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Related post: Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2003 01:27:34 +0800
From: David Renner
Subject: Masturbation Club (Revised)The headline in the ad in the paper said, "For Lovers of Masturbation."
Well forum bbs young that was me, so I called the number. A pleasant voice answered and
asked me several questions - my age (20), my height and weight (5'11", 160
lb), how hairy I am, my interest in masturbation (I love it, and I jerk off
several times a day) and the size of my cock (6 inches, cut). He invited me
to join a masturbation club, and come to his apartment the following
evening, preferably without jacking off the whole day. Sounded interesting
but not jacking off would be tough to follow. Anyway, bbs girls russian
I agreed.I got to the apartment - on the tenth tiny child models bbs floor of a fancy building in a very
nice neighborhood. Rang the bell.A handsome man nudist pictures bbs about 25 greeted me and I recognized his voice from the
phone. After the introductions, he ushered me into his very early gilrs bbs large living
room. About ten bbs biz dark
other guys were there and two girls. All were about 18 to
22, except for one boy about 16 and the two girls who were probably 18.
There were hairy bbs
bbs tiny angels two-seater sofas all around. And snacks (peanuts, potato chips)
on the nearby tables. The hi fi played pleasant music - not too mushy and
not too loud.I took a seat next to the boy, pedo bbs child and we exchanged bbs vids greetings - my name is
Davie, his was Tim. During some small talk two more guys joined the
group. Then our host came into the room."Hi, everyone!!" pretty bbs top he said. "My name is Chuck and I'm your host. You're all
here because of my ad, and I invited bbs vombat lol
each bbs rape board of you individually after I
screened you over the phone. Look around and you'll see that you are all
about the same naked young ladys bbs
age, height and weight. girl bbs blog
And we're all here because we love
to jerk off, wank, model bbs teen beat the meat, masturbate, whatever. Before we begin,
lets bbs gallery nude get acquainted - we'll go around the room and everyone can give his
first name and the size of his cock. Any image bbs gay
other information is optional.We introduced ourselves; some gave young model board bbs
more information. I told everyone that
next to jacking off I love cocksucking. The two girls said they were there
because they enjoy watching guys jacking off and they like to masturbate,
too. As we went around, I could see some guys rubbing their crotches."I see some of you are getting aroused. OK, let me explain how the
Masturbate Club works. Membership is optional and there are no dues. We
meet once a week. We are all dedicated to jacking off, in a group. Anyone
who doesn't like others young movie bbs to watch him, can leave now (No one got up.) When
I see other guys with hardons and jacking off it gets me hot and excited. I
figure it's the same with you. So were all going to be jerking off in this
living room. Each of you can decide how much clohes priteen bbs to wear - all naked,
half naked down to your undies, or young virgins bbs
dressed. You can leave any clothes you
want to take off in the next room - there's a cabinet for each person.
There are naturalism child bbbss
bbs pics litle just a few regulations:1. No smoking or liquor2. Only jacking illegal pedo bbs porn off. That means no kissing, no hugging, no cocksucking, no
rimming and no fucking. boy pedo bbs You can feel yourself up and play with your nipples
and balls.3. You can give another guy a hand job and feel him up while you're doing
it, free dark bbs post
but you can't bbs pree teens
do it to real teens bbs more than one hardcore illegal bbs pics guy at a time.4. You tender young soft bbs
can jack off in any position you want - sitting on the sofa, sitting
or lying on the floor, standing, on your knees, and so on.5. Please cum on the floor or in your palm (if you want to eat it), but not
on the furniture. After you cum on the floor, please wipe it up - with your
hands or with the paper towels in the corner.6. You can moan and say whatever you want while you're stroking away, and
talk to your cock if you want. It's good to let yourself go and feel free,
because it excites the other guys and will probably excite you too.7. You can cum bbs photo free pics
on anyone in the room who wants it - in his open mouth, on
his face, on his body. You cannot stick your cock in anyone's mouth and
cum.8. You can cum as many times as you want. In pic of bbs teen
between jack nude cgi bbs offs, you child bbs forum can
have some coffee or tea there in the corner9. There are toplist elwebbs gallerie cp bbs
a few pillows pussy pedo bbs
here for anyone who wants to hump boy bbs board photo
them, angels bbs xxx
and full
length mirrors for anyone who wants to atch himself shoot his teen forum bbs list
cum.10. There's vaseline and body lotion here for anyone who wants it to lube
his cock or for finger fucking himself while he's jacking off. And some
condoms for whoever likes titless bbs to fill them with cum.
Any questions, so far? I'll be walking around to watch you boys jack off
and probably jack myself off as I watch. That's why I invited you all
here. I see most of you are dying to start and bbs incest forum have worked up some nice
boners. OK, ls magazine bbs post everyone, the ls bbs images party is on!!"I decided to take off everything except my sexy briefs, tee shirt and
socks. The boy next to me did the same, probably following me. The girls
stayed dressed in their minis and a couple of guys just opened their pants
and drew out some handsome boners. Many guys came back naked and had
gorgeous hard cocks. I don't think that anyone was bigger than 7
inches. Most were smooth like me, some just a little hairy.We all sat xxx bbs messageboards around, watching each other, exploring the display of tools
while we were stroking. It tight jeans bbs was terrific. One naked guy lay on the floor and
pumped away on a 7-inch cock while he slipped a couple of fingers into his
ass. All this really turned me on. As I stroked I young nude bbs directory felt a hand playing with
my balls. lolta porn bbs I turned and saw a shy smile on the boy. I smiled back."It feels good," I said. "I like it.""I'm glad, cause I like feeling a guy up," he said.I slid a hand into his crotch and began to play with his balls."Nice pair, and I'll bet they're nice and full of cum," I said.One girl was feeling her tits with one hand and had the other up her
dress. The other had her legs spread and both hands bbs pedoland portal inside her panties.A guy stood up and pumped furiously, talking porn search bbs to his cock: real lola bbs "C'mon baby, give
daddy some cream. C'mon, shoot me a load, honey." And before you knew it,
he shot bbs porn clips
several spurts of cum on the floor. WOW!! This was real
exciting!!!!I could feel myself building up. I sucked on a couple of my fingers and
then slipped bbs top yo pics my hand bbs top sites pedo under the boy's tee. I ran my wet fingers over his
nipples. bbs girl illegal He moaned as underground russian bbs porn
I rubbed them, pinched and squeezed them. Little hard
erasers. DAMN! He was hot list bbs and I was horny as hell. He returned the favor
and started to finger mine as well. Boy, did that feel great! He had great
technique playing with my nipples, flicking them with his fingertips,
running circles around them.I saw two other guys wanking each other, their heads resting on the back of
the sofa and their hands pounding away rigorously. Both were moaning and
breathing hard. What a turn-on sight that was. Most of the other guys were
jacking themselves off.One really cute guy, wearing white boxer shorts, had his dick out of the
slit and was stroking free kids bbs porn it slowly, like brazilian models underground bbs
bbs free pass lol in slow motion, as he kept running a
finger across his cockhead, wiping off the precum and young angel cum bbs
sucking on litle girls 12yo bbs his
finger. What a come on!!One of the girls had bbs pedo ptsc her panties off and it bbs sun free samples
looked like she was
finger-fucking herself fast with three fingers paradise bbs pedo in her pussy.Tim started to pull on my nutsack, and that nasty sex freepics bbs got me going."I'm going to cum soon, Tim," I said."That's good," he replied " Try to empty your load on my hand jailbait pics bbs
so I can eat
your litle girls bbs cum.""Sure thing!"I was running my hand up and down my shaft, my fingers pressing on galleries lilitas bbs
sensitive underside. It felt so good. I wrapped my fingers around my cock
and pumped fast. I could tell this was going to be some fucking wild
orgasm. With my free hand I was feeling myself up starting with my nipples
and running it up and down my tgp bbs link body. All this as I was pumping baby lo bbs away and Tim
played with my nuts. hairless bbs I swiveled my hips and knew this was IT.I shot a gigantic load, cumming all over my chest, belly, crotch and Tim's
hand. Spurt after spurt of hot, creamy cum. As soon as guestbook russia young bbs I finished, Tim
brought his hand to his mouth lo kds bbs
and licked off the cum, smiling at me, then
ran his dark bbs models hands all over my chest and belly to pick up some more cum and
licked them again.. As soon as I grabbed Tim's cock he shuddered for a
second and unloaded all his cum bbs pedo europ on my leg and on the floor. It felt and
looked so wonderful!"That was cool, and photo angel bbs good," I told Tim."Yeah," he answered. "This was the first time I ever jacked off someone
older than me. I usually jack off my younger brother. But this was
terrific. I like this club!"We both got up and walked over for a coffee when one of free adult bbs the guys came over
to us."That was quite a show you two put on," he said."I'm glad you liked it. WE enjoyed it,." I answered."Would one of you want to wank me off?" he asked."I will!" said Tim immediately, as he approached the guy and wrapped his
fingers around his hard cock.I left them together and had my coffee. It looked like the two girls were
fingering their tits girls bbs pussies, as one of them got up, took off manga bbs porn her skirt and
panties max2 bbs touzoku
and a hard, cute dick popped out!!!!!! ynderage bbs WOW!! Two shemales. She
started jacking off as she was standing. The other one did the same. I
could see that most of the guys were watching, and everyone was turned on,
because our cocks started growing hard again.One guy had his partner's briefs up to his face and was smelling bbs pre toplist them as
his partner jerked him and himself off at the same time. One guy was
jacking himself off and would stop now and then to finger fuck himself -
wetting his lola video bbs
fingers in his mouth and slipping them into his ass, and
pumping them in and out. Then going back and stroking his cock with both
hands. Damn, what a sight!! Another guy was standing in front of one of the
full length mirrors in the room and he shot his load all over the
mirror. (I also like to do that.) Lots of guys were moaning or talking to
their cocks, urging them on to cum.Well, russian babby bbs I came pussy bbs tgp four times that evening. The last time I poured some lotion on
my hand and in my crotch - balls and shaft. It sure helped me cum, and the
hot jism mixing with the lotion was great. Another time I had child bbs gallery the cute guy
in his boxer briefs finger bbs kds xxx fuck me as I jerked off. free bbs lol
free illigal bbs pics
That was powerful
sex. I managed to jerk him off, too, only he wanted to cum into his boxer
briefs, which were wet with cum from previous orgasms.We young bbs links all got ready to leave at the same time. Hands were groping all around,
squeezing bbs dark models buns, old young lesbian bbs grabbing crotches, and so on. We were ls nn bbs a bunch of real hot
guys!I made a date with Tim for the next evening at my ranchi kidz bbs
place, and with a couple
of other cute guys for other nights. I guess I'll be getting some more
wanking this week and lost of cocksucking as well. I registered ls studio bbs imageboard as a member
of the Masturbate Club. I'll be getting mailings about new meetings and
special weekends with more teenmodel bbs ru than just jacking loita top 100 bbs off. It's going to be a great
club, if preeteen portal bbs this evening is any indicator.
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