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From: Tim Foure
Subject: MD Sequel Ch 43Me and Dad the Sequel, Part 2 - The Next Generation - Chapter 43 - vids model Mikeby Tim Foure
copyright 2002 by Tim young model boards
FoureIf you are under 18 or not permitted access to homosexual erotica where you
live, then you teen baby model
should not read this story. The other usual disclaimers too.
___________Chapter 43 - MikeTess arrived after we'd begun eating. Peter had prepared several kinds of
spreads to put on pieces of flat bread I'd never nu young models
seen before. tiny ls models
I'd kds model fuck never had
any of the spreads either. One of them was so hot it brought tears to my
eyes.When Bar noticed the nn cp models
tears running down my ilegal models free cheeks, he warned me, "Be
careful you don't get any of that on yourself down there." He pointed to my
crotch to make sure I didn't misunderstand. "Then you'll really see how it
can burn.""That's right!" Sands said. "Once Tess didn't wait long enough after eating
half a bowlful evie model biography to use her tongue on me." She grasped her crotch to we'd
know where she meant even though all of us already did. "I thought I would
lose my mind.""Are you trying to give him a bad impression of me before he even meets
me?" I heard from behind me. I turned to see a stocky woman with short
dark hair coming through the front door. Since Bar stood up, I did the
same."This is Tess," Bar told me, giving her my name as well.I put out my hand and we shook. She had a firm grip, firmer than I'd
expected."And I don't see why he would think badly of you for naked models 18 where you put your
tongue," Bar added. nadia model net
"He likes to put his in all the same places."Tess's thin lips broke into a smile child bonude model as she leaned toward me japanese nude models
and poked me
lightly on the chest with her index youngest model toplist
finger. "Bar's right, you know. You do
have to be careful not to get any of Peter's liquid fire on the family
jewels." She went past me to alimodelo photo kiss Bar young english models and Sands. When she got to Peter,
she asked him, "And how's my teen models shower
favorite Jamaican?""I couldn't tell you that," Peter said, "but I be doing very well, thank
you." His accent evie model pass had gotten so strong that "thank" came out as "tank". He
leaned forward to kiss her and she kissed him back."Be nice," Sands said. "You promised not to fight.""Did not!" Tess said, dropping to the floor beside the cocktail table where
we were all sitting."I meant Peter, but you could be nice too," Sands told her. "I'm amazed
you're here.""So am I," said Bar. "I seem to remember you swearing you'd never be in russian models dasha the
same room with Peter again.""He promised not jessy teenmodel berlin to say anything that would make me crazy and he promised
me food he'd build molecular model prepared with his own chocolate-brown hands. But most of all
he promised me there wouldn't be any yong models of that nasty heterosexual stuff going
on." She made a face as if she smelled something bad."And I mean to keep that promise," Peter said as he came back from model young the
kitchen with a glass of wine for binaries models petite Tess. "I'm going to focus all my attention
on him." He extended his arm, dropped his wrist, and pointed to me."Can't fault your taste, that's for little sex model sure. He is quite a looker," Tess said
while giving me an appraising look. "If I went for boys, I'd definitely go
for him.""Well, fortunately for me, I do so I will," Peter replied as he started
back into the kitchen.I was embarrassed by the attention and could feel myself blushing, but I
began to relax as Tess changed the subject."I like the dress you're almost wearing," Tess told Sands."What can you mean?" she asked in a very English accent. "It covers me from
neck to ankles and has long sleeves as well.""And I can see straight through it. Not that I'm complaining. It looks big
enough around that two could get into it. I'll find that out for sure a
little later.""Why wait?" Peter asked, coming back from the kitchen with more bread."I was trying to be polite to our guest. And we're still eating hors
d'oeuvres. I always think of pussy as a main course.""Or sometimes dessert," Bar said."That too," Tess agreed."Don't wait on my account," I said, top little models trying to edge my way 36dd adult models
into the
conversation."Don't worry, she won't," Bar said."Just make sure you haven't eaten any of that hot stuff before you dive
under my dress," Sands said."I'm beginning to feel I'll let the home team down if I don't go for her
pussy right now." And so saying, Tess pushed Sands so she was lying on the
floor, lifted her skirt, crawled into it, and pressed her face into Sands's
crotch. Sands spread her legs wider to give her better access.I was surprised. And excited. My dick began to grow. Since I wasn't wearing
any underwear it began to form a tent in my shorts. Bar noticed little darling models
it and
reached over, giving my dick a squeeze through the cloth."My, my!" he said, sliding across the space between us until he was beside
me. He continued to squeeze my dick while he kissed me, sliding his tongue
into my mouth.After a minute or so I heard free busty model
Peter say, "Well, I see the orgy has begun.
Move aside and let me have some of that."Bar's head pulled back from my teen model thumblogger face to be replaced my Peter's, who took up
the kiss where model sara nonude Bar had left off, but upside down since he was leaning over
me from behind. Bar continued to squeeze my dick through the shorts while
Peter explored my mouth with his tongue. Tilting my peach child model head back more and more
as Peter continued to kiss me, I finally had to support myself by putting
my hands on the floor behind me and locking my elbows.When the kiss ended, Peter said, "And that be the last sex anybody be
having until after dinner. I am sure not gonna be left out and I am damn
sure not gonna cook only to have it all go to waste because you're too busy
sucking to eat. Pull your head outta there!" As he said the last, he
swatted Tess on the butt.She came out from under the dress with a squawk. "Hey. What gives?" she
asked."Party's over until after we eat," Bar said."I was eating!" Tess replied."It has to be something Peter cooked. New rule," said Bar.Tess laughed. "Okay, I'll buy that. You get far enough along to take a
break, darling?" she asked Sandra. "I wouldn't want to leave you
frustrated.""Yes, thanks," Sands replied as she sat up and smoothed her dress over her
legs. "That'll hold me for a while. You do such good work.""Practice makes perfect," Tess said, reaching for a piece of flat bread.While Peter cooked, Tess asked me about myself and gave me similar
information about herself. Peter called from the kitchen that I was to
speak louder so he could hear my answers, which I did. He asked a question
from time to time as well. Bar and Sands left the conversation to the rest
of bikini pre model us, stella artmodel getting up to help Peter wendy teen model or to pour more wine into everyone's glass.
I was definitely enjoying a buzz by the time dinner was ready.We continued to sit on the floor as Peter and Bar carried food from the
kitchen, placing plates on the cocktail table and taking amateur model gain others away. I was
glad I didn't have to move because I felt a little dizzy from the
wine. Peter joined us once all the food had been brought from the
kitchen. He pulled down his khakis and took them off, revealing two long
smooth legs and a crotch bulging inside a pair of red bikini briefs. As he
folded his grace model legs under himself and dropped to the floor beside me, he said
with his accent at full volume, "That be much better. Cooking, it be such
hot work."Everything was delicious, completely unfamiliar, and spiced anywhere from
slightly hot to model schoolgirl scorching. My buzz disappeared as I ate. I wondered if it
was because the ab models 91311 food diluted the alcohol or because the heat of the food
had just burned it away. Bar broke out into a sweat and took off his shirt,
leaving him wearing only his shorts with the button still open at the
waist. I pushed my shirt down my arms as soon as he did. Sands picked up
the hem of her skirt in both hands and used it to fan her face. At the same
time she gave everyone a clear view through the glass tabletop of the tuft
of hair at the top of her pussy. Tess pulled her shirt over her head,
leaving her bare to the waist. I was surprised at how big her nipples were."What ails all of you?" Peter asked. "I only used half the spices we use at
home.""It's still plenty hot. But good!" Bar told him.We all preteem models naked agreed, continuing to eat. I liked everything I had, though it was
making me sweat, especially my forehead. There was so much food that I ate
more than I really wanted just to be polite. When everyone was spanish supermodels
there was still enough food left to have fed the five of ls model oriental us twice more."You cooked enough for an army, as usual," Bar said."That's because he's always hoping an army will turn up so he can get
enough sex after dinner," Tess said, leaning over and kissing Peter lightly
on shirtless teen models the lips while she twisted one of his nipples."I admit it. I have a healthy sex drive. It's all the good Jamaican food I
was raised on," Peter said.Once we'd finished eating, the four of us all sat quietly for a few minutes
as if we were trying to give the huge amount of food we'd eaten time to
settle comfortably into our stomachs. Only Peter continued to eat, taking
small bites from each dish. Finally Bar stood up."I'll get us some more wine," he said.As Bar passed by him, Peter reached up and took hold of the zipper tab on
Bar's shorts pulling it down. The sophie byron model shorts slid down Bar's legs as Peter
continued to pull on the tab. Bar young model topsite stepped out model24 sandy of them when they reached
his ankles. Peter leaned forward as if he was about to take Bar's dick into
his mouth."Oh no you don't!" Bar said, stepping away quickly. "You've already played
that trick on me one time too many. I know how bad my dick head will burn
if I let you get it into your mouth along with what you just ate.""It'll just warm you up, mon!" he said. "Get your cold English blood moving
in your veins.""I warm up just fine without that kind of help," Bar said, glamour nude models continuing
toward the kitchen.After Bar brought back the wine, the five of us continued to sit and talk
about this and that. Peter was completely naked models swedish nude
and Tess was naked to the
waist. Sands may as well have been naked since we could see through her
dress. I was still wearing my shorts, but Peter had slid off his shirt and
was wearing only his red briefs. The others tried to keep me in the
conversation, but inevitably it drifted to people they knew that I
didn't. I was enjoying the company, though, and a new buzz from all the
wine I'd drunk to put sunshine teen models out the fire in my mouth, so I sat there very
comfortable enjoying a glow and listening to them. I was surprised at how
often the stories they told involved sex. I got the idea that this group
was part of a much larger group all of whose members had sex petite models 12yo casually with
each porn finnish model other whenever they got the 13yo nude models
opportunity. Several of the stories
involved Jack or Julie, sometimes both, and from what was said I was sorry
again that I hadn't had a childmodel bambi
chance to at least see Jack naked. His nickname,
which no one used to his face, was 'beercan".When our glasses and the bottle Bar had brought back were empty, Peter
stood up and began carrying plates of food back into the kitchen. Bar got
up and did the same, so I followed suit, being careful not to fall over
since I was dizzy again from my buzz."Do you boys need our help?" Tess Lingerie model photos asked in a tone of voice which left me
with the idea that she wasn't really offering."You just stay outta my kitchen, you hear?" Peter told her as he pink pussy models
came back
for more dishes."I can handle that," she replied, standing up and putting her hand out to
Sands. "We'll go on upstairs and leave you boys to it."Sands stood up, the two kissed, and they headed to the stairs as I went
back into the kitchen with more dirty underwear models buldges dishes."Before you get too deeply into anything, Tess," Peter called out."Yes?" came the drawn-out reply."Will you take some of this food home lttle modelsex tgp with you?"
"I certainly will!""I'll put a doggie bag together for you. Don't forget it when you leave.""No danger of that!" she called from farther away.Peter worked on packaging up the food while Bar and I dealt with the dirty
dishes. I found out where the russian erotic models detergent was and began washing those things
that wouldn't go into the dishwasher. I was moving slowly because of my
buzz, taking care not to break anything. I became aware that Peter had
finished dealing with the food when he pressed himself against my back,
slid his arms around me, and began to nuzzle my ear."I always like a man who knows his way around the kitchen," Peter whispered
into my ear. He was sliding his palms slowly up and down my chest."This combustion modeling system is about all I can do. I don't know how to cook," I told him."Someone has to do the dishes," he said as his hands found the button on my
shorts, released it, kiddie naked models and pulled down the zipper. The shorts, which could
almost have been pulled down alexandria model without opening the zipper anyhow, fell
immediately to my ankles.Peter's hands slid through my pubic hair and deeper into my crotch, one
cupping my balls and the other sliding along my lengthening dick. "Very
nice," he whispered into my ear. His tongue lapped at my earlobe and then
my cheek. I turned my head, meeting his mouth with mine model me kid in a kiss. I turned
my head more as I felt him leaning farther over my shoulder. His tongue
slipped into my mouth.As we kissed, I heard the door to the dishwasher slam shut and the machine
begin to fill. I nude porn models felt the pot I was holding being taken from my hands as I
was nudged aside by a bare hip pressing against my own. I would have turned
into Peter's arms but he held me in place with his grip on my dick and
balls, so I stayed as I was, enjoying the wet friction of his tongue
against xxx video models
mine and the soft stroking of my crotch.After a minute or two, I felt something between my legs forcing them apart,
but I couldn't look down to see what it yo hardcore models was without model ls megan breaking the kiss which
I didn't want to do. After a few seconds I felt hands on my thighs pushing
me away from the counter. A minute later Peter released my balls to a wet
tongue that was lapping at them through his fingers. Then he broke the kiss
but continued to press his chest against my back forcing me to bend at the
waist. I put my hands on the counter to support myself and looked down to
see Bar preeteen model passwords sitting on the floor between my legs. He was still licking my
balls and had taken over the slow stroking of my dick from Peter.Peter, meanwhile, was rubbing his palms over my chest and belly, down my
hips, and around on my butt. He kissed and licked his way down my back as
he slowly moved to the floor. He grasped both cheeks of my butt, spread
them apart, and began licking up and down my crack in long strokes. At the
same time Bar began to suck my dick.The sensations were both overwhelmingly exciting and at the same oiled bikini models time muted
by the buzz that remained from the wine. It took no effort to enjoy what
was being done to me without having to try to prevent myself from
cumming. I felt as if I could float along on a wave of pleasure forever.After a while Peter centered his attention more and more on my asshole as
Bar continued to suck and lick my dick. If I hadn't been supporting myself
with my hands on the counter I could easily have slid to the floor. I was
having trouble focusing my attention on the two sources of pleasure at the
same time. Then I felt something more solid replace Peter's tongue. It
slid deeper and deeper into me. When it bent to rub my prostate, I knew it
was his finger. I backed toward him and bent over the counter further to
make his entry easier. Bar followed my dick as jessimodel new 2007
it backed away from him,
continuing to lick and suck.A minute or so later Peter pulled out the finger he had inside me and
replaced it with two. They moved in and out slowly, twisting every second
or third time, until they were replaced with three fingers. I enjoyed the
rubbing sensation of his fingers through the ring of muscle of my asshole
and the occasional touching of my prostate. benjamin model company
My reactions still seemed muted
to me, like listening to music that was loud enough to be heard clearly but
still at a lower volume than I was used to.When the three fingers slid out young modelz of me, they were immediately replaced with
something that pressed against my asshole but didn't slide into me. Peter
told pretenn nudist model me, "Bend over some more."I did as he said. I felt Peter back up with me, maintaining pressure
against my asshole. model preten young As I looked down, I saw Bar scoot forward to keep his
mouth on my dick.When I had bent over to the point that my upper body was nearly parallel to
the floor, I stopped. The pressure against taurus model 17ss12
my asshole began to increase
until it became painful. Then, suddenly, there was a familiar "pop" nude prepubescent models and
the pressure suddenly decreased. I was immediately aware of a stretching
sensation from my asshole. I heard myself moan."You doing alright?" Peter whispered in my ear. I felt his hands vladmodels lena touch my
nipples, rubbing them gently. Whatever lube he had used atk models pics to ease his fingers
into my asshole was now lubricating them as they slid in circles around my
nipples."Yeah. Gimme a minute, ok?""No hurry," he whispered, his breath going into teen model cherry my ear and causing me to
shiver. He started to suck on pteteen model
my earlobe.As I tried to adjust to having the head of Peter's dick inside me, I felt
fingertips begin to rub along my perineum and around my asshole. Since I
knew both of Peter's hands lsm picture model
were on my chest, I opened my eyes to see Bar
reaching between my legs. He also continued to suck on my dick which had
softened a little when Peter had entered me. The gentle massage he was
giving me there made the muscles of my asshole relax that much faster. Soon
there was almost no pain at all."I'm ok now," I told Peter."You sure? We've got all amateur guide model night," Peter asked, again blowing his breath into
my ear."I'm sure," I told him, wondering how amateur models xxx much more of his dick there was. I
hadn't seen it even soft, so I had no idea at all how long it might be
hard. I knew for sure that it was as youngest sexmodels thick as my dad's.The pressure which had stopped when the head of his dick had entered me
began again. After a few seconds I felt friction along the inside of my
asshole as the shaft of his dick began to pass through it. It seemed to go
on and on, but I knew from past experience that it was impossible to guess
the length of a dick from the time it took to enter me fully. A dick shoved
in quickly would seem shorter than one that moved in slowly. It was the
depth of penetration that told the tale, and when I finally felt Peter's
lower belly press against my upper thighs, I knew the head was no deeper
inside me than I'd felt before.Peter stood still for a while, keeping his dick university teen models completely buried in my
asshole, massaging and squeezing my nipples, and tracing the contours of my
ear with 3d bowl models his tongue. I concentrated on the feel of Bar's mouth on my
dick. He was alternating pistoning on and off of model kid undies it foros teen model
with twisting his lips
around the head while driving his tongue into the piss slit. Normally I
would have had to work at keeping myself from cumming from such treatment,
but the buzz remaining from the wine was still helping me enjoy the
sensations without being pushed over the edge wanted webcam models into an orgasm.When Peter began to draw his dick out of me, Bar let my models russain dick slip from his
mouth and began to rub his face on it. He continued to rub the area around
my asshole funny child models with his fingers as he began to lick my balls."You really should shave these," he told me. "You'd feel so much more if
you did.""He's right," Peter said into my ear.I don't know if it was the wine talking or what, but I said, "Ok. When
we're finished here."Peter established a fucking rhythm soon after that, in and out, which
speeded up slowly as our excitement built. His dick was barely touching my
prostate because of the angle of his entry into my asshole, so I was
enjoying the friction of the shaft through the ring of muscle more than
anything else. Bar continued to lick and suck my balls until they were
thoroughly wet. Then his mouth returned to my dick while his fingers took
over from his tongue on my balls. He licked up and down the shaft and
sometimes took swimsuit bikini models the head into his mouth for a quick tight suck. In spite of
the buzz, I felt the start of an orgasm deep behind my balls.Bar must have noticed my balls drawing up at that point because he said,
"Here he goes," and took my dick deeply into his mouth.Peter increased the speed of his fucking. I could hear his breath begin to
come in gasps as my own orgasm progressed. It was happening more slowly
than usual, but I was definitely past the point of no return.Then Peter made a loud noise next to my ear and drove his dick solidly into
me. I felt it swell inside me as the first shot of his cum passed through
it. arizona nude models He withdrew amateur teen modell
a short binaries models pics ways and pounded into me as each shot came. He was
barely finished when my own orgasm finally brannen teen model reached my dick. The first wave
of pleasure flowed over me as I shot cum into Bar's mouth. He sucked the
shaft greedily with his lips while avoiding the head of my dick altogether.
I threw my head back against Peter's chest as I came, enjoying what seemed
like a young cp models
slow motion orgasm that lasted and lasted.When I was finally finished and the aftershocks were over, I looked down to
see that Bar had cum on my foot. Nothing would do but that I tell him
that. "Hey, you came on my foot," I said.He looked up at me with a strange look on his face. "So? You came in my
mouth," he told me.There didn't seem to be anything to say in response to that. And besides,
my attention was distracted by Peter's dick falling out of my asshole."This is the first time I was ever fucked in a kitchen," I said to the two
of them. "Or standing up like this too.""Where did you get the lube?" Bar asked Peter as he stood up. To me he
added by 13yr models nude way of explanation, "I don't usually keep lube in the kitchen.""It's olive oil. It was all I could think of."Bar leaned forward and licked my nipple. "So it is. I never thought of
using salad dressing before."That struck us all funny.When we finished laughing, Bar started to open another bottle of wine. I
took a sheet of paper towel and knelt down to wipe Bar's cum off of my
foot. I noticed Peter's dick in front of me as I raised my head to stand
up. It was shiny from the oil. The shaft and foreskin was a little darker
brown than the rest of him, but the part of the head that was still outside
the foreskin was a much lighter tan."Let's take our wine up to the bedroom. Grab some extra nonude pay model glasses for Sands
and Tess. I wouldn't mind having a shower either."We both agreed we'd like to get cleaned up.
To be continued_______________Comments appreciated. Send them to Flames ignored.My thanks to Zerena Rae who has for some time kept me more literate pretten nn models
than I
might otherwise bobbie model usenet be.Visit my website at
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