from there, you little shit. That's none of your
business...""Shhhhh!" Mike held his finger up to his preteen jugs photos
lips. "She might hear you.""What? lol bbs preteen Who?""That lady," Mike said, pointing behind him. "That lady that you'd be
sitting there watching while you jacked off."Where the hell am I getting the balls to do this? sweet preteen model Mike wondered to
himself. His armpits were drenched with sweat, and he could feel it
running down his back. His stomach was churning. He couldn't let Big Al
see how much his knees were shaking. God, where was he going with this?"You got some setup here, pervert. You watch anything and everything.
How much cum have you shot on that floor in there? Stinks like hell."
Careful, bbs preteen 12
he thought. Don't go too far.Al lunged for him. Mike preteen tiny models dodged back behind the desk, and they moved on
opposite sides of it for a minute. Al was cussing him, and Mike had
never been so scared in his life."Wait a minute, Al! Wait a minute!" They both stood still for a
moment. "Looks to me like we've got a Mexican standoff here. preteen model picture Only what
I've been doing probably isn't against the law. I've have to pay for it
some way, but they don't send kids to jail for sucking dick. On the
other hand, Al...What you've been doing is definitely against the law.""Look, you little faggot..." Al began, as he stomped toward Mike.Mike easily got on the other side of the big desk."No!" Mike shouted the word, and Al stopped in his preteen sex clip
tracks. preteen no nudes "You listen.
Did you creamy preteen cunt hear what I said? Looks to ilegal photo preteens
me like you've got two choices, Al.
One, you keep my secret, and I'll keep yours. And, two... Well, I hot young preteen can't
think of two, Al. Looks like you've only got one."Al lunged to the side of the indian sex preteen
desk, but Mike moved to the opposite side
again. Fat Al can't move very fast, Mike thought. Fuck, is this going
to work?"One choice, Al. If my secret gets out, russian preteen suck I'll be in trouble. If your's
gets out...I think they make prisons for perverts like you.""You goddamn cocksucking little queer...You think you know it all...Fuck,
you don't know nothin' about the way the world operates...""I don't know about the preteen galleries toplist world," Mike replied, moving to counter Al's slow
movement opposite him. "But I know how this operates," he school preteen model said, pointing
to the 'closet,' "and what will happen when word gets out. You keep
quiet. I keep quiet. That's the deal.""I don't deal little fucker..." preteen tits torrent But Al's retort died as he
sank down into his desk chair. He breathed heavily for a few moments."But I know lia pre teenmodel
this, faggot." He pointed a finger at Mike. "No queer boy
works for me. You're fired.""No, Al, I'm not fired. pretty preteens naked I wouldn't work for a fatass pervert like you
any longer than I had to. Here's how it's going to work. I'm going to
keep working here for another couple of weeks until I can find 3d adult preteen another
job, and then I'll quit. I'll let you know when."Al reached for a cigar, clipped it, and lit it. Damn, Mike thought. No
wonder it stinks in here. Al's movements were slow and deliberate, as
though he couldn't clip and light a cigar while thinking at the preteen swedish
time."You keep quiet. I keep quiet." Al sounded like he was trying to sell
himself on the idea. He blew a huge cloud of smoke toward Mike. He
glanced at the "closet" door."This is preteen 16 xxx the way it's going to be," Al started. He sounded free preteen cunt
like he was
in managerial mode again. "You keep your fucking mouth shut, and I
keep...quiet. And you can work here for another...for a while."He pointed his cigar at Mike, and spoke quietly. "But you better fuckin'
stay out of my way, cocksucker."Mike preteen model lane
turned and walked out of the office, closing the door behind him.
He couldn't believe what he'd just done. young preteens undressed
He was still shaking, but now
he didn't have to hide it from thaimisc pre teen anyone. He headed unsteadily back to the
warehouse section.Oh shit shit shit. He felt it as he moved and looked down at his pants.
Oh shit shit shit. Somewhere along in there he'd pissed his pants! He
didn't know whether to laugh or cry.He got back through the double doors as quickly as possible and found a
phone. He called the Customer Service desk up front and asked for
Adele. He told her he had a very upset stomach (which, in fact, was the
truth) and thought he naked free preteens should go preteen girl panties home."Sure, Mike. You take care of yourself. Don't forget you're going to
babysit tomorrow night.""Oh, I'll be fine tomorrow," Mike said. "I'll be at work in the
morning."He rolled his bike out the back door and started for home, hoping he had
time to wash and dry his pants before preteen images sex
his parents got home.Several days later, Mike was still avoiding Fat Al and still working. He
had connie model preteen
wondered if Al would try to cause him some grief at work, but so far
everything seemed to be okay.He was just finishing the arrangement of a new DVD display when someone
came up next to him."Hi," the voice said.Mike looked up and saw a nice-looking boy - a familiar boy."You remember me," the guy asked."Uh, yeah I know you, but I can't..." Mike was searching his memory."I'm Kent's brother. I came in here, and you...well, you know." He
looked preteen asian japanese a little embarrassed.Mike remembered him now -- the older brother -- 11, he thought,
12? preteen mexican models
-- who had been sent for a how find preteen
blow job by the younger brother -- nine?
-- Mike had sucked some time before."Back for another one?" Mike asked quietly, looking around to see that
there was no one close enough to hear."Um...yeah. I mean. preteen pics chat Oh, look, man...It was just so...fantastic! Look,
can I talk to you?""Sure," Mike said. "Follow me."Mike led the boy back into the warehouse and to his little room. They
walked in, and Mike locked the door. "This barefoot preteens bath
is my office," he said, with
a grin.The boys sat down on a roll of carpeting, and Mike began to preteen nude kiddy stroke the
boy's thigh through his jeans. He reached for his fly, unzipped it,
unbuttoned the waistband, and pulled the jeans to the boy's ankles. The
white briefs were tented, and Mike rubbed the cotton-covered cockhead
with his palm. The boy started groaning."What's your name?" Mike asked him."Philip...Phil...""Well, Phil, it's time we get that dick of yours out of these." Mike
pulled the waistband down, and the boy lifted fuck preteen 12yo
his ass so that the briefs
were soon down with the jeans. His dick was a very
stiff three-and-a-half inches, and Mike was soon massaging the head."Wait..." Philip said breathlessly. "I need to ask you something.""Sure," Mike said, without missing a stroke."See...I've got some buddies. We all jack off together sometimes. Well,
this one guy won't, but everybody else does." Philip paused to catch his
breath. His attention was cp preteen modeling
split between what he wanted to ask Mike russian preteen stockings
what his cock in Mike's hand was demanding."Doing it, I mean, sucking... It's just so fantastic. But none of my
buddies wants to do it. I mean, sometimes we jack each other off. But
if I start talking about anything else they all just...don't listen. How
can I get them to do it?"Mike was moving his fist loosely up and down Philip's cock. The cockhead
was beginning to get a deeper red."Have you ever thought that maybe you're looking in the wrong place to
get blow jobs?" Mike asked."What do you mean?""You've got a brother, Phil. He loved it when I sucked his dick. He
sent preteen modles you here the first time, didn't he?"Phil nodded."He'll suck you." Mike said."Kent? How do you know? He's only nine. I mean, how can I ask him?""Just remind him how good he felt when I sucked him to a dry cum. Tell
him you want to feel that way. bitch preteen preview Get preteen cp underground your dick out, and get it hard. I
think he'll go for it. Especially when you tell him that if he sucks
you, you'll suck him.""What?" Phil's attention was now fully on what Mike was saying. Sucking
his little brother... He hadn't thought about."Let me tell you, Phil. Kent's a little guy. He's got preteen model galerie a little mouth.
Your cock will feel so good in there when he hentai preteen illegal sucks you.""But...he doesn't know japaneese preteen nude how..." Phil said."Show him. Teach him. preteen nude photo Look." Mike held Phil's now raging hard cock up
to his mouth and licked lightly on the underside of it, just below the
cockhead.Phil gasped."Good, right?" Mike asked. preteen pussy cartoon "So tell him that's what you want him to do.
Then get his tongue on your cock and see if he can do it. Or you do it
on his cock, whichever. Show him what you want. Tell him pre teens nudist everything you
want him to do. And be sure to do it all for him, too."Phil had never considered sucking his little brother. But if that was a
way to get blow jobs from him...well, it would be german preteen photo
kind of hot, too. He
grinned at the laika russian preteen thought. Sucking his little brother, yeah.Phil's cock was now at Mike's mouth. Mike spoke carefully before it took
it all in. "Do nice tiny preteen it to him the way you want him to do it to you. Teach
him." And Mike began to slowly suck the hard dick.Phil groaned. His cock was pressed right to the back of Mike's throat,
and he knew it was throbbing like it did right before he preteens virgins cp
cums."Ooooo...oh yea...I'm going to cum...cum soon..."And before the word "soon" was completely out of his mouth, his cock gave
a hard thrust into Mike's mouth, then spasmed with the shooting of the
young boycum. Mike continued sucking, but slower, more gently. He was
rewarded with another nice shot, and then he tasted the cum as it oozed
from Phil's cocklips.The boy was breathing hard, and as Mike gay preteen porn looked up at his face he found a
huge smile. He stood up. "Oh, dude...that was so hot!," he said.
"Fucking hot."Mike wiped a drop of cum from his lips and gave his finger to Phil. Phil
sucked it. "Kent's lucky to have a big brother," Mike told the younger
boy. "But you're the bigger brother. You treat him right."Phil was grinning from ear to ear as he pulled his clothes on."Listen, Phil. You're the big brother. You treat your little brother
right. Understand?"
Phil nodded, grinned, and opened the door, and Mike was left preteen nudity porn
alone. He
reached for his cock, still in his pants. He smiled as he pictured Phill
and little Kent. Maybe they'd even get in bed naked preteen nude drawings to suck... He fell
back on the carpeting and leisurely stroked himself to a nice cum,
licking everything from his fingers. Then he went back to work.When he got to Robbie's house that night to babysit, Robbie met him little preteen hussy at
the door with a hug. hidden nude preteen
preteen spread pussy
"We got macaroni and cheese for supper, Mike!""You like that, huh?" Mike picked the six-year-old up and held him up
high for a minute while Robbie laughed. Mike couldn't preteen preteen tpg help but notice
that there was the hint lsm pics preteen of a tent in preteen undressing
Robbie's shorts. Adele said goodbye
to the boys and went to work.
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