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Subject: Making of a Bottom 2 (gay/authoritarian, oral, anal, m/M)DISCLAIMER:This story is a work of fiction and contains
descriptions of explicit sexual acts of boy's
discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic
scenes of sex between an underage boy and adult
males... If this type of content offends you or you
are under the age of 18 do not read it.Author's Note:This story is the property of the Mother daughter lesbian russian author. It can be
downloaded for personal reading pleasure or sending
to a friend, but if you wish to re-post them at your
own site, please contact the author for permission.If it is illegal to read such material where site boy russian nude you live or
if you find the topic distasteful the please leave
now. If you enjoy the story or if it evokes memories
of your own, please let me know. I am happy to
write stories from outlines.Copyright 2010 Wolf, All rights reserved.You may contact me at
if you like. russian tgp video All flames will be ignored. russian nudist girls Making a Bottom 2
Wolf I was only three weeks after losing russian phone sex my virginity
to Bruno and the rest of Ray's buddies. I meet sexy russians could not
stop thinking about Bruno. I was torn between the
idea of calling him or finding someone more like me.
After all I was an Irish Catholic in the closet, living
in a white neighborhood all russian bukkake
of my russian ladies wet
life, and Bruno was
a huge black man. forbiden russian pix He was not the kind of guy I
could bring home and introduce as my new buddy. I
could not take it any longer and called Bruno's
number. When Bruno and Ray dropped me off at russian phtc the
Mall, Bruno gave me his business card. He was a
Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in Boston with russian juicy tits an
office overlooking the Bay. It was two miles from
the college I was planning to attend russian lube mp3 in September. I
gave him a call. Because I was nervous I began russian porn star
conversation by talking about sports. Bruno
interrupted me, "When are you going to get to the
point, Jim? You want what I've got between my legs
buried in your ass don't you? Right?" I said, "YES!" Bruno corrected free russian xxx mag me, "YES SIR!" It was a Thursday afternoon he gave me two
options, russian girl blog "You can either meet him at one of his
client's restaurant near the ballpark in Boston or
come to russian sites porn my office. Regardless of your choice, you
have to come wearing sneaker, foto nudist russian
shorts and T-shirt.
You will be allowed to bring a yong russian llita backpack with
additional naked male russians
clothes because you will have russian pretten nude to spend
another weekend with me." I told him that I would
meet him at the restaurant. Friday morning I free pics porn russian caught the bus and train into
Boston. I had selected the restaurant because marry russian whores
figured that if I decided to back out I could petite russian nude
pick up a scalper's ticket to the Friday night's
basketball game. I arrived at the restaurant by 9
am, but the door was locked. I figured that I would
wait 15 minutes and russian gangbang wives then leave. Apparently I was
seen through the glass door, because someone came
to the door. The man turned out to be the owner.
He told me that Bruno was working on his books
inside. Come in and wait for him. When we were in the back room I greeted
Bruno with, "What's up" but he corrected me again,
right in front of the owners and some russian fuck dog of his staff.
"Boy I told you to address me as SIR!" russian baby nude I crocked russian boys mpgs out a meek, "Yes Sir." The russian rape search men standing around smiled erotic russian girls smugly. Bruno
addressed the owner by name, Dee what do you think
of my new sex slave?" Dee replied, "A little young. He doesn't even
have any hair on his legs yet. He still needs more
training, but I think he is a keeper!" Bruno demanded russian art sex that I sit next to him in the
booth while he went over the finances of the
business. It became obvious that Dee and his staff
were all gay. For the russian dictionairy
next hour and a half it was all
business. Occasionally he would make a little small
talk about my family and school. When he was
obviously finished he called out for russian boylove videos
Dee to have a
look. They discussed just how profitable the
business was for the month. Bruno printed out the
results on a portable printer for Dee to russian brides photos
sign off on.
Bruno kept a copy and big breasted russian girls Dee russian pornstar list got a copy. While Dee was standing there Bruno turned the
computer around so that I could see the monitor and
opened a file that contained photographs. He
showed me pictures of his home. Then he opened
files containing pictures of his other playmates doing
things in the abused russian schoolgirl porn
nude. My heart sank because it was not long before
pictures of me showed up painting the barn naked
and submitting to the russian gay rape
sexual abuse showed up on the
laptop. He turned the laptop around and showed Dee
and his staff the pictures of me. He told me to get
up and get everyone a soda from the russian ass fucking pictures kitchen. I was
terribly embarrassed as I left the room because
these strangers were discussing my performance.
As I walked past xxx russian home Bruno russians 12yo nude he grabbed my ass and
squeezed my left cheek hard. As I made my way to
the kitchen I felt my boner pressed against the
front of my shorts. How embarrassing could that be
to spring a boner, in front of strangers? When I returned with a try of sodas for
everyone, Bruno and Dee were smiling at me. I
assumed they had been discussing the pictures russian baby sex of me
on the computer. Dee offered to cook us something
to eat before we left. Bruno said, "The only thing I
wants to snack on is this!" as he grabbed me by the
ass. After everyone chuckled, hardcore russian fucking he said his goodbyes
to Dee and the russian porno portal staff as we made our way to the
back door. Bruno russian 01 led me across the alley to the
parking lot where his car was parked. Bruno drove a nice looking black Lexus with
tinted windows. Shortly after I was into the
passenger seat Bruno pulled out his cock and told me
to get down there and do your job boy! While he
was driving I had uncensored russians nude
my head in his lap sucking his cock.
He told me to swallow it all and don't spill any on my
pants. russian pussy galleries I ripped my T-shirt off in just case. It
turned out to be a good thing russian daughter incest because it felt like I
was drowning when he squirted his load into my
mouth. I wrapped my T-shirt around the base to
catch what I was unable to swallow. We were about
to enter the highway by that time. Bruno told me to get my running order kraft russian dressing
shorts and
sneakers off. He told me to toss them into the back
with russian nude wifes my backpack. russian old whores
For the next 45 minutes I rode
on his lap with my naked butt absorbing his big cock. By that time it was afternoon as we pulled into
the garage at the farm house. I was told to leave
everything in the Car. We entered the house from
the garage. He told me to go to the kitchen and
start making lunch and wash the dishes. There was
some chicken in the fridge that I put in the oven
while I washed the dishes in the sink. While I was
preparing the meal he came into the kitchen buck
naked. He had a small plastic bottle in his naked russian kids hand. He
came up behind me while I was working and russian free hardcore video started
kissing me on the russian kid nude
neck. I didn't know at the time
that russian girl nude pictures he was lubricating his cock with the liquid in the
bottle until he gave me a big bear hug. I felt his
monstrous cock slipping between my legs. "How long
before the chicken is ready?" "In 20 or 30 minutes" I responded. He bent me over the kitchen counter and slowly
inserted his cock into my ass. Once his cock was all
the way in, he put me in a full nelson and started
fucking me slowly. russian hardcord littel girls Man the pain was unbearable.
Here I was getting fucked while smelling the chicken
cooking. I was hoping it would cook faster. After
he blew his load in my ass he demanded that I clean
his cock bimbo wives nude russians with my mouth. As he headed for the patio
he told me we would eat outdoors. When the chicken was ready I brought the
salad and chicken out on the patio and served Bruno
before sitting down to eat. While I was eating I
felt his cum dripping out of my ass. It was dripping
through the webbing on the patio russian naked truth chair creating a
wet spot on the patio floor. After our lunch, I had
to wash the dishes on command. Bruno returned with russian roulette toy gun a dog collar and butt plug.
He buckled the collar around my neck and attached
a leather leash before stuffing naked russian boy galleries the butt plug up boys nudes russian
ass. He led angels porn russian me back to the barn, where he placed
me in a cage. He handed me a bottle of water and
told me that he had something to russian barely legal boy
do before he
would be sexy russian marriage back. I took a nap and judging by the
shadows across russian hand painted jewerly
the floor of the barn I guessed that
at least four hours had passed. When Bruno came
back and unlocked the russian cock cage he told me to get back in
the kitchen and make dinner. I grilled up T-bones
and fries. russian escorts nudes We ate on the patio again. After dinner he took me to the bathroom and
gave me an enema. After I finished shitting we took
a shower together. I cleaned him up before myself. He told me that the baseball game started at 7
pm. "We are going to watch it on pay-per- view.
Every time the visiting team scores a run I am going
to spank you 10 times." We carried a horse to the bedroom and he
strapped me to the horse. True to his word I was
spanked 10 times for every run. I received 50 swats
total. After the game Bruno applied some lotion to
my butt then he russian cock sucking spread my white ass and licked my
asshole. I russian home free porn
was as hard as a rock. He milked my cock
like it was a cow's tit until I squirted cum on the
leather horse. He unfastened the restraints before
he stuck his cock back into my ass,then he picked me
up and walked us to the bed. He fucked me for a
long time before he blew his load into my ass
afterwards I had to clean him and myself up. Unlike
the first night he fucked me, he didn't leave his cock
in my ass while we slept. In dirty russian pron the morning I woke up feeling Bruno sucking
my cock. This was only the second time I had
climaxed in the past week. We took free russian zoo sex turns doing our
thing at the Nude gay russian toilet before we showered together. I
made breakfast for us both. This time I had to
blow him while he ate breakfast. thumbs russian girls
This time he didn't
cum in my mouth. He shot his load all over my eggs
and toast. I was instructed to eat it all. He told me
to clean the house top to bottom while russian illegal kids porn he went to
the gym and run some other errands. When he came gay russian orgy home we both skipped lunch and
just lounged around together while we made out.
Bruno told me to take a nap because I was going to
have amatuer russian anal a busy night. It was hard getting gay russian men photos
to sleep
because I was wondering what he was planning. But
I did fall asleep in his arms. At dinner time I made a
light dinner of soup and salad for russian boy nude oics
us. Bruno russian river weekend scat got dressed in leather pants, vest and
Garson cap. He checked to see if my collar was still
tight russian cz 52 before reattaching my leash. He allowed me to
put my running shorts on, while we were getting into
his car. We drove some petite russian rusian pussy distance until he pulled into
a driveway of a large Victorian home. The home was
owned by Rick. The first floor was converted into a
private gay club, with TV room, pool table, bar and 4
private studios upstairs. I was led into the house by my leash. There
were about 15 people there. Most f the men were
Masters with their subs attached to leashes like me.
As soon as we were inside Bruno told me to remove
my shorts. I hesitated a little too long. Bruno
backhanded me across my mouth. It was obvious
that this was not going to be romantic like it had
been earlier in the day. I dropped my shorts and
handed them to Bruno. He introduced me to blow russian job his friends as his new sex
slave. He said that I was going to be helping Rick as
his cocktail waitress for russian fucking positions
the evening. I began
serving drinks, preparing some snakes. When I
wasn't serving the members of russian petite amature porn the club I had to
stand behind Bruno. While serving refreshments to
the other gentlemen would pinch and feel my nipples,
group my ball, pull on my dick and even stick a couple
of fingers up my ass. I was all I could do to keep
from cumming in their hands. Some of the members
took their slave nude russian schoolboy upstairs russian school porn for some fun russian voyeur movies while other
members were watching the porn russian amatuer photos videos on TV. Even
Bruno was getting hard watching the videos. He
demanded that I service incest forum russian him in front of everyone. free russian whores
pics russian pussy I
dropped to my knees and gave him the best blowjob
of my sex nudist russian life. I hot naked russian women
was thrilled at the idea of all of these
men jacking off while watching me give my Master a
nice wet blowjob. Rick was spanking Mike, his slave's
ass, because he was displeased with him for some
unknown reason. I was soon swallowing Bruno's load
of cum. Bruno eventually stood up and removed his
leather vest and pants. Rick was photos of russian wives taking off his own
clothes too. Bruno and Rick pointed me upstairs. As
we climbed the stairs both of them were grabbing
my ass. Upon reaching Rick's bedroom I was
deposited on his King sized water bed. The rest of
the night I was fucked silly by both of them. Bruno
was the only one to ride me bareback. Rick would
use a rubber. When he would climax he would have
Mike remove the rubber and suck the cum out of russian tv adult the
rubber. It was not until the next morning that I
found out Rick had russian porn mature four cameras set up in strategic
location to record the action and provide live
entertainment for the guys downstairs. They allowed me to sleep in the next morning
before cheerleaders russian cheer they woke me up for brunch. Bruno took me
to his place to clean up and get back into my jeans
and russian twink vova shirt. He dropped me off around the corner
from my house. I managed to russian photographer xxx hook up with Bruno
for a couple of more times before off to college.If you enjoyed the sexy beutiful russian pics story and have a story you want
me to write about your introduction to the world of
male sexuality, please send your outline to
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