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From: neil kavanagh
Subject: marvel men in love 4Disclaimer: This story falls under the category of fan fiction and is not
meant to imply anything about the characters in the comic younger naked child
series run by the
marvel company. The plot is pure fantasy that came solely out of the mind
of the author. The events described herein never happened in this or any
other Universe. This story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything
about the true sexuality of young nudes girls the celebrities older young thumbs mentioned or any personal
knowledge about their private lives.If you don't like reading about gay sex or stuff like that
If you are under the age of consent in your community
DO NOT READ THISPART 4 DAREDEVIL AND IRON FISTDanny Rand pumped asian younger nudists his iron fist hard that evening. He was not pounding the
crap out of a guy but he was spanking. He was spanking his
monkey. Something he loved to do. When he was young xxx pics 14 and in his gym class he
was given the nickname elephant. He had a huge cock no denying it. 10
inches hard and 6 escorts young soft. He hadn't gotten much bigger over the last 4
years. He was lucky even though he had been in prison he still had his
cherry. He was a firm believed in love. He was a gay and proud. If anyone
asked he said yes but he could kill them if they said anything
offensive. He wouldn't but he could. He thought that's why he still had his
cherry. They had known. He loved one thing and one thing most of all to
jack to. His fellow Canadian young offender
costumes. Spiderman and Iceman were his favourites. But
someone new was young met art
on his mental scene.Daredevil the smoking hot guy in red tights. Danny had thoughts bout
daredevils red stick that he used to swing around the city. He wondered if
it ever ended up his ass. He also imagined his rod young girl pee pushing and straining to
be released from its red prison. He ran his tight young hand through his blonde hair
and moved youngest tiny teen
down to his nipples. He loved his nipples. He squeezed and
twisted the little nubs and he moaned loudly. young young tits
He was alone in his
apartment. He pulled his balls super young nudes
when he got the feeling. He showered himself
in cum and scooped it up and enjoyed his Dae young own juices. All the while thinking
of his really youngteen porn new fantasy Daredevil. Danny Rand was the hero Iron Fist. When he was 13, he was attacked by
bullies. He started training martial arts and learned to use the iron fist
when he was 16. an accident occurred and he youngest top gallery
was put in jail for a year and
a half getting out on good behaviour. He had come out as gay when russian young pictures
he left
prison young teens girls but said he had been before going in. he had admitted lots to
himself but he couldn't admit one thing. After he had been beaten up he had
to young teenage pussy toughen up and be a man. What he longed for what he really wanted was to
be saved. But he couldn't believe that because he was a hero, so he denied
it. But it didn't go away. It never would.
Matt Murdock was tired after patrolling the streets last night. It was
Saturday and he had the day off. He loved his days off to curl up in his
bed for a while and maybe have a wankathon like he loved to do. He may have
been blinded as a child but it didn't matter young russian naturists
he was still a man. He still
got horny. After all he was only 20. he was still working on becoming a
lawyer. Just like his dad had wanted. His poor dad, he missed him so
much. He had been so understanding. The time his dad had caught him jacking
off he had been really nice about it and just left his room. This was when
he was eleven just a couple of days before the accident. He had russian young boy seen his
father young sex teams beating someone up for some guy the Kingpin he kept calling
him. Matt had been so Nude young bnoys
scared he ran out to the street and a barrel of toxic
waste broke free, smashed open and covered him head to toe. He was blinded
at age eleven. He woke up in the hospital and fell out youngest pussy pix of his bed and
everything had gone wrong the loud noises young girls pissing scared him and made shapes. gallery young girl He
screamed and his dad, who was coming back with a coffee ran in and picked
him up. His father loved him. The noise that the shoes made as he ran
showed Matt that it was his father. He heard his youngest teen strippers dad extreme young nudes cry just like he
was. 2 years later his father was killed for not throwing a boxing
match. Matt was taken into the care of Stick. He taught him brigham young how to make
being blind something his opponents would fear. All the while studying for
school to do what his young uncensored dad said he should. They had gotten money through a
lawsuit and through the government to get Matt his special books.Matt had sworn a vendetta against The Kingpin after youngest legal porn he had killed Matt's
father. He regretted nothing except never telling his father the one thing
he had learned while he could see. Guys got him young boy nudes horny. He had snuck a few
glances in the showers after gym. Through sound came a radar so when he
went to shower he could still see a bit of cock. He had even been able to
see his own growing with age. 8 inches was nothing to be snubbed he knew
that. Stick had left for Japan and left Matt My young teen in charge of his old apartment
and all younger teens his stuff. Matt had learned to cope. He never lost his sense of
direction in the city. He young slit
had even gotten young anime schoolgirls his friend Foggy to help. He had
been in school with Matt. He hadn't been hot young lady chatterley then and he hadn't really
changed. He opened his blue eyes but it was still the same. He could hear
cars and trucks passing by. He younger baby fuck heard a shout and the whiz anal young tgp of virgins very young saws. He heard
women screaming. His watch ticked and showed Matt the time through the
radar. It was 6 in the afternoon he had slept so late. He heard a laugh and
recognized it as the Gladiators laugh. Matt suited up and set out to kick
his ass.Danny had been bored and after he came Forever young dylan he was bored again. He heard
laughing and screaming. "Finally " He thought "Some action" He threw his
costume on and left his apartment. He got out onto the streets and young anime incest went the
opposite direction of the running people. He saw him. The Gladiator. "Well,
well, well it's the little faggot fist. You out cock cruising bitch"
Gladiator laughed. Iron Fist hated to get called a bitch. People assume
that when your gay you are a floppy hand. Gladiator lunged at young skirts him and he
barley dodged. Danny jumped on his back and started The young philadelphians to hit Gladiator with
his iron fist but young girls licking it wouldn't break his helmet. Danny got a good look at
him. He had spruced up his costume. "Adamantium faggit your fist cant break
that" He laughed and flung Danny away. He hit the wall and moaned. That had
hurt him bad. He thought his arm was broken. He got up and tried
again. Each time getting knocked back on his ass. Gladiator flung him down
an alley and he hit the wall hard. He was in pain now. Gladiator grabbed
his throat and moved his blade closer and closer.THWAP. The familiar sound hit Gladiator's saw and seemed to have broken the
thing that made them spin. "Hey double d I see you're here to help young girls naturists the
faggit" HE said. "I don't think even you can beat me now". "we'll see
Gladiator" Daredevil replied. They sparred but when Daredevil saw his
opening he kicked straight for the balls. He didn't think Gladiators pant
would've stayed up if he Pollok young team was wearing an young naked erotic adamantium young cam
cup. Daredevil scooped
up the bloody mess that was Danny Rand. Even though he was unconscious
Danny knew his dream had come true. He had been saved. But he didn't know
one thing. He had been saved by the man of his dreams. Matt struggled to
hold Danny and swing in 18 young girl case he fell. He was a fellow hero and he seemed
alright so daredevil brought him to his apartment. He lay him on the bed
and bandaged him up.Danny Rand stirred and got up. He looked around, had no idea where he was
and began to panic. "Don't worry bud. I saved ya before he could do real
damage" someone told him. Danny checked his watch, midnight. young lads "I was out for
6 hours?" he young virgine sex asked shocked. "yeah bandaged you up as well. How you feeling
now?" Daredevil said stepping out from one room into the bedroom. Danny
popped a boner thinking he was in the bed of his mental lover. "I'm ok,
kinda hungry though you got food?" Danny asked. "Yeah, sure, come on into
the kitchen" Daredevil said letting Danny go first. "nice ass" he thought
but shoved it away, young black girls he was his guest. Danny had been grateful for he small
mercy that he had gone first. His cock was getting hard and soon it would
show. He coughed. Daredevil got his young 16 sex first good "look" at the guy young pron movies who young xxx mpegs
bring em young he had
saved. His eyes widened at least 7 inches of semi hard man meat nn young girls was in this
guys pants right now. He bent tgp young photos over to tie his shoe exposing tight boy
ass. Matt couldn't take it. He made for the kitchen but not before a
noticeable brush of his hand across Danny's ass. Had he imagined it?. Had
the guy of his very young virgins
dreams just copped a feel. He ignored it and followed on.Matt gave him some of the Chinese food he didn't eat and they kelli young naked
talked for a
while. Then they hit the hot topic of both of their lives. Love. "You got
a girlfriend ?" Daredevil asked. "Nope I'm gay" Danny said. "Really ?"
Daredevil asked. "Ye what about you?" Danny asked. After a slight pause
Matt bared his soul. "Ye I am gay and I really like you and
doyawannagooutwithme" "what was that last young xxx videos
part" Danny said puzzled. "Do ya
wanna go out with me ?" He asked again. It was at this time Danny was
across the table and kissing this hunk of man. After saying three Very young blonde
words "I
love you"They embraced and kissed each other knowing that what Danny had said was
true something that they both felt. Danny went to take off Daredevils mask
but password young girl he stopped him "wait" was all he said and he picked up Iron Fist and
brought him to the bedroom. They got out of their clothes and Matt let
Danny take off his mask. When that happened that's who they were: young mature Matt
Murdock and Danny Rand. They were lovers. Danny had been russian younger girls with a girl before
but tonight he would make love and tonight he would truly lose his
virginity along with his cherry to this man that he loved. When he removed
the mask he recognised the lawyer he had when he got put in jail. young porn clips HE knew
him as the blind lawyer Matthew Murdock and they needed no more
introductions. Matt lay on the bed a proud 8 black young incest
inches pointing to his belly
button. Iron Fist dropped his underwear but young angels pic there was no gasp or scream. "I
sense it and I love you to much to not try" Matt said teen young nude defiantly.Danny got on his knees and sucked Matt's gorgeous rod. He had a dildo that
was this side and knowing he would someday do it for anal young teenie real learned to
deep-throat with it. He swallowed the rod easily finally getting a gasp
from his uncut young boys lover. a young mom He sucked merrily away. Going all the way up, licking the
slit little young girls
and plunging back down. After ten minutes Matt was about to blow. He
told Danny to stop and brought his cock to his mouth. Matt hadn't done this
before but he wanted too. He mimicked his lover and got gasps youngest girlies in return for
his good work. "You do this before?" He asked. "Not once" Matt replied
smiling. Danny pushed his lover's head down on him. He loved to naked young male
get blown
but loved one thing young none nude
more. He grunted. "Matt your about to get your first
reward for saving my life" He grunted. Uh uh uhhhhhhhhh!. young naked twinks
Seven shots flew
into Matt's mouth. He swished it around his jaw and swallow "Its like you
Danny delicious". Danny kissed him hard and pushed him back on to the
bed. He licked and sucked the cock tenderly preparing to be invaded.He sat down hard knowing the sooner the better. He bit his lip until it
bled. Matt tried to pull him off but he wouldn't go. "I gotta do this" He
said defiantly. He moved up and down whimpering. "Stop Danny your hurting
yourself" He sounded worried. "STOP NOW DANNY" Matt shouted. He pushed
Danny off him. "I wont young women naked do this if you just want o young japanese feel pain. I love you. I
want to make love to you" He said crying. "I thought......." Danny
began. "That's what fucking is Danny not love making. You take it slow when
your making love. Or else its just a waste." Matt said pulling Danny up off
the ground. They slid onto the bed. Just because he youngest teenboys shouted pic young sis
doesn't mean
he was any less young dro
horny. He lined his cock up with a red and sore looking
hole. "Hold still love" Boy naughty young
He said and inserted. His head popped young naked art
in and began
doing Danny's ass. He started o move faster loving young rika nude the feeling. Danny was
moaning too sporting a new free younger petite
erection. Matt's balls flew up to his cock and
he blew his nut in Danny's ass. "Phew loita naked young
that was good" Matt said as he got up
on the bed on all fours."What you doin hun?" Danny asked. " Make love to me Danny Rand I love you
and I want you to" Matt said. Danny was scared of hurting Matt. "But..." He
began "Please angus young costume if it hurts I'll tell you" Matt finished. young porno privat Danny nodded and
got ready. He aimed for the cherry of his lover. He pushed the head in and
got 2 or 3 inches in when he heard Matt gasp. He said nothing but Danny
waited so he cold get used to it. He moved in gradually. When he was in he
moved slowly. "Harder Danny" He heard from below him. He increased his
pumping. He was soon making himself a russian young free
nice man-cunt but it wasn't like that
really. It was about his love for Matt and his obvious love for
Danny. Danny very young girl knew taking ten inches was redtube videos young
no small feat. He shot into his
lovers guts and sexy young nudist
they fell exhausted.Matt felt around for his lover. He pulled Danny under the covers and
spooned him. They slept until 10 the next morning. They fucked and sucked
and had fun all day going out once young escorts or young asain twice hearing someone was rampaging
downtown. They were youngs boys funlumpkins
in love but their love would be tested oh yes tested
insanely by something no one could see coming not Spidey and Johnny. Not
Angel and Wolverine or gambit and Cyclops and certainly not Danny and Matt.None young young of them knew that night they were being watched.
The plot thickens lol looking for a response on how to continue my
story. All ideas porno young dreams welcome. If you want to have a young girls mpgs certain villain dealin the
attacks tell me cos I have no idea who im gonna use yetSoz for the delay I was busy with tests
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